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Note: Lectures are not necessarily uploaded in chronological order. Over time the gaps will be filled.
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Index - 1240+ lectures 07/25/08 - 7 new series; 07/31/08 - 6 new series

Central Oklahoma Lectures
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#9 - 2003 - Islam Versus Christianity
Allah Versus Jehovah God - B.J. Clarke
Islam, a Religion of Peace - Doug Young
Atrocitries: Islam's and The Old Testament's - Sam Dilbeck
The Jesus of Islam - Jeremie Beller
Sharia Law - Preston Silcox
Islamic Contradictions - David Watson
Open Forum
Jihad and Its Goals - Palmer Smith
Islam and Human Rights - Chuck Carter
Status of Women Under Islam - Marion Fox
The Quran and Revelation - Johnny Hinton
Biography of Muhammad - Frank Williams
#11 - 2005 - The Home As God Would Have It
The Oldest Institution on Earth- Palmer Smith
The Father - Johnie Scaggs
The Mother - Joe Slater
Husbands, Love Your Wives - Tracy Loyd
Morality Begins in the Home - Jamie Beller
Adjustments in Marriage - John Werhan
Respect for Authority Begins at Home - Preston Silcox
Open Forum
Divorce and Remarriage - Keith Mosher
The Family Under Attack - Chuck Carter
Parents and Discipline - Frank Williams
In-Laws or Out-Laws - Wayne Price
#12 - 2006 - The Family Under Attack
Parents Must Teach Their Children - Johnie Scaggs
Gambling Versus The Family - Johnny Hinton
Homosexuality Versus The Family - Ron Cosby
Materialism Versus The Family - Jamie Beller
Immorality Versus The Family - Josh Haley
Pornography Versus The Family - Nathan Brewer
Alcohol Versus The Family - Ben Bailey
Open Forum

The Judiciary Versus The Family - James Cudd
Abortion Versus The Family - Tony Pulliam
Divorce Versus The Family - David Ray
#13 - 2007 - Why I Could Not Be A Member Of The ...
Mennonites - Steve Harbison
Salvation Army - Johnie Scaggs
Missionary Baptist - Wayne Price
United Pentecostals - Charlie Bailey
Spiritualists - Jamie Beller
Unitarians - David Ray
Christian Scientists - Ben Bailey
Open Forum

Lutherans - James Cudd
Community Church - Keith Mosher
Adventists - Palmer Smith
Quakers - Chuck Carter
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Gulf Coast Lectures
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#11 - 2003 - Stand Up For Jesus
What Does It Mean to Stand Up for Jesus? - Shawn Paden
We Must Stand For The Lord's Church - Bill Burk
Stand Against Abortion - Tyler Young
Stand For The Old Paths - Bob Patterson
Stand Against Change Agents - Patrick Hammack
Joshua Stood For God - Jason Browning
Stand Against Ungodliness, Worldliness - Clay Martin
Stand For Christian Home - Matthew Gibson
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage - Lynn Matheny
Stand For Sound Doctrine - Dennis D'Herde
Stand Against False Doctrine And Teachers - Randy Narcomey
The Early Church Stood Up For Jesus - Doug Young
Ezekiel, God's Preacher Was Told To Stand - Kenneth Moore
Elijah Stood Firm - Jim Nash
Apostle Paul Stood Up For Jesus - Jeremy Moffitt
Stand For Godliness And Morality - Johnny Morris
Old Testament Prophets Stood For God - Jerry Moffitt
Jesus Our Example, Standing Firm - Don Walker
#13 - 2005 - The Wonderful Christ
The Wonderful Christ- Joseph Meador
His Virgin Birth - Jason Allbright
His Attitude Toward the Scriptures - Israel Rodriguez
His Sonship - Matthew Gibson
His Love for Man - Bill Burk
His Wonderful Teachings - Tommy Willis
His High Priesthood - Eddie Rodriguez
His Wonderful Example - Johnny Norris
His Stand for Truth - Shawn Paden
His Resurrection and Exaltation - Curtis Ritchwood
His Blood Was Shed for Me - Eric Owens
His Rule in His Kingdom - Dub McClish
His Love for His Church - Israel Rodriguez
His Prayer Life - Jerry Moffitt
His Condemnation of the World - Joshua Rodriguez
His Love for The Father - Donnie D'Herde
His Call to Evangelism - Steven Patterson
His Call to Commitment - Don Walker
#14 - 2006 - The Lord's Church
What It Means To Be A Member Of The Lord's Church - David Baker
Is The Lord's Church A Denomination? - Stephen Wiggins
The Establishment Of The Church - Tyler Young
The Church Confronts False Doctrine - Floyd Johnson
Is Membership Necessary For Salvation - Darron Fantroy
The Church Is The Bride Of Christ - Jason Allbright
Organization Of Christ's Church - Johnny Morris
The Church In Prophecy - Clay Bond
How Is the Lord's Church To Worship? - Shawn Paden
Is There Really Only One Church? - Curtis Ritchwood
Is The Church Really That Important? - Gabriel Rodriguez
The Church And The World - Jason Rollo
The Mission Of Christ's Church - Israel Rodriguez
The Restoration Movement In America - Jerry Moffitt
How The Lord's Church Is Reproduced - Randall Morris
Is There A Pattern For The Lord's Church To Follow? - Don D'Herde
How To Identify Christ's Church - Steven Patterson
The Unity Of The Lord's Church - Don Walker
#15 - 2007 - Understanding The Will Of The Lord
The Authority Of The Bible - B.J. Clarke
Revelation And Inspiration - Don Walker
How The Bible Authorizes
- Jason Rollo
The Role Of The Spirit - Tommy J. Hicks
The Lord's Church in God's Plan - Cody Westbrook
Predestination In God's Plan - David Williams
The Unity Of The Spirit - Johnny Morris
The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - Doug Young
Love In The Christian Life - Kyle Moses
God's Grace - Joshua Rodriguez
The Love Of Christ - Stephen Patterson
The Will Of The Lord - Jerry Moffitt
Who We Are - Lynn Matheny
The Importance Of Building Up The Saints - Joseph Meador
The Relationship Between Christ and His Church - H.D. Simmons
The Importance Of Bold Gospel Preaching - Israel Rodriguez
#16 - 2008 - Keys To Understanding The Bible (New)
Claim Of Verbal Plenary Inspiration Of The Bible - Tom Bright
Evidences For The Inspiration Of The Bible - Tyler Young
The Absolute Authority Of The Bible - Kevin Rhodes
The Key To The Bible - Jesus Christ - Cody Westbrook
The Periods Of The Bible - Eddie Rodriguez
Various Types Of Figurative Language Used In The Bible - Oran Rhodes
The Culture And Society Of The Old Testament - Floyd Johnson
The Culture And Society Of The New Testament - Patrick Hammack
The Various Ages Of The Bible - Darwin Hunter
The Importance Of Old Testament Study - Matt Gibson
The Subjects Of Faith And Works - Eddie Brinkley
The Subjects Of Grace And Law - Gabriel Rodriguez
The Silence Of The Bible - Dan Brum
Great Characters Of The Bible - Israel Rodriguez
The Church Of The New Testament - Don D'Herde
The Power Of The Bible - Steven Patterson
The Eschatology Of The Bible - Don Walker
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Lubbock Lectureship
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#1 - 1998 - The Faith Once For All Delivered
By What Authority - Michael Hatcher
The Faith Once For All Delivered - Gordon Brewer
The Sect Spoken Against - Eddie Whitten
Forsake Not The Assembly - Rick Popejoy
God Does Answer Prayer - Bob Berard
The Church Of Christ - Curtis Cates
According To The Pattern - Marvin Weir
The Lord's Supper - Ken Free
Hell And Eternal Punishment - Don Walker
Prove All Things - Kevin Rhodes
Love And Tolerance - Bob Sweeten
How The Holy Spirit Works Today - David Brown
Discussion Forum - David Brown
Legalism And Liberalism - Terry Hightower
Faith And Works - Lindell Mitchell
Preach The Word - Michael Light
The Unity Of The Spirit - Robert Dodson
Traditions Of Men And Of God - Daniel Denham
Ye Shall Know The Truth - Gary Summers
Women, Worship And Work - Jerry Moffitt
Discussion Forum - Jerry Moffitt
Law And Grace - Buster Dobbs
The Love Of God - Oran Rhodes
Worship In Spirit And An Truth - Michael Wyatt
Teach And Admonish One Another - Royce Williamson
Ascertaining Bible Authority - Don Tarbet
Satan And His Origin - Lester Kamp
Shall We Join Promise Keepers - Dub McClish
Discussion Forum - Dub McClish
Our Common Salvation - Tommy J. Hicks
The One Baptism - Stephen Wiggins
Have No Fellowship - Jesse Whitlock
Mark Those Causing Division - Roelf Ruffner
Repent, The Forgotten Command - Eddie Parish
Halt Between Two Opinions - Kent Watson
What Are Salvation Matters - Garland Elkins
Discussion Forum - Garland Elkins
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage - Gary Colley
The Father, Son And Holy Spirit - Darrell Conley
#2 - 1999 - Looking Unto Jesus, The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith (New)
Bible Translations and Versions - Michael Hatcher
Looking Unto Jesus - Gordon Brewer
Is Christ's Church Ecumenical - Lynn Parker
The Bible's Word, Redemption - Terry Hightower
The New Name - Lester Kamp
Jesus Christ, The Son Of God - Curtis Cates
Controversy, The Lunenberg Letter and the Pious Unimmersed - Mark Lewis
New Testament Applications of Old Testament Principles - David Brown
The Good Confession - David Watson
Did Jesus Really Live on Earth - Dan Flournoy
The Bible's Word, Justification - Eddie Whitten
The New Commandment - Michael Wyatt
Open Forum - Dub McClish
Jesus Christ, The King of Kings - Ronnie Hayes
Controversy, Play On Miss Bertha, Introduction of the Instrument - Tom Wacaster
Figures of Speech Used in the Bible - Noah Hackworth
Preaching Jesus and Him Crucified - Ken Free
Why Does Evil Exist? - Gary Summers
The Bible's Word, Sanctification - Royce Williamson
New Heaven And New Earth - Barry Grider
Open Forum - Dub McClish
Jesus Christ, Savior of the World - Ira Rice
Controversy, Digression and the Missionary Society - Marvin Weir
Jesus' Use of Idioms - Joseph Meador
Jesus Loves Me - Neal Abbott
Is Everything In Life Worship - Don Tarbet
The Bible's Word, Righteousness - Kevin Rhodes
The New Birth/Creature/Man - Michael Hatcher
Open Forum - Dub McClish
Jesus Christ, Our High Priest - Monte Evans
Controversy: McGary/Lipscomb Issue, What Is Valid Baptism - Don Walker
Bible Types & Antitypes - Tommy Hicks
Jesus Provides the Answer - David Harendt
Miracles, Signs, and Wonders - Jess Whitlock
The Bible's Word, Reconciliation - Fred Riley
The New Covenant/Testament - Kenneth Ratcliff
Open Forum - Dub McClish
Jesus Christ, The Prophet Of God - Johnie Scaggs
Controversy, Changing Times And The Woman Question - Robert Dodson
#6 - 2003 - The Revelation Of The Mystery
The Canon Of The N.T. Books - Ken Ratcliff
The Revelation Of The Mystery - Tommy J. Hicks
Matthew's Account Of The Gospel - Charles Jones
Mark's Account Of The Gospel - Sean Hochdorf
Luke's Account Of The Gospel - Burt Groves
The Earthly Ministry Of Jesus Christ - Jerry Brewer
John's Account Of The Gospel - John Grubb
The Acts Of the Apostles - Lee Moses
Paul's First Evangelistic Journey - Larry Wilson
Paul's Second Evangelistic Journey - Ricky Spacek
Paul's Third Evangelistic Journey - Kris Groda
The Mystery's Church - Bryan Braswell
Open Forum - Moderator, Dub McClish
Paul's Epistle To The Romans - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Paul's First Corinthian Epistle - Preston Silcox
Paul's Second Corinthian Epistle - Ronnie Hayes
Paul's Epistle To The Galatians - Marvin Weir
Paul's Epistle To The Ephesians - Brian Gochenour
Paul's Epistle To The Philippians - Lynn Blair
Paul's Epistle To tTe Colossians - Barry Grider
Open Forum - Moderator, Dub McClish
The Mystery And Persecutions - Gary Summers
Paul's First Thessalonian Epistle - Harrell Davidson
Paul's Second Thessalonian Epistle - Rick Brumback
Paul's First Epistle to Timothy - Doug Young
Paul's Second Epistle To Timothy - Denny Wilson
Paul's First Epistle To Titus - Al Macias
Paul's Epistle To Philemon - Lennie Reagan
Open Forum - Moderator, Dub McClish
The Midrash To The Hebrews - Stephen Wiggins
The Epistle Of James - Randy Mabe
The First Epistle Of Peter - H.D. Simmons
The Second Epistle Of Peter - Rick Popejoy
The First Epistle Of John - Bob Patterson
The Second Epistle Of John - Jack Stewart
The Third Epistle Of John - Johnie Scaggs
Open Forum - Moderator, Dub McClish
The Epistle Of Jude - David Harris
The Book Of Revelation - Tyler Young
#7 - 2004 - The Word Became Flesh
The Lamb Of God - Johnny Oxendine
The Word Became Flesh - Tommy J. Hicks
The Obedient Son - Johnny McCaghren
The Prince Of Peace - Kenneth Ratcliff
The Christian's Only Mediator - Billy Bland
The Savior Of The World - Richard Melson
The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah - Keith Mosher
The Son Of God - Natan Brewer
The Apostle - Clay Bond
The Son Of Man - Larry DeLong
The Son Of David - Lee Moses
The Fulfillment Of The Law - David Harris
The Light Of The World - Israel Rodriguez
The Christian's Advocate - James Rogers
The Virgin Birth Of Christ - Tom Bright
The Teacher Come from God - Bert Groves
Christ, Fulfillment Of Prophecy - Curtis Cates
The Miracles Of Christ - Andy Cates
Christ, The Truth - Jason Rollo
Yesterday, Today, and Forever - David Baker
The Christian's High Priest - Bobby Liddell
Christ, The King - Kerry Clark
Thou Art The Christ - John Phillis
The Bread Of Life - Doug Young
The Death Of Christ - Don Walker
The Burial Of Christ - Paul Merideth
The Resurrection Of Christ - Preston Silcox
The Blood Of Christ - Kenneth Gossett
Christ, The Lord - John Dickinson
The Only Begotten Son - Marvin Weir
He Fulfilled All Righteousness - Jack Stewart
The Good Shepherd - Gary Summers
The Preeminent One - Brian Gochenour
Christ is The Only Way - Tyler Young
Christ is The Life - Stephen Wiggins
Monday Open Forum - Kenneth Ratcliff
Tuesday Open Forum - Billy Bland
Wednesday Open Forum - Tom Bright
Thursday Open Forum - Marvin Weir
#8 - 2005 - The Holy Spirit Of God
Holy Spirit: Third Person In The Godhead - John Priola
The Word Of The Holy Spirit Today - Tommy Hicks
The Holy Spirit Bears Witness with Our Spirit - Bryan Braswell
The Holy Spirit In The O.T. - Joseph Meador
Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit - Kenneth Ratcliff
Resisting, Quenching, and Grieving The Spirit - J McCaghren
The Holy Spirit Is The Paraclete - Rick Brumback
Miracles Were The Gift Of The Holy Spirit In Acts 2:38 - Bobby Liddell
The Spirit Is The Gift Of The Spirit In Acts 2:38 - Burt Groves
Salvation is The Gift Of The Spirit In Acts 2:39 - Marvin Weir
The Natural Man and The Things Of The Spirit - Toney Smith
The Holy Spirit Makes Intercessions for Us - Ed Rogers
The Holy Spirit & Speaking In Tongues - Charles E. Orr
The Holy Spirit & The Inspiration Of The Bible - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Receiving The Spirit & Receiving The Word - C Northrop
The Spirit Indwells Personally & Literally - Brian Kenyon
The Spirit Indwells Representatively - Ron Cosby
Quickened by The Holy Spirit - Kevin Beard
The Temple Of The Holy Spirit - Johnie Scaggs
Deaver's Doctrine on The Fruit Of The Spirit - Keith Mosher
The Unity Of The Spirit - Michael Wyatt
Review Of Goebel Music's Book on The Spirit - Gary Summers
Cornelius Did Not Receive Holy Spirit Baptism - Jerry Brewer
Cornelius Did Receive Holy Spirit Baptism - Greg Weston
The Law Of The Spirit & The Spirit Of God - Jack Stewart
Calvin's Direct Operation Holy Spirit Doctrine - Tom Bright
Deaver's Doctrine Opens The Devil's Door - Curtis Cates
Enlightenment Of The Word by The Holy Spirit - David Baker
Deaver's Direct Operation Doctrine is Fatal - Tom Wacaster
Deaver's Doctrine Versus The Word's All-Sufficiency - Walker
Deaver's Doctrine, The Word, Prayer, Providence - Johnie Scaggs
The Earnest Of The Holy Spirit - Michael Light
Deaver's Doctrine & Man's Accountability - Tyler Young
Deaver's Doctrine Regarding Holy Spirit Baptism - Freddy Clayton
Deaver's Direct Operation Of The Spirit Doctrine - BJ Clarke
Monday - Panel Forum

Tuesday - Panel Forum
Wednesday - Panel Forum
Thursday - Panel Forum
#9 - 2006 - To The Unknown God
The Fool Hath Said - Joseph Meador
To The Unknown God - Tommy Hicks
Bible Names Of God - Mark Hanstein
Reverence For God - Tim Ayers
The First And Great Commandment - Rick Brumback
The God Of All Grace - John Moore
God Is Love - Burt Jones
God Is Omnipotent - Devin Dean
God Answers Prayers - Curtis Cates
Things God Hates - Billy Bland
God Is Not Mocked - Tom Wacaster
The Sovereignty Of God - Barry Grider
God Is Immutable - William Woodson
The Creator And Science - Brad Harrub
God Is Omnipresent - David Jones
God Can Not Be Tempted With Evil - Jerry Martin
The Whole Duty Of Man - Bobby Liddell
God The Reconciler - Eddy Gilpin
The Goodness And Severity Of God - Mike McDaniel
God Is Not The Author Of Confusion - Stephen Wiggins
God Is Omniscient - Johnie Scaggs
The God Of Truth - Mike Hisaw
How God Communicates - Steven Lloyd
God Is No Respecter Of Person - Ken Ratcliff
The Gods Of This World - Don Ruhl
God The Father - Jason Roberts
God Is Faithful - Jim Dearman
God Is Eternal - Lynn Blair
Man's Inclination To Worship - Sean Hochdorf
Those Who Refuse To Know God - Bryan Braswell
The Worship God Seeks - Freddie Clayton
God Does Want Any To Parish - BJ Clarke
Monday Open Forum

Tuesday Open Forum
God Is A God Of Patterns - Robert Taylor
Wednesday Open Forum
#10 - 2007 - Your Adversary The Devil
The Origin And Reality Of Satan - Rick Brumback
Your Adversary The Devil - Tommy J. Hicks
Do Not Give Place To The Devil - Kevin Berry
Names By Which Satan Is Known - Mark Hanstein
Demonic Activity In The First Century - Ken Ratcliff
Satan, An Angel Of Light - Bert Jones
Sings And Symbols Of Satanism - Keith Mosher
The Children Of The Devil - Bryan Braswell
Satan's Attacks On The Church From Within - Greg Weston
Satan 's Attacks On New Converts - Dave Rogers
Satan's Attacks On Morality in America - Sean Hochdorf
Satan's Attacks On Christ's Deity - Shane Jackson
Satan's Attack On Young People - Mike Hisaw
Satan's Attack On the Home - Ronnie Hayes
Satan's Bible Analyzed - Michael Felder
Satan's Church Exposed - David Harris
Satan's Worship Examined - Jim Nash
The Truth About Today's Exorcists - Preston Silcox
Witchcraft, Horoscopes, Tarot Cards, Etc - Don Underwood
Satan's Head Bruised - Neal Pollard
Satan's Attack On The Bible, God's Word - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Caricatures Of Satan - Sam Dilback
Demon Possession Today - Darrell Beard
Satan's Power Of Death - Clay Bond
Satan's Rule - Don Walker
Satan's Strategy For Christian Unity - Tim Childs
How Satan Hinders Evangelism - Timothy Wilkes
Satan Has His Devices - Garland Elkins
Satan's Attacks On The Church From Without - Michael Light
666 And The Man Of Sin - Johnie Scaggs
Satan, The Father Of Lies - Devin Dean
The Doctrines Of Devils - Lynn Blair
Satan In The Garden Of Eden - Denny Petrillo
Hell, A Place Prepared For The Devil - H.D. Simmons
Satan's Temptation Of Christ - Melvin Sapp
Monday, Open Forum - Keith Mosher
Tuesday, Open Forum - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Wednesday, Open Forum - Garland Elkins
Thursday, Open Forum - Melvin Sapp
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Mid-West Lectures
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#21 - 2003 - Then Cometh The End (New)
What About The Rapture - Ron Cosby
Two Ways (Matt 7:13-14) - Charles Coats
Matthew 24 And The Coming Of Christ - Tom Bright
What Is Heaven Like? - Perry Cotham
Christ And The Throne Of David - Randy Watson
Who Will Be In Heaven? - Eugene Jenkins
Is There Really A Hell? - Fred Rhodes
Who Will Be In Hell? - Jim O'Connor
Keys To Understanding The Book Of Revelation - Jack Williams
Revelation 20 And The 1,000 Year Reign - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
The Eternal Destiny Of The New Testament Church - Richard Massey
T12 Preparation For The End By Becoming A Christian - John Shafer
The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
The New Heaven And The New Earth - Richard Massey
The Battle Of Armageddon - Ted Thrasher
What And When Is the Tribulation? - Steve Harbison
The Second Coming of Christ, Pre, Post, or Amillennial - Tom Bright
Will Israel Be Restored? - Terry Mabery
AD 70 Doctrine - George Jensen
The Kingdom And The Church - Wayne Brewer
What And When Are The "Last Days" - Michael Wyatt
Preparation For The End By Living Faithfully - Jay Yeager
The End Marks The Beginning/Eternal Nature Of Heaven - Toney Smith
What Will Happen When Christ Returns? - Perry Cotham
Building False Hopes - Charles Coats
Who Are The 144,000 Of Revelation 7 And 14? - Don Underwood
The Mark of the Beast - Terry Mabery
Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained - Bill Goring
Where Are The Dead? - Chuck Northrop
Will Christ Have A Physical Earthly Reign? - Michael Hughes
The Final Judgment - Toney Smith
The Antichrist - Michael Wyatt
#22 - 2004 - Issues Facing The Church (New)
Disregard For The Authority Of Elders - Jack Williams
Compromising God's Plan Of Salvation - Tom Bright, Sr
Why Are There Issues That Must be Faced? - Charles Coats
Our Responsibility To False Teachers - Ron Cosby
The Battle For The Home: The Role of Men - Jim O'Connor
The Challenge To Speak The Truth In Love - Randy Watson
Responsibility Of Elders In Facing Issues - Bill Goring
Responsibility Of Evangelists In Facing Issues - Terry Mabery
Combating Worldliness, Gambling - Steve Harbinson
The Singularity Of The Church - Richard Massey
Review Of Versions: Which are Reliable? - Robert R. Taylor
The Battle For The Home: The Role of Women - Robert R. Taylor
Christian Colleges: Blessing or Bane - Toney Smith
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage: Perversions of 1 Corinthians 7 -
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage: Do Gospel Accounts Contain NT Legislation - Perry Cotham
Combating Worldliness: Drinking And Drugs - Randy Mabe
Clarifying Issues Regarding The Holy Spirit - Tom Bright
Role Of Women In Worship - Jay Yeager
The Battle For the Home: Parent - Child Relationships - Wayne Brewer
Continuing Threat of Anti-ism - Richard Massey
Worship: Mechanical Instruments of Music - Don Underwood
Is The Restoration Plea Still Valid? - Jay Yeager
Combating Worldliness: Homosexuality - Chuck Northrop
Failure To Cultivate Potential Youth - Michael Wyatt
Recognizing God's Plan For The Home - Charles Coats
Battle For The Bible Class - John Shafer
Fulfilling The Great Commission - Eugene Jenkins
I Don't Know And I Don't Care - Johnie Scaggs
Church Discipline - Eugene Jenkins
Combating Worldliness: Immodesty - Fred Rhodes
Worship: Contemporary or Traditional - Toney Smith
How Do We Rekindle the Fire? - Perry Cotham
#23 - 2005 - Christian Living: Lessons From The Word "Except" (New)
God Promises A Drawing Power - Jim O'Connor
Salvation Is Dependent Upon Being Born Again - Perry Cotham
Traditions Of Men - Charles Coats
The Necessity Of Christ's Sacrifice- Jack Williams
Pattern for Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage - Jack Williams
The Necessity And Value Of Humility - John Schafer
Was Christ Really Resurrected? - Don Boyd
Family And Christian Responsibility - Toney Smith
God: The Source of All Law - Fred Rhodes
We Must Build As The Lord Commands - Perry Cotham
God Demands Agreement Among Brethren - Robert Taylor
The Falling Away - Robert Taylor
Abiding On Christ - Chuck Northrop
We Must Deal With Sin In The Camp - Bill Goring
God's Manifestations Of His Mercy - Terry Mabery
Where Are God's Blessings Located? - Steve Harbinson
Necessity: Benefit Of The Great Commission - Charles Coats
Reconciled Or Reprobate: Only Two Ways - Tom Bright
Assurance That Jesus Is Divine - Don Underwood
Proper Use/Application Of The Old Law - Wayne Brewer
God Demands Personal Righteousness - Eugene Jenkins
Godly Living/Teaching Brings Persecution - Randy Mabe
Division Causes Failure - Michael Wyatt
Value And Work Of Each Christian - Jay Yeager
How Can We Become As Little Children - Richard Massey
The Glorification Of Christ - Randy Watson
Striving Lawfully For Our Hope - David Long
Necessity: Sending Forth A Certain Sound - Johnie Scaggs
God Demands A Life Of Turning To Him - Richard Massey
The Mystery Of The Resurrection - Ted Thrasher
Churches Which Leave Their First Love - Toney Smith
How Can Doubt Be Overcome? - Michael Wyatt
#24 - 2006 - Mark Them Which Walk So (New)
David: A Man After God's Own Heart - Jack Williams
The Pentecostians: Gladly Receiving God's Word - Charles Coats
Peter: Think Before You Leap - Jim O'Connor
Lois And Eunice: Starting A Chain Of Faith - Tom Bright
"Mark Them": The Bible Teaching Regarding Examples - John Shafer
Mary And Martha: Choosing The Good Thing - Ted Thrasher
Esther: For Such A Time As This - Dudley Morton
Titus: A Pattern Of Good Works - Ron Cosby
The Samaritan Woman: Knowing And Telling Of Christ - Wayne Brewer
Jesus: The Example For All Mankind - Larry Yarber
Noah And His Family: Righteousness In An Unrighteous World - Toney Smith
Ezra: A Prepared Servant Of God - Don Underwood
Builders Of The Wall: Having A Mind To Work - Eugene Jenkins
The Bereans: Nobility In The Eyes of God - Terry Mabery
Jochebed And The Hebrew Midwives: Women Facing Crisis and Danger - Richard Massey
Paul: Be Ye Followers Of Me - Jay Yeager
Moses: Refusing Gold For Glory - Randy Mabe
Jeremiah: Tears For God's People - Tom Bright
Stephen: Faithful Unto Death - David Long
Ruth: The Beautiful Gleaner - Steve Harbison
James: From Unbeliever To Leader - Michael Wyat
Jonathan - Stirring God's People Into Action - Fred Rhodes
Timothy: Let No Man Despise Thy Youth - Toney Smith
Vashti Or Herodias' Daughter: What Price Purity? - Jay Yeager
Joseph: The Power To Overcome - Richard Massey
The Thessalonians: "Examples To All Who Believe" - Johnie Scaggs, Jr
The Corinthians: Seeking Spiritual Success In A Corrupt World - Chuck Northrop
Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego: Facing The Fiery Furnace (Dan 3) - Bill Goring
The Prophets: Suffering Affliction And Of Patience - Don Boyd
Godly Elders: "Whose Faith Follow" - Jack Williams
Solomon: A Wise Leader For God's People - Michael Wyatt
Adam, Eve, Cain And Abel: Lessons From The First Family - Charles Coats
#25 - 2007 - Following The Narrow Way To Heaven (New)
Requires Biblical Preaching - Jack Williams
Requires Obedience To God's Plan Of Salvation - Randy Watson
Requires Realizing There Is But One Right Way - Charles Coats
Requires Faithful Living - Tom Bright
Requires Hearing God's Word - John Shafer
Requires Worship in Spirit and in Truth - Don Boyd
Requires That The Church Be Organized God's Way - Ted Thrasher
Requires That The Church Fulfill Her Purpose - Jim O'Connor
Requires That Women Realize Their Role - Wayne Brewer
Requires Following God's Standard, The Bible - Larry Yarber
Requires Belief in The Christ - Toney Smith
Requires That We Have Biblical Love - Larry Yerber
Requires Respect For God's Plan For The Home - Jerry Sullin
Requires That We Be A People for God - Terry Mabery
Requires That We Have Proper Priorities - Richard Massey
Requires Defending The Truth - Jay Yeager
Requires Biblical Faith - Randy Mabe
Requires That One Be In The Church - Tom Bright
Requires That One Be Scripturally Baptized - David Long
Requires Belief In The True And Living God - Steve Harbison
Requires Respect For God's Plan For Marriage - Michael Wyatt
Requires Confessing Christ As The Son Of God - Fred Rhodes
Requires That Men Realize And Respect Their Role - Bill
Requires The Young People Realize And Respect Their Role - Jay Yeager
Requires Biblical Hope - Richard Massey
Requires Prayer - Johnie Scaggs
Requires Worship In Song - Chuck Northrop
Requires Biblical Giving - Toney Smith
Requires Belief In The Holy Spirit - Michael Wyatt
Requires Turning The World Upside Down - Charles Coats
Requires Belief In The Holy Spirit - Michael Wyatt
Requires Turning The World Upside Down - Charles Coats
#26 - 2008 - We See Jesus (Sept 2008)
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Northeast Oklahoma Gospel Journal Lectures
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2004 - Moral Issues (New)
Gambling - B.J. Clarke
Abortion, Euthanasia - Tyler Young
Homosexuality, 'Gay' Marriages - Tyler Young
Pornography - B.J. Clarke
Situation Ethics - Jerry Brewer
Humanism - Dub McClish
Materialism - Jerry Brewer
Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs - Ryan Kepke
Pure Speech - David Watson
Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage - Dub McClish
Dancing, Immodest Apparel - Ryan Kepke
Carnal Warfare, Capital Punishment - David Watson
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Permian Basin Lectures
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#1 - 2004 - Questions About Authority
Is Authority in Religion Important? - John Dickison
Is the New Testament Binding Today? - Michael Light
Are Direct Statements Binding - Joseph Meador
Must I Obey the Civil Government? - Jack McNeil
What About Civil Disobedience? - Geoff Litke
Is Bible Silence License? - Tommy Hicks
Are Bible Examples Binding? - Dub McClish
Bible Classes and Kitchens - Roelf Ruffner
Worship and Authority Issues - Jeff Sweeten
Do Elders Have Authority? - Mike Vestal
What Is Expediency? - Burt Groves
What Are The Real Choices? - Charles Jones
What Hinders Obedience? - Denny Wilson
#2 - 2005 - Some Questions About Worship
What Is Worship? - Jason Rollo
What Is Authorized In Worship? - John Moore
What Is Fellowship To Worship? - Dan Flournoy
What Is Proper Concerning Prayer? - David Harris
What Is Suitable Concerning Singing? - Michael Light
What Is Godly Concerning Giving? - David Brown
What Is Appropriate In Preaching? - Dub McClish
What Is the Lord's Supper? - Burt Groves
What Assembly Can We Forsake? - Jeff Sweeten
What About Innovations In Prayer? - Lee Moses
What About Innovations In Singing? - Dennis Dillon
What About Innovations In the Lord's Supper? - Geoff Litke
Why Would One Innovate? - Denny Wilson
Question & Answer Forum - Brown, Flournoy, McClish
#3 - 2006 - Some Questions About Christian Living
What About the Christian And Abortion? - Tyler Young
What About the Christian And Abortion? - Tyler Young (part 2)
What About Christians And Tobacco Use? - Tom Moore
What About the Christian And Beverage Alcohol? - Steven Patterson
What About the Christian's Speech? - James Nash
What About the Christian And Homosexuality? - Lee Moses
What About the Christian's Work Ethic? - Rick Brumback
What About the Christian's Attire? - Michael Light
What About Christian's And Bible Study? - Burt Groves
What About Christian Living? - Jeff Sweeten
What About the Christian And Dancing? - Jason Rollo
What About the Christian And Gambling? - Geoff Litke
What the Christian's Companions? - Denny Wilson
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Rocky Mountain Lectures
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2003 - Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Our Father in Heaven - Lester Kamp
Prayers During Lord's Supper - Dub McClish
To Whom Must We Pray? - Paul Martin
Prayers As Taught In Matthew 7:7-11 - Preston Silcox
Thine Is The Kingdom Power Glory Forever - Jason Roberts
Men Always Ought To Pray And Faint Not - David Watson
Prayers For Meals And Thanksgiving - Jason Roberts
Occasion Of Prayer In Jesus' Life - Dub McClish
Does God Hear Prayers Of Non-Christians? - Barry Grider
Forgive Us Our Debts/Lead Us Not into Temptation - Preston Silcox
Thy Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven - Barry Grider
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread - Paul Martin
Father Forgive Them For They Know Not How To Pray - Lester Kamp
Jesus' Prayer for Faithfulness - Preston Silcox
Thy Kingdom Come - David Watson
Believing Prayer - Jason Roberts
Praying for Enemies - David Watson
According to His Will - Jason Roberts
Private, Public Prayer, Repetition - Dub McClish
Jesus' Prayer for Unity - Barry Grider
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Schertz Lectures
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#1 - 2003 - Studies In Luke
The Gospel Account of Luke - An Introduction - Lester Kamp
The Challenge of Discipleship in Luke - Dub McClish
Jesus' Birth, Baptism & Genealogy - Don Boyd
Difficult Passages - Gene Burgett
Jesus Institutes His Supper Is Arrested & Tried - Don Walker
Jesus Warns of Hypocrisy, Covetousness, & Compromise - Tommy J. Hicks
Jesus Heals, Teaches, & Raises the Dead - David Brown
Jesus Teaches & Works More Wonders - Stan Crowley
Jesus' & John's Births Promised - Kent Bailey
Jesus Continues Teaching & Working Miracles - Lee Moses
Lessons From the Life of Luke - Jesse Whitlock
Forum - Abortion Constitutes Murder of a Human Baby - Tyler Young
Questions on Forum Topic - Tyler Young
Jesus Before Pilate & Herod, Crucified, Buried - David Brown
Jesus Delivers the Lost Parables & Sundry Lessons - Lynn
Jesus Institutes His Supper, Arrested & Tried - Don Walker
Answering False Doctrines - Kenneth Gossett
Jesus Tells The Parables Of The Sower & Works Many Miracles - Bryan Braswell
Difficult Passages - Don Tarbet
Forum: Was Jesus A Created Being - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Questions on Forum Topic - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Answering False Doctrines - Bobby Liddell
Jesus Arises, Appears to Various Ones, & Ascends - Marvin Weir
Answering False Doctrines - Keith Mosher
Jesus Sends 70 & Tells of the Good Samaritan - Michael Hatcher
Jesus Answers His Enemies - Jason Roberts
Difficult Passages - Ted J. Clarke
Forum: The Nature of Inspiration - B.J. Clarke
Questions on Forum Topic - B.J. Clarke
Jesus Foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem - James Rogers
Jesus Sends Forth the Apostles, Feeds 5,000 & Is Transfigured - Curtis Cates
Difficult Passages - H.D. Simmons
Jesus Chooses the Twelve & Preaches - Tom Bright
Answering False Doctrines - Tom Wacaster
Jesus Enters Jerusalem & Announces Its Doom - Eric Owens
Forum: A Review of Attempts to Blur Lines of Fellowship - Gary Summers
Questions on Forum Topic - Gary Summers
Jesus Teaches on Prayer & Rebukes Pharisees - Ronnie Hayes
The Gospel Account of Luke - A Summary - Darrell Conley
#2 - 2004 - Studies In Exodus
Exodus - An Introduction - Lester Kamp
The Christ In The Book Of Exodus - Keith Mosher
The Plagues Of Blood, Frogs, Lice & Flies - Ben Moseley
Difficult Passages - Jesse Whitlock
God Appears To Moses And Renews The Tables of Stones - Terry Hightower
Death of the Firstborn and The Passover Instituted - Joseph Meador
The Continual Burnt Offering & the Altar of Incense - Stan Crowley
The Tabernacle Materials Given & Construction Begun - Dan Flournoy
The Tabernacle Furniture Constructed - Lee Moses
The Tabernacle Finished & Filled with God's Glory - Jason Rollo
Difficult Passages - Don Walker
Encampment at Sinai & the Ten Commandments Given - Carl Garner
Moses, The Great Man of God - Dub McClish
Instructions for the Altar & for Priestly Dedication - Bryan Braswell
God Giver Various Laws & Ordinances - Jeff Sweeten
The Golden Calf & Breaking Of The Stone Tables - Ronnie Hayes
Difficult Passages - Tommy Hicks
God Gives the Pattern for the Tabernacle - Garland Elkins
Our God is a God of Patterns - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Amalek's Defeat & Jethro's Visit - Wesley Simons
Answering False Doctrine - David Smith
Pharaoh Rejects God's Decree - James Rogers
Difficult Passages - Marvin Weir
God's Commission to Moses - Bobby Liddell
Dedication of the Firstborn & Crossing the Red Sea - David B. Watson
The Egyptian Bondage & the Flight of Moses - Stephen Wiggins
Moses Sings & Israel Murmurs - Lynn Parker
God Gives Additional Laws & Moses Ascends Sinai - Michael Hatcher
Difficult Passages - Tom Wacaster
The Plagues of Murrain, Boils, Hail, Locusts & Darkness - Kenneth Ratcliff
Exodus - A Summary - Darrell Conley
Monday Forum: When Is Civil Disobedience Justified - Tyler Young
Monday Con'td, Questions from the floor on DF Topic - Tyler Young
Tuesday Forum: Were The Days of Creation 24-hour Days - BJ Clarke
Tues Con'td, Questions from the floor on DF Topic - BJ Clarke
Wednesday Forum: Did Moses Write the Pentateuch - David Brown
Thursday Forum: What Does the Bible Teach About God's Grace - Gary Summers
Wed Con'td, Questions from the floor - David Brown
Thurs Con'td, Questions from the floor - Gary Summers
#4 - 2006 - Studies In Hebrews
Hebrews-An Introduction - Curtis Cates
Hebrews-An Overview - Joseph Meador
Faith that Pleases God
- Billy Bland
Faith that Embraces the Promises - John Moore
Faith that Overcomes the World - Randy Robinson
The Seven Alarms of Hebrews - Kenneth Ratcliff
The "Better" Things of the Gospel - Paul Sain
Christ, Superior to the Prophets - John Gondos
Christ, the Most Superior High Priest - Kevin Berry
The Superior Covenant - Tim Ayers
Difficult Passages - Stan Stockton
Monday Discussion Forum - Garland Elkins
Answering False Doctrines - Rick Brumback
The Father as Seen in Hebrews - Keith Mosher, Sr
Christ, Superior to Moses - Preston Silcox
The Superior Sacrifice - Kevin Rhodes
Exhortations to Faith - Tom Moore
Difficult Passages - Gary Colley
Answering False Doctrines - Tommy J. Hicks
The Christ as Seen in Hebrews - Bobby Liddell
Christ, Superior to Joshua - Stan Crowley
Christ, Superior to Aaron - Timothy Sparks
Encouragements for Our Faith - Paul Meacham, Jr
Difficult Passages - B.J. Clarke
Answering False Doctrines - Dave Rogers
The Priesthood As Seen In Hebrews - Ronnie Hayes
Christ, Superior To Abraham - Jeff Archey
The Superior Sanctuary - Richard Melson
Faith and Practicality - Joey Davis
Difficult Passages - Barry Grider
The Exhortations of Hebrews - Don Walker
Hebrews-A Summary - Michael Light
Monday discussion forum continued - Garland Elkins
Tuesday Discussion Forum - Robert Taylor, Jr
Tuesday discussion forum continued - Robert Taylor, Jr
Wednesday Discussion Forum - Tyler Young
Wednesday discussion forum continued - Tyler Young
Thursday Discussion Forum - Jason Roberts
Thursday discussion forum continued - Jason Roberts
#5 - 2007 - Studies In Jeremiah And Lamentations #1 (New)
Jeremiah And Lamentations: Introduction - Stan Crowley
Prayer: Proper Way To Communicate With God - Winford Claiborne
Jeremiah Complains, Zedekiah Prays And God Answers - Paul Meacham, Jr.
The Call Of Jeremiah - Tom Moore
Israel's Sin And Call To Repentance - Carl B. Garner
Word Studies: Forsake, Backslide And Return - Rick Brumback
The Potter And the Clay - Burt Jones
The Case Against Judah - Steven Patterson
The Decision Of The Lord - Jason Rollo
The Broken Covenant - Wayne Jones
Difficult Passages - Tim Ayers
The Living God And The Coming Distress - Stan Stockton
Open Forum

The Punishment For Backsliding - Keith A. Mosher, Sr
The Way Of Man - Tommy J. Hicks
Letters To The Captives And Shemaiah - Andy Cates
Judah Is Beyond Deliverance - Randy Robinson
Sabbath Observance Stressed - Michael McDaniel
Answering False Doctrines - Billy Bland
Man's Problem - Sin, As Seen by Jeremiah - Curtis A. Cates
Open Forum

Can An Upright Man Be Found - Bobby Liddell
Ask For The Old Paths - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Judgment Against The Evil Kings - Joey Davis
Judgment Against The Prophets - Sean Hochdorf
The Sign Of The Figs - Dan Flournoy
Judgment From The North - Rob Whitacre
Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace - Garland Elkins
Open Forum

Judah's Captivity And The Cup of Fury - Kenneth E. Ratcliff
The Five Warnings - Ronnie Hayes
The Unmarried Prophet - Scott Springer
Nebuchadnezzar's Victory - Foy Forehand
Jeremiah Exposes Hananiah - Devin Dean
The Arrest, Trial, And Release Of Jeremiah - Dave Rogers
The Sanctity Of Life - Tyler Young
Open Forum

Jerusalem Besieged - Don Walker
Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet and Poet - B.J. Clarke
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Shenandoah Lectures
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#17 - 2003 - Great Questions In The Bible
How Can I Sin Against God? - Rick Brumback
What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him? - Michael Light
Who Is The Lord That I Should Obey His Voice? - Tom Moore
How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions? - Foy Forehand
Whom Seek Ye? - Gary Summers
What Is Truth? - Richard Massey
Shall We Continue In Sin That Grace May Abound? - H.D. Simmons
Shall Not The Judge Of All The Earth Do Right? - Robert R.
Who Shall Separate Us From The Love Of Christ? - Royce Will
Where is Your Faith? - Ed Benesh
Who Did Hinder You That Ye Should Not Obey The Truth? - Da
What Shall A Man Give In Exchange For His Soul? - Monte Evans
What Shall I Render Unto The Lord? - David Harris
If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again? - Jerry Moffitt
What Do You See? - Steven Lloyd
Why Stand Ye Here All The Day Idle? - Ben Moseley
Doest Thou Well To Be Angry? - Don Walker
Where Is He? - Ken Hope
What Is In Thy Hand? - Daniel Hope
Understandest Thou What Thou Readest? - John Moore
Am I My Brother's Keeper? - Sam Dilbeck
Who Can Find A Faithful Man? - Richard Melson
What Have They Seen In Your House? - Mike Vestal
Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman? - Matthew Gibson
Who Do Men Say That I The Son Of Man Am? - Kenneth Ratcliff
Am I Therefore Become Your Enemy? - Dave Rogers
What Shall I Do With Jesus? - Randall Morris
Is The Young Man Safe? - Tyler Young
What Is Your Life? - Tim Kidwell
How Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great A Salvation? -
Whom Have I In Heaven But Thee? - B.J. Clarke
#18 - 2005 - Lives In Scripture: A Study In Comparisons And Contrasts
Five Wise And Five Foolish Virgins - Randall Morris
Jesus And Adam - Robert Johnson
Cain And Abel - Matt Gibson
Saul And Jonathan - Ed Benesh
David And Jeroboam - Tom Wacaster
Jesus And Moses - John Moore
Ananias/Sapphira And Aquila/Priscilla - Richard Massey
Diotrephes And Demetrius - Carl McCann
Samson And Gideon - Doug Young
One Leper And Nine Lepers - Patrick Hammack
Peter And Paul - Kerry Clark
The Good Samaritan - Clay Bond
The Father And The Elder Brother - Foy Forehand
The Two Builders - Johnny Morris
Jesus And John - Rick Brumback
Jesus And Socrates - Steve Lloyd
Barnabas And Demas - Don Walker
Ephesus And Thyatira - Ken Hope
Two Sons - Richard Melson
Jezebel And Esther - Jerry Moffitt
The Rich Man And Lazarus - Keith Mosher
Sarah And Hagar - Frank Higginbotham
The Publican And The Pharisee - Mike Vestal
Jesus And Melchizedek - speaker?
The Wisdom And The Woman Folly - Dave Rogers
Rich Young Ruler And Phillippian Jailer - speaker?
Jesus And Joshua - Dan Flournoy
The One-Talent Man And The Five/Two Talent Man - Scott Lambert
Jesus And The Prophets - Monte Evans
Ahab And Elijah - Bill Burk
Joseph And David - B.J. Clarke
#19 - 2006 - Victory Through Transformation: The Battle For The Soul
It's A War Out There - Carl McCann
The Battlefield: The Minds of Men - Matt Gibson
Study: Key Element To Transformation - Josh Rodriguez
The Value Of The Soul - Israel Rodriguez
Satan's Part In Man's Transformation - Paul Sain
Worldliness Obstructs Transformation - Clay Bond
Be Ye Holy - Robert Taylor, Jr
Transformed To A Life Of Service - James Meadows
Transformed, Prepared For Service - Kenneth Ratcliff
False Systems Of Religion Obstruct Transformation - Kevin Rhodes
Holy Spirit's Part In Man's Transformation - Richard Melson
Transformation's Influence On The Church - Kerry Clark
Be Ye Transformed - Russ Hopwood
Materialism Obstructs Transformation - Steven Patterson
The Power Of Repentance And Confession - Rick Brumback
The New Birth Initiates Transformation - Paul Sain
Transformed To A Life of Contentment And Peace - Johnny Ramsey
Transformed To A Life of Joy - Johnny Ramsey
Transformation's Influence On The Family - Richard Rutledge
Transformed, Prepared For Suffering - Randall Morris
The Son's Part In Man's Transformation - Jerry Moffitt
Cycle Of Spiritual Growth And Transformation - Don Walker
Transformed, Prepared For Worship - James Meadows
The Power Of Prayer - Ernie Albrecht
Works Of The Flesh Versus Fruit Of The Spirit - Dave Rogers
Pseudo-Transformation - HD Simmons
The Soldier's Armor - Al Washington
Meditation, The Key To Transformation - Kris Groda
The Father's Part In Man's Transformation - Bill Burk
The Weapons Of Our Warfare - Brian Gochenour
Transformed, Prepared For Eternity - BJ Clarke
#20 - 2007 - Heaven's Vocabulary
Preach the Word - Kerry Clark
Advocate - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Come/Take/Learn - Clay Bond
A Peculiar People - Tommy Hicks
Heaven - Neal Pollard
Obey - H.D. Simmons
Hades - Steve Lloyd
Grace - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
He Is Able - Israel Rodriguez
Rebuke - Foy Forehand
Shun/Depart/Avoid/Flee - Kevin Berry
Sin - Allen Webster
Baptism/Call Upon the Name of the Lord - David McCain
Hell - Neal Pollard
In Christ Jesus - Jason Rollo
Lovingkindness - Rick Brumback
Confession - Allen Webster
Redemption - Don Walker
Faith/Hope/Love - Ben Moseley
Mystery - Jerry Moffitt
Overcome/Victory - Robert Moss
Righteousness - Bill Burk
Propitiation & Reconciliation - Joseph Meador
Pride - Josh Rodriguez
Questions & Answers

Atonement - Sam Dilbeck
In The Heavenlies - Rick Brumback
Repentance - Bobby Burris
The Precious Blood of Christ - Michael Light
Forgiveness/I Will Pardon - Steve Lloyd
Walk (Ephesians) - B.J. Clarke
#21 - 2008 - Days Of Devotion: Meditating In The Psalms (New)
Introduction To The Psalms - B.J. Clarke
Except The Lord Build the House - Devin Dean
Psalms 119, Part 1 - John Moore
The Cross, Psalm 22 - Tim Ayers
One Thing I Have Desired Of The Lord, Psalm 27 - Foy Forehand
Oh That My People Had Hearkened Unto Me, Psalm 81 - Kerry Clark
From Everlasting To Everlasting Thou Art God, Psalm 90 - Kevin Cauley
Door Way To The Psalms, Psalm 1 - H.D. Simmons
Trust In The Lord, Psalm 37 - Sam Dilbeck
The Fool Says There Is No God - Mike Bonner
Psalm 119, Part 2 - John Moore
Righteousness And Peace Have Kissed, Psalm 85 - Kevin Berry
Confident In God, Psalm 41 - Matt Gibson
A Perfect High Priest, Psalm 110 - Steve Patterson
Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness, Psalm 96 - Kevin Rhodes
The Crook, Psalm 23 - Rick Brumback
My Soul Longeth For The Courts Of The Lord, Psalm 84 - Allen Webster
The Crown, Psalm 24 - Jason Rollo
Crowned With Lovingkindness, Psalm 103 - Ben Moseley
What Is Man, Psalm 8 - Richard Melson
His Mercy Endureth Forever, Psalm 118 - Dave Rogers
The Creator, The Ruler, The Redeemer, Psalm 33 - Tommy Haynes
Let The Redeemed Say so, Psalm 107 - Richard Melson
Be Still And Know That I Am God, Psalm 46 - Clay Bond
Who Shall Dwell In Thy Tabernacle, Psalm 15 - Richard Melson
His Merciful Kindness Is Great, Psalm 117 - Tommy Haynes
The Power Of Unity, Psalm 133 - Allen Webster
Be Merciful To Me A Sinner, Psalm 32 And 51 - Don Walker
The Proclamation Of God, Psalm 19 - Bill Burk
I Will Behave Myself Wisely, Psalm 101 - Ken Hope
Search Me And Try Me, Psalm 139 - B.J. Clarke
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South Texas Lectures
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#17 - 2004 - The Simplicity That Is In Christ
The Simplicity That Is In Christ - Tommy Hicks
God's Eternal Purpose Which He Purposed In Christ Jesus - Ronnie Hayes
The Pillar And Support Of the Truth - Ricky Spacek
Organization - Stan Crowley
Jesus Promised To Build His Church - Israel Rodriguez
Worship - H.D. Simmons
None Are Saved Outside The Church - Preston Silcox
Scriptural Designations - Clay Martin
We Can Know, Understand, Obey & Will Be Judged By The Word Of God - Ronnie Hayes
Work - Preston Silcox
Baptism Is For the Remission of Sins - Tommy Hicks
Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage - Stan Crowley
There Are Two Eternal Destinies Before All Men - Clay Martin
Study Of In Christ Passages - Eddie Whitten
The Kingdom - Israel Rodriguez
What Must I Do To Be Saved - H.D. Simmons
Death And Judgment - Ricky Spacek
We Must Rightly Divide The Word Of Truth To Be Approved Unto God- Eddie Whitten
#18 - 2005 - Restoring The Character of Man To The Society of God In Heaven
Dwell In High, Holy Places, With Him Also That Is Of A Contrite Spirit - Tom Bright
Create In Me A Clean Heart O God & Renew A Right Spirit Within Me - John Moore
Godliness Is Profitable Unto All Things - Israel Rodriguez
Godliness Is Profitable (continued) - Israel Rodriguez
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart, For They Shall See God - Tom Bright
Blessed Are The Pure In Heart (continued) - Tom Bright
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit, For Theirs Is the Kingdom God - Joshua Rodriguez
God Is Love, He That Dwelleth In Love Dwelleth In God, And God In Him - John Moore
God Is Love... (continued) - John Moore
Whatsoever Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap - J. Rodriguez
The Just Shall Live By Faith - Israel Rodriguez
Godly Sorrow Worketh Repentance To Salvation - Rick Brumback
Godly Sorrow Worketh ... (continued) - Rick Brumback
How Much More Shall The Blood of Christ...Purge Your Conscience From Dead Works - Eddie Whitten
How Much More Shall The Blood ... (continued) - Eddie Whitten
Old Things Are Passed Away, Behold, All Things Are Become New - Clay Martin
Save Yourselves From This Untoward Generation - Israel Rodriguez
Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work - Clay Martin
Perfecting Holiness In The Fear Of God - Rick Brumback
Looking for New Heavens & New Earth Wherein Dwelleth Righteousness - H.D. Simmons
#19 - 2006 - What Good Thing Shall I Do?
Adorn The Gospel - Richard Massey
Strive For The Faith - Stephen Wiggins
Communicate To Edify - Israel Rodriguez
Visit Afflicted, Restore Erring - Gabriel Rodriguez
Subdue The Temper - Stephen Wiggins
As An Elder, Deacon, Preacher - Richard Massey
Control The Body - Joseph Meador
Grow Into The Fulness Of Christ - Barry Grider
Fulfill Domestic Duties - Don Walker
Make Disciples - Doug Young
Believe In God (Against Practical Atheism) - Barry Grider
Daily Christianity - Israel Rodriguez
Love Your Enemies - Gabriel Rodriguez
Train Future Leaders - Don Walker
Guard From Lying Lips - David Baker
Support The Work Of The Church - H.D. Simmons
Be Doers Of The Word - Doug Young
Endeavor To Keep Unity - David Baker
#20 - 2007 - Perfecting The Saints
Biblical Interpretation - Israel Rodriguez
The Visitation Program - Josh Rodriguez
The Autopsy Of A Dead Church Member - Eddie Brinkley
Biblical Ethics - Shannon Grizell
Leadership Training In The Biblical Tradition - Josh Rodriguez
Biblical Methods Of Teaching - Kris Groda
Family Government - Jason Dunn
Fellowship Of The Saints - Gabriel Rodriguez
Developing A Congregational Curriculum - Eddie Rodriguez
What Kind Of Light Are You - Eddie Brinkley
Organizing The Work Of The Church - Doug Young
Strategic Evangelism - Clay Bond
Envisioning The Goals Of A Congregation - David Baker
Congregational Prayer - Steven Patterson
Powerful Biblical Preaching - H.D. Simmons
Social Conflict Termination And Church Discipline - Israel Rodriguez
A People Zealous Of Good Works - Larry DeLong
Leading Our Congregation To Faithfulness - David Baker
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Southwest Lectures
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#22 - 2003 - Why We Are Members Of The Church of Christ
Because Of The Importance Of The Matter - Perry Cotham
Because It Accepts the Messiahship Of Jesus - Joe Meador
Because It Is Scriptural In It's Worship - Keith Mosher
Because It Was Founded By he Scriptural Builder - Eric Owens
Because Of It's Work Of Benevolence - Eric Owens
Because It Is Scriptural In Name - Al Macias
Because It Is Scriptural In It's Organization - Darwin Hunter
Because It Was Founded At The Scriptural Time, Place - Ronnie Hayes
Evangelism In The Hispanic Community - Al Macias
Remaking The 1st Century Church - Rick Brumback
Answers Question - What Must I Do To Be Saved - Bill Burk
It Does Not Use Mechanical Instruments Of Music In Worship - Carl Garner
It Does Not Use Choirs Or Drama In Worship - Daly Martin
Because It Refuses To Believe In Calvinism - Keith Mosher
Because It Sees A Distinction Between The Old & New Testament - Bruce Stulting
Evangelism In the Asian Community - John Grubb
Remembering The 1st Century Church - Rick Brumback
Teaches Miracles Ceased With Completion of New Testament - Ronnie Hayes
Because It Teaches There Is A Heaven and A Hell - Bryan Braswell
Because It Is Scriptural In It's Mission - Russell Haffner
Because It Does Not Get Caught Up With The Latest Fads - Marvin Weir
Because It Has Its Headquarters In Heaven - Don Walker
Evangelism In the College, University Community - Tyler Young
Reclaiming The 1st Century Church - Rick Brumback
Because It Teaches Man Can Be Saved By The Blood of Christ - BJ Clarke
#23 - 2004 - God's Design For The Home
The Divine Origin And Nature Of The Home - Perry Cotham
Spiritual Growth And Education In The Home - Rick Brumback
Breaking The Cycle Of Destructive Behavior - Joseph Meador
Recreation And Moral Purity - Jerry Moffitt
Young Men Honoring Fatherhood - James Nash
Roles And Responsibilities Within The Home - Larry DeLong
Communication And Unity In The Home - Monte Evans
Marriage, Divorce, And Remarriage - Jerry Moffitt
What A Wife Owes Her Husband - Sam Dilbeck
What The Church Owes The Family - Don Walker
Living With A Non-Christian Spouse Or Family Member - Richard Melson
What Young People Owe Their Parents - Eric Gayle
Caring For Elderly And Disabled Family Members - Don Hatch
Secular Education And The Home - Richard Melson
Dating, Courtship, And Marriage - Russell Haffner
Young Women Honoring Motherhood - Pat Hammack
Coping With Abortion - Tyler Young
Coping With Material Problems - John Moore
What A Husband Owes His Wife - Rob Whitacre
Pre-Marital Counseling And Preparations For Marriage - Stephen Patterson
What Parents Owe Their Children - Carl McCannren
The Discipline Of Children - Tim Ayers
Coping With Homosexuality And Alternate Lifestyles - Darwin Hunter
What The Family Owes The Church - Bill Burk
Ladies Class: Home And The Challenges Of Modern Culture - Carla Moore
Ladies Class: Creating A Peaceful Home In A Stress-Filled World - Carla Moore
#24 - 2005 - Authentic Christianity In Modern Times
What Is Authentic Christianity? - Greg Neill
... And The Bible For Today - Joseph Meador
... And The Savior For Today - Perry Cotham
... And The Church For Today - Rick Brumback
... And Fellowship For Today - James Meadows
... And Preaching For Today - Wendell Winkler
... And Spiritual Growth For Today - Bob Patterson
The Universality Of Authentic Christianity - Tim Ayers
... And Repentance For Today - James Meadows
... And Hope For Today - Mel Hutzler
... And Genuine Love For Today - Bryan Braswell
... And Christian Living For Today - Barry Grider
... And Respect For Today - Jeff Sweeten
... And God For Today - Kris Groda
... And Grace For Today - Kerry Clark
... And The Restoration Plea - Barry Grider
... And Baptism For Today - Clay Martin
... And Discipleship For Today - Jason Browning
... And The Gospel For Today - Richard Massey
... And Moral Purity For Today - Don Walker
... And The Church Leadership For Today - Dave Rogers
... And Worship For Today - Doug Young
Ladies Class: ... And Its Purpose For Today - Celicia Grider
Ladies Class: ... And Prayer For Today - Celicia Grider
#25 - 2006 - Job: A Topical Commentary
Overview Of The Book Of Job - Johnny Ramsey
Job And The Existence Of God - Curtis Cates
Responding To Suffering That Is Not Our Fault - Perry Cotham
Job And The Existence Of Satan - Rick Brumback
Job's Wife, Her Suffering And His Support - Joseph Meador
The Friends Of Job, Comfort Or Conflict - Curtis Cates
God Allows Man To Suffer, Some Lessons Learned - Jessie Agnew
Is It True Only The Evil Suffer? - Eric Gale
Did God Create Man to Suffer - Clay Martin
Why People Blame God - Kevin Cauley
Lecture 11 is missing
How Does God Care About Man? - Bill Burk
Do Those Who Suffer Always Need to Repent? - Don Walker
Man's Condition And The Resurrection In Job - Bobby Burris
Man's Condition And The Messiah In Job - Al Washington
Do The Wicked Really Prosper? - Doug Young
Can Man Have Access to God? - Stephen Powell
Lecture 18 is missing
Elihu, How Secular Man Views God - John Moore
God, Creator Of Man And Sovereign Of The World - Don Hatch
Is Man The Measure Of Himself? - Pat Hammack
God, Confession By Job And Application - Rob Whitacre
Ladies Class: Coping With Material Loss - Sarah Fallis
Ladies Class: Coping With Emotional Loss - Sarah Fallis
#26 - 2007 - The Book Of James - Living Christianity Today
An Introduction - Carl Garner
Facing Trials - James Meadows
Learning Wisdom - Perry Cotham
Humility - Rick Brumback
A Sinful World - Joseph Meador
With Meekness - James Meadows
Means Doing His Will - Bob Patterson
Religious Purity - Bill Burk
Avoiding Respect Of Persons - Dave Rogers
Our Faith Seen In Good Works - Tom Moore
Teaching Sound Words - Gene Smith
Life Of Wisdom - Greg Neill
Facing Selfishness And Envy - Barry Grider
Spiritual Adultery - Clay Martin
Drawing Near To God - Tim Ayers
Gossip - Barry Grider
Self-Determinism - Michael Wyatt
Wealth - Sam Dilbeck
Patience - Kerry Clark
Personal Integrity - Russell Haffner
Prayer, Praise - Ben Moseley
Brotherly Love Leading to Repentance - Doug Young
#27 - 2008 - Imitating Christ: Called Unto Holiness (New)
The Holiness Of Christ - Don Walker
In Transformation - William Woodson
Worship - Perry Cotham
Respect For God's Word - Rick Brumback
Overcoming Temptation - William Woodson
Being An Example - Sam Dilbeck
Recreation, Activities - Richard Rutledge
Drug Use And Abuse - Mel Hutzler
Personal Finances - Doug Young
Purity Of Speech - James Nash
Modest Appearance - Rob Whitacre
Personal Maturity - Richard Melson
Imitation Of Christ - Bill Burk
Sexuality - Matt Gibson
Social Drinking - Tim Ayers
Recreation, Media - Richard Melson
Gambling - Kevin Cauley
Handling Strife And Disagreement - Clay Martin
Holiness And Good Companionships - Rob Whitacre
Holiness In Honesty And Integrity - Robert Dodson
Scriptural Knowledge - Ben Moseley
Holiness And Personal Responsibility - Ken Hope
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Speaking As The Oracles Of God
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#26 - 2004 - When The Morning Breaks Eternal
Then Cometh The End - Robert R.Taylor,Jr
Out Of The Ivory Palaces - Tom Bright
The Enduring Word Of God - Chris Perry
Where Are The Dead - Stephen Wiggins
The Angels Of God - Tim Ayers
The Devil And His Angels - Rick Popejoy
Heaven: Eternal Abode Of The Righteous - Stacy Grant
Hell: Eternal Abode Of The Wicked - James Woodall
The Value Of The Soul - Larry Powers
The Church And God's Eternal Purpose - Tommy Hicks
Dangerous Death Doctrines - David Watson
This World Is Not My Home - Billy Bland
#28 - 2006 - The Local Church
The Local Church - Wayne Price
A Place To Belong - Stephen Wiggins
The Role of Elders - Tom Bright
The Role of Deacons - Paul Hooten
The Role of Preachers - BJ Clarke
The Role of Younger Christians - Brian Reed
The Role of Older Christians - Eugene Jenkins
The Bible Class Program - Stephen Wiggins
The Local Church: Evangelism - Tom Bright
The Home and the Local Church - Keith McNeely
Discipline And The Local Church - Jeff Winters
The Local Church In View Of Etrernity - Larry Yarber
#29 - 2007 - The Seven Churches Of Asia
Introduction: Letters to the Seven Churches - Robert R. Taylor, Jr
Ephesus - Wayne Price
Smyrna</A> - Mike Demory
Pergamos - Tom Bright
Thyatira - Rick Popejoy
Sardis - Johnie Scaggs
Philadelphia - Billy Bland
Laodicea - Jim O'Connor
I Know Thy Works - Keith McNeely
Every Eye Shall See Him - Tom Bright
He That Hath An Ear Let Him Hear - Ted Thrasher
To Him That Overcometh - Larry Yarber
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What Saith The Scriptures
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2003 - A Peculiar People
A Peculiar People - Denny Petrillo
Seeking First The Kingdom Of God - Johnny Ramsey
The Christian And Proper Use Of Tongue - Dan Manuel
Overcoming Prejudice And Bigotry - Jay Lockhart
Open Forum - Gaumer, Petrillo, Ramsey
The Christian And Entertainment - Ken Hope
Christian Example In Secular Careers - Darwin Hunter
Take Up Your Cross Daily - Denny Petrillo
Not Forsaking Our Assembling Together - Johnny Ramsey
The Reality of Heaven And Hell - Tom Gaumer
A Positive View of Jesus' Second Coming - Benny Bristow
2005 - The Christian Family (New)
What Is Family? - Dan Manuel
Relationship Of Family And Church - Maxie Boren
Living For Eternity - Johnny Ramsey
Parent - Child Relationship - Joe Chase
Open Forum - Gaumer, Hunter, Ramsey
Insulating The Home From Worldly Influence - Colin Graham
The Role Of Husband, Father In The Home - Darwin Hunter
The Role Of Wife, Mother In The Home - Maxie Boren
Extended Family In Today's Home - Maxie Boren
Establishing A Spiritual Environment For The Home - Johnny Ramsey
Resolving Conflict And Having A Happy Home - Tom Gaumer
Genuine Love Exemplified In The Home - Derrick Brown
2006 - Ancient Words: Biblical Truths For Modern Living
Overcoming Temptation- Joe Chase
Too Busy to Pray - Ken Hope
Proper Use of Speech - Dan Manual
Practicing the Golden Rule - Bryan Hodge
Open Forum

Overcoming Jealousy, Envy - Darwin Hunter
All About Me - Tom Gaumer
Our Examples to Others - Tom Gaumer
Buried or Alive - Maxie Boren
Being Mary in a Martha World - Leroy Sedgwick
Living for Eternity - Joe Hancock
2007 - Just Like Us: Life Lessons From Men And Women Of Scriptures (New)
Onesiphorus: A Breath Of Fresh Air - Dan Manuel
Lot: Getting Close To Sodom - Tom Gaumer
Jonathan: A Friend Indeed - Willie Bradley
Peter: Down But Not Out - Maxie Boren
Open Forum - Gaumer, Hunter
Diotrephes: Who's On First - Ken Hope
Dorcas: Service In The Simple Things - Darwin Hunter
Jonah: Avoiding The Will of God - Tom Gaumer
Aquilla And Priscilla: Family For The Family Of God - Maxie Boren
Gideon: From Doubt To Determination - Jack Orbison

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