Resources About Biblical Theism

This select listing of books about the Godhead and the personalities of the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit is, admittedly, very limited and incomplete. Many other good books on these subjects and their subcategories are also available. A reading of these books will give a very good understanding of the overall subject of biblical theism. Of course, the best source for understanding biblical theism is the Bible itself.

The Godhead – Father, Son, & Holy Spirit – Trinity:

Clarke, B. J., ed. The Godhead: A Study of The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The 1998 POWER Lectures. (Memphis: Southhaven Church of Christ), 1998.

Lanier, Roy H., Sr., The Timeless Trinity for the Ceaseless Centuries, (Denver: Roy H. Lanier, Sr.), 1974.

Morey, Robert, The Trinity, Evidence and Issues, (Grand Rapids: Word), 1966.

Erickson, Millard J., God In Three Persons, A Contemporary Interpretation of the Trinity, (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House), 1995.

Turner, J. J. and Edward P. Myers, Doctrine of the Godhead, (Abilene, TX: Quality Publications) 1985.

God – His Existence, Nature, Attributes, Characteristics, etc.:

Bales, James D. The Biblical Doctrine of God, (West Monroe: Central Printers & Publishers), 1966.

Bales, James D. and Woolsey Teller, The Existence of God: A Debate. (Searcy, AR:) 1948.

Charnock, Stephen, The Existence and Attributes of God, (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House), 1979. (2 vols.)

Conner, Walter Thomas, Revelation and God, (Nashville: Broadman Press), 1936

Cottrell, Jack, What The Bible Says About God The Redeemer, (Joplin: College Press), 1987.

Craig, William Lane, The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe, (San Bernardino: Here’s Life) 1979.

Crawford, C. C. The Eternal Spirit, His Person and Powers, (Joplin: College Press), 1972.

Gatewood, Otis, There Is A God In Heaven, (Abilene, TX: Contact, Inc.) 1970.

Morrison, A Cressy, Seven Reasons Why a Scientist Believes in God, (Old Tappan, NJ: Fleming H. Revell), 1945.

Orr, James, The Christian View of God and the World, (Grand Rapids: Kregel) 1989.

Otto, Rudolf, The Idea of the Holy, (New York: Oxford University Press), 1923.

Packer, J. I., Knowing God, (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press), 1973.

Pink, Arthur W., The Sovereignty of God, (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House), 1930.

Plantinga, Alvin. God and Other Minds: A Study of the Rational Justification of Belief in God, (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press), 1967.

Schaeffer, Francis A. He is There and He is Not Silent, (Wheaton: Tyndale House), 1972.

Sullivan, Deidre, What Do We Mean When We Say God, (New York: Doubleday), 1990.

Tozer, A. W., The Knowledge of The Holy, (New York: Harper & Row), 1961.

Varghese, Roy Abraham, ed. The Intellectuals Speak Out About God, (Dallas: Lewis and Stanley), 1984.

Warren, Thomas B., Have Atheists Proved There Is No God? (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Co.) 1972.

Warren, Thomas B. and Anthony Flew, Warren-Flew Debate on The Existence of God, (Jonesboro, AR: National Christian Press), 1977.

Warren, Thomas B. and Wallace L. Matson, The Warren-Matson Debate on The Existence of God, (Jonesboro, AR: National Christian Press), 1978.

Wenham, John, The Goodness of God, (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press), 1974.

Christ – His Life, Person, Works, Deity, etc.:

Bales, J. D., The Biblical Doctrine of Christ, (Shreveport, LA: Lambert Book House) 1974.

Edersheim, Alfred, The Life and Times of Jesus The Messiah, (New York: Anson D. F. Randolph and Company), 2 Vols. 1883.

Machen, J. Gresham, The Virgin Birth of Christ, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House) Reprinted 1965.

McGarvey, J. W. & Philip Y. Pendleton, The Fourfold Gospel, (Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company)

Morris, Leon, The Lord From Heaven, (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company) 1958.

Shephard, J. W., The Christ of The Gospels: An Exegetical Study, (Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company) 1939.

Tenny, Merrill C., The Reality of the Resurrection, (New York: Harper & Row Publishers) 1963.

Warfield, Benjamin B. The Lord of Glory, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House), n. d.

The Holy Spirit – His Nature, Mission, Personality, etc.:

Black, Garth, The Holy Spirit, (Abilene, TX: Biblical Research Press) 1967.

Boles, H. Leo, The Holy Spirit: His Personality, Nature, Works, (Nashville: Gospel Advocate Company), 1942.

Camp, Franklin, The Work of The Holy Spirit in Redemption, (Birmingham, AL: Roberts & Son Publication) 1974.

Floyd, Harvey, Is The Holy Spirit For Me? (Nashville, TN: 20th Century Christian) 1981.

Wallace, Foy E. Jr., The Mission and Medium of the Holy Spirit, (Nashville: Foy E. Wallace, Jr.) n. d.

Sweeney, Z. T., The Spirit and The Word, (Nashville, TN: Gospel Advocate Company) n. d.