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Why Christianity Is Superior To Humanism

To prove that Christianity is superior to humanism may seem unnecessary to some people. However, many Christians know little, if anything, about modern humanism and have, in fact, been greatly humanized without their conscious awareness of it. Many professed Christians are seemingly unaware that our contemporary culture operates at institutional levels more by the values of humanism than it does by the principles of Christianity. Even if a majority of our culture professes to be Christian, the quality of Christianity in contemporary America appears to be so weak that it is essentially not identifiable with genuine biblical Christianity and therefore has little power to resist the assaults of modern humanism.

Therefore, the perspectives of biblical Christianity and modern humanism need to be contrasted, in order to show that the two cannot coexist in a stable society, that their respective values are constantly at war with each other in our society, and that Christianity is superior to humanism in every way. While Christians generally realize that there are differences between Christian and humanistic theological, philosophical and ethical perspectives, many Christians seem to be unaware that there are also distinctive Christian perspectives regarding such subjects as law, politics, economics, and history. The fact that Christians may not generally be aware of distinctive Christian perspectives in these latter categories is but an indication that humanism has captured Christian thinking to the point that many Christians no longer realize they should have a distinctive Christian mind-set regarding every subject. When enough Christians realize the superiority of genuine Christianity, and the weaknesses of modern secular humanism, then Christians will become more galvanized in their faith and rise up to discard humanistic values from society.

When you click on these files contrasting modern humanism with biblical theism, you’ll find tables of frontispiece pages to go before chapters of a book that I hope to write for churches to use in adult Bible classes. Lord willing, this book will be available before the end of 2002. If you’d like to be notified when this book is ready for distribution, its price, etc. please send me your name and e-mail address. To do this, go to the top of any page, click on "Tips on Using This Site and How To Contact Us." Toward the bottom of that page you’ll find instructions on how to send an e-mail message to the author.

Introduction (pdf file 128k)
Religion (pdf file 86k)
Philosophy (pdf file 124k)
Ethics (pdf file 79k)
Biology (pdf file 91k)

Psychology (pdf file 85k)
Medicine (pdf file 84k)
Sociology (pdf file 83k)
Law (pdf file 85k)
Politics (pdf file 91k)
Economics (pdf file 87k)
Education (pdf file 85k)
History (pdf file 85k)
Culture (pdf file 99k)
Summary (pdf file 103k)