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The graphic image that appears on the lower left side of our homepage is fascinating.

It is the image of a text from a Tyndale Bible. The text is the first chapter of John. The Bible, translated by William Tyndale, was the first English translation produced of the Bible when it (the new testament) appeared in 1525. Ten years would pass before Miles Coverdale produced another English translation. (Note: a larger, even readable, image of Tyndale's page from John 1 is available here.)
This image is part of our homepage for a reason. The Tyndale Bible revolutionized the spread of the word of God almost 500 years ago by being part of a larger effort to make God's word available to everyman. In like manner, the Internet School of Biblical Studies seeks to be a part of the process to make the teachings of the word of God available and understood in our present age.
We are not followers of Tyndale, of course. Nor are we the followers of any man, or men. But we hope that our efforts to use the internet as a tool to train men and women to become better servants of God will prove to be just as monumental as the introduction of the Bible in the English language by Tyndale was.
We encourage you to study the history of the translation of God's word into English. We also encourage you to learn more about the Internet School of Biblical Studies by perusing our pages, even enrolling in our online courses. And, we hope that you will tell others of our efforts by directing them to the site for Internet School of Biblical Studies as well as the main page of our host, You can read more about and its purpose here.

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