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Online Study Course

Lesson #1: Introduction the the Bible
Lesson #2: Jesus, the Son of God
Lesson #3: The Problem of Sin
Lesson #4: Salvation from Sin
Lesson #5: Salvation (Part 2)
Lesson #6: The Church
Lesson #7: Worship
Lesson #8: Newness of Life

Course directions:

1. Click on the lesson you wish to study. You will be taken automatically to the appropriate page.

2. Read through the lesson. As you read, you may have to use the scroll bar, "pagedown" or arrow keys to read through the entire text.

3. Answer the questions for the lesson you are studying. Each lesson is followed on the same page by a series of fill-in-the-blank and True/False questions. Each series of questions is linked to an answer page. Follow the links at the end of each page and you will be taken to the appropriate answers for the lesson you are studying. {Note: At this time you cannot answer the questions directly online.}

4. To study additional lessons follow the "next lesson" links at the end of each course. Additional courses will be available in the future: check the main page for updates.

Tips for studying:

1. Have a Bible close at hand.

2. Turn to scripture references cited to see for yourself what the Bible says (Acts 17:11).

3. Compare what you read with the Word. Make sure the two agree.

4. Answer the questions. {Note: When viewing the answer pages you can click on the answer links to be taken to the place in the lesson where the question is answered. Use "home" or "pageup" or "back" keys to return to the questions.}

Lessons courtesy of Gary Summers, Pearl Street Church of Christ, Denton, TX.

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