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What You Should Know About ISBS
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Online Learning via ISBS
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Who Is Responsible For ISBS?
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Our Name
Internet School of Biblical Studies (abbreviated ISBS) - ISBS has but one purpose: teaching God's word. Through teaching lost souls become Christians and Christians become better preachers, teachers, elders, deacons or just better Christians. The "Internet" part of our name tells you how we engage in this training - online via the internet. Using our URL anyone anywhere in the world with internet access can connect to our site, apply, register for classes and study the word of God to their heart's content. Note: We do not restrict enrollment to Christians: anyone can take classes.
Our desire is to help carry out the command given by our Lord to preach the gospel to all the world (Matthew 28:18-20). We believe that this can be best accomplished by training Christians to teach others (II Timothy 2:1-3). Doctrinally, we neither add nor take away from God's Holy Word (Deut 4:1ff). We are determined to speak "as the oracles of God" (1 Pet 4:11). In matters of opinion, we have charity or love (Rom 14; 1 Cor 8, 10, 13).
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Our Programs of Study
Our classes are both doctrinal and practical. Doctrinal classes focus on topics such as:
  • Topical Studies
  • Textual Studies
  • Original Language Studies
  • Apologetics & Christian Evidences
  • Survey Courses (OT & NT)
Practical classes focus on topics such as:
  • Leadership
  • Training Bible Class Teachers
  • Leadership Training Class for Men
  • Evangelism Studies
  • Ladies Classes
See the course schedule pages for more details. These pages contain a listing of all courses currently available.
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Our History
The Internet School of Biblical Studies began as the Internet School of Preaching and Christian Growth -- it officially "opened its doors" in September of 2001. In our first term 56 students enrolled to study the Bible and Bible related courses online.
In the late spring/early summer of 2000, Harold Bigham and Jody Apple began to work together to provide online lists of churches seeking preachers and preachers seeking churches. Harold was already doing this via e-mail and Jody offered to host those lists at These lists complemented the page that provided, at that time, information about brotherhood lectureships.
Over the next few weeks Harold expressed an interest in creating an online school that would allow preachers, those planning to preach and ultimately, all Christians to study the word of God via the internet. Jody indicated a desire to work with Harold to accomplish this good work and offered to host the school at
In the following months they planned classes, created schedules, added faculty -- and an online school began to take shape. They spent countless hours in building ISBS (now ISBS) on paper and online -- all in an effort to help Christians become better servants of the Lord.
During the planning stages Harold did the lion's share of the work in creating the school "on paper," as well as a great amount of work in developing online content. Jody worked with the material that Harold initially created and converted it to the original site. Through constant e-mail consultation, and a tremendous amount of online trial and error, Harold, Jody and Tim Smith made a dream become reality. These men served initially in administrative roles with ISOP (now ISBS) -- Harold as the director, Jody as both the Dean of Admissions and Dean of the School of Preaching Division, and Tim as the Dean of the Christian Growth Division (these divisions no longer exist separately). Together with the men and women who have consented to serve as faculty (see the faculty page for a complete list), ISBS developed into what you see today.
While our history is short - we believe that the good work our students will accomplish will "write our history" better then anything we say here. We hope and pray that you will consider helping us make our future history great by enrolling and studying the word of God through ISBS - and then telling others about this great opportunity and encouraging them to do the same.
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Online Learning via ISBS
The goal of ISBS is not to replace or compete with faithful brotherhood schools - either resident or internet based. Those who can attend a faithful "brick and mortar" school to study the word of God are encouraged to do so. Circumstances in life, however, can prevent attendance at a resident school -- and those who desire to study the word of God further are often left without reasonable alternatives.
Our goal is to fill that void by allowing any one with access to the internet the education of a "brick and mortar" school without having to physically attend one. ISBS does this via the internet. Though you can't interact with instructors face to face -- you can still benefit from their years of learning and teaching via online courses and e-mail. This form of distance learning requires a greater degree of independent study than resident learning, but using the technology available, a dedicated student can gain the same education online that he/she can by physically attending a resident school.
Serious students of the word of God work in tandem with faithful gospel preachers and teachers via online courses, chat sessions, discussion forums and e-mail to study the word of God. Regardless of the respective geographic location of students and teachers this method of instruction can provide quality one-on-one tutoring. Instructors and technology work together to provide a system that can attain high academic standards while being flexible and considerate of the student's needs. You can now choose your own learning environment, eliminating common constraints such as time schedules and geographic locations.
The opportunity of study the word of God via Internet School of Biblical Studies:
  • allows study by anyone
  • allows study anywhere
  • allows study anytime - students learn day or night at their convenience
  • allows study with no tuition costs (students are responsible for study materials, books, etc.)
  • allows one-on-one interaction with faculty via e-mail, instant messaging, discussion forums
  • allows for student interaction via discussion forums
  • allows for quality instruction of God's word
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A Word of Encouragement About Online Learning
The greatest feature of ISBS is the opportunity it creates to allow Christians to study the word of God in their own homes, at their own pace, and with little or no cost (students are only responsible for study materials, books, etc.).
The greatest negative of ISBS is that the opportunity it creates to allow Christians to study the word of God in their homes, at their own pace, and with little or no cost is not fully appreciated and taken advantage of.
Taking classes via ISBS takes time: the biggest problem we've encountered in our short history is this - students have been all too willing to enroll and take several courses, only to discover that there is more work than they can handle at any given time. They become discouraged and either cut back drastically or quit altogether
We want you to succeed - we don't want you to be discouraged. You can learn and grow in your knowledge of the word of God, but please be aware that such comes only as a result of the dedication, time and effort that you invest. Taking classes via ISBS doesn't cost you much in dollars and cents - it costs you in time (studying, reading, writing, memorizing) and effort (learning, testing, questioning), etc.
Plan your study habits, and thus your course load, wisely.
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Who Is Responsible For ISBS?
ISBS is presently served by the following men:
Harold Bigham - Founding Director of ISBS
Jody L Apple - Dean of ISBS
More information about these men including brief biographical information and how to contact them can be found at these two pages:
We are hoping to find an eldership to oversee this good work and help it grow to its full potential.
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What Are The Guidelines of ISBS?
ISBS guidelines are found at the following pages: (how to apply and register for classes) (general information about ISBS - this is the page you are presently on) (frequently asked questions about ISBS)
General principles:
(1) Anyone can enroll to study via ISBS - we exclude no one
(2) Enrollment does not equal endorsement - taking courses and completing a program of study carries no imprimatur from ISBS
(3) All work is done via online courses, instant messaging, discussion forums and e-mail with administration and faculty of ISBS.
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What Courses Are Offered Through ISBS?
Courses are contantly being added to our catalog. They cover both old and new testament textual courses, languages, practical studies, doctrinal studies, courses aimed at those preparing to preach, and courses for general Christian growth. A complete listing of past courses is available at
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How Do I Apply?
Complete application and registration information is available at our admissions page -
This page will explain the application and registration process and provide you with links to our online application and registration forms.
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How Do I Enroll?
Enrolling is a two step process:
(1) complete an application form (you only apply once)
(2) complete a course registration form (you must register each term you wish to take courses)
Both of these forms are online and accessible through the admissions page -
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Frequently Asked Questions
Numerous questions and answers are presented on this "general information" page, but a more comprehensive set of questions and answers about ISBS can be found at our F.A.Q. page. The link for this page is included in the graphic that loads at the top of every main page in our directory - it is also available at this page
Frequently Asked Questions
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Please Tell Others About ISBS
Please tell others about the Internet School of Biblical Studies in one of the following ways:
  • Direct them to this site -
  • E-mail Christians on your distribution list - tell them about this site
  • Encourage the leaders of the congregation where you work and worship to begin "cluster classes" using the ISBS resources. Contact Jody Apple for details
  • Send us the names and e-mail addresses of prospective students - Contact Jody Apple for details
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