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Why Doesn't the church Grow More? I sometimes read articles in brotherhood papers saying that the church is not growing today as it was in the 1950s because Christians now lack the dedication that Christians then had. While there is truth in that idea, it seems too simplistic! Such declarations generally fail to note that society is different now than then. Why is that? How does that difference affect Christiansí lack of dedication today? (pdf file 81k)

Why Should Preachers Be Concerned? While all Christians should be concerned about humanism, preachers should be especially concerned because preachers are leaders in proclaiming Christian truths in a world that has quickly become humanistic. If preachers are not concerned, then we surely cannot expect other Christians to be concerned. (pdf file 88k)

What Christians Can Do. Collect names; Learn all you can about moral, social, political and cultural issues confronting Christians; Join organizations to share information; Write letters; Make speechs - and more. (pdf file 78k)

Christian Family Values Are Being Attacked. Our entire western civilization, which was built on Christian principles, is now in moral decline. The social fabric of American society appears to be unraveling. Christian homes are not immune to this process of social and moral deterioration. While Christianity appears strong superficially, it is nonetheless being undermined by insidious philosophical, social and political forces. (pdf file 94k)

What Shall We Say? Thereís a real war going on. Itís raging all around us. Its not that our country is involved in a physical war with another country, nor are we in another war between the states. The war that now rages has many battle grounds. Itís a spiritual war. Itís a philosophical war. And yet, itís a very practical war. (pdf file 55k)

Will Christians Arise to Confront Humanism? American Christianity seems to demonstrate little power to resist the assaults of modern secular humanism. This is partially because American Christianity seems content to apply religion only to personal, family and church life, and not also toward culture, education, law and other national institutions. (pdf file 88k)

Why Not Chose Decency? Over the past fifty years Biblical values have sharply declined in our society while humanistic values have increased dramatically. Since the early 1950s there has been a proliferation of pornography, an increase of explicit sexual vulgarity in musical lyrics, an acceleration of profanity in speech, and a dramatic rise in all sorts of indecencies. Many Americans now seem unable to blush. (pdf file 68k)

Are You Disturbed By Humanism? Some time ago I talked by telephone with an elder of a church in another state. He told me that humanism was no problem in his community. His implication was that Christians in that community were not disturbed by humanism because so far as he knew it had not come to that community.My response is that whether or not humanism is recognized by any Christians in a given community, it is there! Not only does humanism exist in every community in America, it is also there regulating most individual and community conduct in all areas of life, whether social, civil, political, educational, or otherwise. (pdf file 92k)

Contrasting Definitions of Humanism and Theism: A table comparing the differences and definitions. (pdf file 10k)

Resources Against Humanism. While Robert Waggoner does not endorse everything in all these materials, they are extremely informative about modern humanism and how it operates in our society. These resources are very valuable for assisting theists in understanding the times in which we live.(pdf file 73k)

Significant Quotes. ďThere is no longer a Christian mind. It is a commonplace that the mind of modern man has been secularized. For instance, it has been deprived of any orientation towards the supernatural." More quotes are found here. (pdf file 97k)

Soldiers of Christ, Arise! Whatever your images of the church may be, (e.g. kingdom, temple, body, assembly, bride, household, family, vineyard, etc.), they are not complete unless they also include the image of a fighting army. While the Bible does not explicitly declare that the church is an army, it implies that image by designating military garments of a Christian, and describing the Christianís warfare. (pdf file 85k)