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Moderator: Harold Bigham  


The listing of the following available gospel preachers doesn't necessarily imply an endorsement by the moderator of this list. It is the ultimate responsibility of the looking congregation  to "try the spirits whether they are of God" (I John 4:1). The purpose of this list is to provide the leads for a congregation.  

Please e-mail updates that you know of (corrections and deletions) to bighamfamily@hotmail.com  so that the list can be current! 


Mission opportunities:

  Preaching Assistance available in New Mexico

  I am a deacon at Netherwood Park Church of Christ in Albuquerque, NM. I run an effort where we try and help other Churches in New Mexico who are currently without preachers and/or teachers. Our group consists of approximately 18 men who are willing to help preach and/or teach for congregations in need. If you are located in New Mexico and are in need of this type of help, please contact me. Information can also be obtained on our Web Site at www.netherwood.org under "Missions & Ministries."

Contact Johnson, Doug dojohnso@phs.org

5101 Indian School Road, NE
Albuquerque, NM     87110,   U.S.A.
Phone: (505) 256-7389 Fax: (505) 262-2881



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Todd Barrier


I am looking for speaking opportunities. I am currently taking on-line Master of Ministry classes. I have also been preaching in my congregations Prison Ministry for two years. I also have experience with teaching Bible Class and directing VBS. I am hoping to gain more experience preaching in hopes of moving into the ministry one day. I would like to offer my services to any congregation in the North Alabama, Southern Tennessee area that needs someone to fill-in as a speaker. I am very passionate about getting more experience and helping spread the truth of God's word! Anyone interested may contact Phillip Hines (Preacher, Hartselle Church of Christ) at 256-773-6124 or Daniel Gaines (Preacher, Pleasant Valley Church of Christ) daniel-gaines@hotmail.com, for references. I can be reached at 256-751-0009 or tjbarrier@netzero.com. Thank you and have a blessed day!
Todd Barrier





Jerry Garland Brown

1600 S. Lakeline Blvd. #414

Cedar Park, TX 78613


Personal: Wife: Linda (married 32 years), 4 children (ages 29, 27, 25, 14)

Education: Graduated Anthony High School, 1973

2 Years College

Attended Brown Trail Preacher Training School, 1986 (transferred after 1 year)

Graduated East Tennessee School of Preaching & Missions, 1988

Background: Grandmother and mother – Christians

Second of five children – all obeyed gospel as adolescents or teens

Obeyed gospel at age 10 – active as song leader, doorknocker, prayer leader, table service, etc.

Preached first sermon at age 13

Father obeyed gospel when I was 15

Preached on a regular basis from age 16

Began teaching Bible classes at age 18

In charge of VBS from age 18

In charge of Teen group from age 18

First baptism performed – Linda Joyce Johnson, she was my fiancee’ - Linda was the first in her family to obey the gospel. Eventually, her younger sister, her older brother and her father were baptized into Christ. Her sister is also married to a gospel preacher. During our marriage my wife and I have been very active in every way possible in every congregation where we have been, whether employed there or as members. She teaches classes, organizes ladies days, works with the youth, assists in visitation, serves as my secretary and the church’s if need be. Our children have all obeyed the gospel and are faithful, active servants of the Lord and Our Father’s family. Our oldest son is married to a young woman who we led to Christ


Associate Preacher to Howard Finch – Chaparral, NM, 1980-1983
This congregation grew considerably while we were there and we were blessed with several baptisms.

Preacher – Hatch, NM, weekly newspaper article, 1983-1985, 6 baptisms, 3 restorations, attendance doubled (mid 20’s to mid 50’s). Preached and taught Bible classes whole time I attending school of Biblical study, 1986-1988.

Preacher – Blackburn Hill Church of Christ – Athens, OH, 1988-1990, included Radio devotional program and weekly newspaper article, 19 baptisms, attendance nearly tripled (less than 50 to 100+)

Preacher – Appleby, TX, 1991-1992, 6 baptisms, considerable attendance increase

Preached at Dell City, Texas(every 4th Sunday); Alamogordo, New Mexico
(1 or 2 Sundays per month) and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (1 or 2 Sundays per month) and various other congregations (some in Spanish) while running the family business in Anthony, Texas Monday through Saturday due to my father’s and my mother-in-law’s poor health, 1992-2002; also preached at Sunland Park Race Track in chapel for one full season (a very interesting and rewarding experience); worked with both the Spanish and English speaking congregations in Anthony during the week teaching Bible study at Wednesday evening services, holding in home Bible studies, visitation, overseeing VBS, etc. I occasionally preached in Spanish. We were granted several opportunities to baptize souls into Christ while in Anthony.

Since 2002 I have preached in Gilbert, Arizona; Gold Canyon, Arizona and Orangevale, California. Growth in the Arizona congregations was slight, while in California it was some better, but not what other congregations with which we have served have enjoyed.

We have recently moved to the Austin, Texas area, where we have family, while I seek a preaching position. We are currently attending and serving with the Westside Church of Christ in Round Rock, TX. I will be teaching the high school class on Wednesday evenings this next quarter. By the end of that time we hope to have a place to which to relocate where I can resume preaching and we can serve our Lord and Savior in a greater capacity. I also intend to make a missionary trip to India in late April and/or May.



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Moderator's note:
Bro. Cooper was a preacher for the Christian church before obeying the gospel of Christ.
He is now looking for a good congregation of the Lord's church to work with.
--- Harold

Dale A. Cooper      
Contact Info:

230  W.  Second St

GarlandNC    28441

(910) 214-6174 



Age: 55                Date of birth: 10/23/53                            

Height: 5'5"                                    

Weight: 195                                                                      

Health: Fair                        

Marital Status:  Married


Wife's Name:  Bonnie     Date of Birth: 2/25/58   Age: 51

Children:  2

Grand children: 4

Daughter:  Shannon   Date of Birth: 4/13/76    

Son:  Timothy             Date of Birth: 2/8/81      





Lafayette High School,     Graduated  1971      Spring Hill Dr. Lexington Ky. 40503    

Louisville Bible College,                           4 years,       Graduated May 8, 1975

3rd Av. Louisville, Ky.                                            A.B. Ministerial Degree




Evangelistic work:  1970 - 1974

Bus Ministry: Camden Avenue Christian Church, Louisville, Ky.(summer 1972)

Youth Work:  Clifton Christian Church, Louisville, Ky. (summer 1974) 

Minister to:

 Birdseye Christian Church, Birdseye, Indiana          Aug. 1974 - June 1976

 First Christian Church, Bicknell, Indiana                 Oct. 1976 - Jan 1978

 Supply Preached: in Lexington Ky.                       Jan 1978 - 1980

 Bartlettsville Christian Church Heltonville,  In.         June 1980 - Aug  1981

 Guthrie Christian Church                                      Aug 1982 - 1984

 Served as Teacher and Supply Preacher:              1984 - 1993

Supply preached any time I could.   Supplied for Steve Guy at Myrtle Beach Church of Christ, SC.    1993- 1994
Served full time at Bladen Church of Christ,     Elizabethtown N.C.      1994-1999
Served at McCreary Church of Christ,       Whitley City, Ky.    1999 -   3-4-06


Note  Preaching, Keeping records, Organizing events, Teaching, Visiting,  Leading groups, Counseling, weddings funerals. Work with computers, self taught have worked with settings up, some repairs, software and hardware.




Jerry Brown 
Mt. Zion Church of Christ
P. O.  Box 215           
London, Ky. 40743   

Crossville  Church of Christ
Clyde  Randolph  - Elder - 931-935-5933
1380 W.   Ravenscroft  Rd.
Sparta,       T.N. 38583




Preached full-time between secular jobs



Piggly Wiggly   Garland, NC. 28441      July  2008  - Aug. 2009

Store Manager                  Owner – Randy Bartlett      910-337-4353

Piggly Wiggly   Roseboro  Nc.        June 2006   July  2008

Asst. Manager       Supervisor   Terry McLamb    910-525-5531           Marshell Linsey    910-990-2057 

McCreary Church of Christ,    Whitley City, Ky.          1999 - 4-25-06

Krogers   Grand Central Plaza      Somerset,  KY        10-01-05 - 4-8-06

Floor Crew   and  Stock     Supervisor    Mike Smith    Phone       606-678-0202

 FOOD LION, Myrtle Beach,  SC.     Oct. 89 – 94

Produce  Clerk:      Supervisor: Mike Kurry 

Thompson's Foods, Winchester, Ky.       1988 - 1989

Produce Mgr.       

Convenient # 58      285 New Circle Rd.   Lexington Ky.     1986-1988   

  Asst. Mgr.             Supervisor:  Ted Mason

 Village Pantry, 275 Winslow Rd. Bloomington In. Manager        Aug 84 -86

Kroger Sav-On   Jackson Creek Shop. Center,     Bloomington In           83 -84

Floor Crew Supervisor                     Supervisor:   Don’t remember

Fayette County School System,     Lexington, Ky.         78 - 80

Head Custodian                          Supervisor:  Don’t remember


                                           Steve Cordle  
                                                                                                                (719) 688-3855 or email mrc1964@live.com


 My name is Steve Cordle and  I have been preaching since 1994. Besides a good pulpit presence, I enjoy teaching in small groups and personal evangelism.  In addition to ministry work I have held positions in various community organizations that have helped me grow in my ministry and personal life. I am married and we are looking into adoption options. I have written two  books and several magazine articles for brotherhood publications. We are  looking for a church with good, Scriptural leadership. Salary requirements  depend on whether or not a house is provided. For a complete resume packet, call (719) 688-3855 or email mrc1964@live.com

Lamar, Colorado- Minister, Lamar Church of Christ (February 2005-Present) Worked with elders to set goals for the congregation over the last two years and many were met. Instituted Blitz Visitation in 2005 with good results that uplifted the members. Improved education by hosting teacher training workshop from Bear Valley Bible Institute. Organized two VBS’s with college or youth groups from out of state and worked with the High Plains Bible Bowl. Over the last year and a half I have conducted 11 studies with non-Christians resulting in 7 baptisms.  The church has conducted many outreach efforts into the community through various door knocking efforts, campaigns and seminars.

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada- Minister, Ontario Street Church of Christ (January 1998 to January 2005). Preached and conducted many Bible studies in homes. Over seven years I baptized 32 people and played a part in at least 7 more souls being added to the Lord’s church.  Taught personal evangelism classes and chaired evangelism committee. Conducted a Thursday night small group study that ran most of the time we lived there. Trained for work in Friendspeak (AKA: Let’s Start Talking) which uses Luke’s gospel to teach conversational English to people for whom English is a second language. Organized VBS’s and one campaign for Christ with youth from Alabama. Wrote, edited and recorded the “Minute Message”, a one minute, Scripture based thought for the day aired on local radio. Conducted a speaking class for the men and organized greeters/ushers for use during public assemblies.

Martinsville, Indiana, Minister Morgan Street Church of Christ (December 1995 to January 1998) Chaired education committee, worked in jail ministry in the Morgan County Jail. Organized campaigns and other outreach into the community.

Palmdale, California Minister Palmdale church of Christ (February 1994 to November 1995) Preached for the congregation where the attendance grew from the low 50's to 60's while I was there. Installed an involvement program for the member to participate in the work through visitation, education, benevolence

Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, 1994- Certificate of Graduation (The school changed it to a B.A. in 2005) Candidate for Master's In Biblical Studies

University of Alaska, 1987- Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a minor in History
Denver Paralegal Institute, 1988- Certificate of Graduation
Vinton, Slivka and Panasci- Attorneys at Law - Legal Assistant
F.W. Woolworth Assistant manager
Holland and Hart- Attorneys at Law- Paralegal
Paralegal Associates of Denver- Temp. Agency
Parks Junior College- Financial Aid Officer
Rotary International- Member of international club that provides scholarships
and other services to the community
Toastmaster International- Award winning speaker with this international
organization that teaches public speaking and leadership.
Prowers County Development Inc. (PCDI)- Past board member of this 501 (C(3))
corporation whose purpose is to encourage business activity in Prowers County
Lamar Community College- Adjunct Faculty typically teaching one class per
semester in U.S. History or Criminal Justice.
Southeast Colorado Cancer Initiative- Chaplin and board member for
organization that provides assistance to cancer patients and families, many
times financial help to travel to treatment centers.
Picket Wire Players- Community theater in which we both participate, on stage and behind the scenes (mostly, behind the scenes)




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William Dayton

                                                            726 Brentwood Dr. Ste. Genevieve MO. (H) 573-883-9412 (C) 573-535-0744

Dear Brethren,

My name is William Dayton. I have been “faithfully” preaching the Gospel of our Lord for over 21 years. I have been married to my high school sweet heart, Martha, for over 39 years. We have 5 children, Three whom have been adopted, all whom are faithful. I am 59 years “young” and looking for a congregation to grow old(er) with. I am NOT looking to retire for a looooong time. I look forward to hearing from you real soon!

Upon your request, I will send personal data of myself, my family and job experience for your consideration. You may contact me with the information provided to discuss a time for getting together for discussion and interview.


In Matters of Doctrine:

The Bible is the inspired word of God, (II Timothy 3:16,17). If heaven is to be our home; we must preach, teach, and live by the will of the Father, (Matthew 7:21-23; Romans 1:16-18; II Timothy 4:2). The Bible clearly teaches that we are neither to stray to the right or to the left, but are to live our faith according to the inspired word of God.


In Matters Of Faith And Salvation:

God’s plan for man has gone unchanged since the 1st Century and will be in force until the Lord returns. John.3:16; Romans 6


In Matters Of Worship:

All things must be done in a decent and orderly fashion, (I Corinthians 14:40; Jn.4:23,24


In Matters Of Life:

We are to be faithful, (Romans 8; Revelation 2:10); molding ourselves to be in the likeness of the Lord, (Philippians 2:5-16).


In Matters Of Preaching:

I find my job description in 1Timothy; 2Timothy and Titus. God’s word must be preached in a way so an unbeliever will understand and accept our Lord’s message of salvation. This is my Goal every Lord’s Day. This also helps to remind the faithful of their obligation to the lost Matt.28:18-20; 2Peter.1:1-15.

If you are seeking a minister who will preach the word, work with the congregation, as well as be involved in the community, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your consideration in looking over my information.

May God richly bless and guide you in your search.

Yours in Christ, William Dayton. …..Eph.3:20.








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Joshua N. Hetrick 


35990 Mann Ridge Rd.

Jerusalem, OH 43747

Phone 740-425-2944

E-mail bohandy@sbcglobal.net


Objective My objective is to serve a self supported congregation that is motivated to grow spiritually and numerically. Energy and self motivation keeps me fully involved in the work of the church. My desire is to surrender to the Lord’s guidance and allow him to use his servant in whatever capacity your congregation deems useful.
Education September ’96 – June ’98 Moundsville Ohio School of Preaching


  • Completed 3200 + hours of class
Interests and activities Spending time with my family, playing acoustic music, woodworking, painting, cooking, collecting books and articles for my library, outdoors, hunting dogs, and traveling
Work experience August 1997- 1998 Somerton Ohio Church of Christ


  • Established a solid eldership
  • Thirteen baptism’s
  • Established youth program

June 1997- Present Highman Construction Woodsfield, OH


  • Responsible for many facets of construction including:
  • Building homes
  • Roofing
  • Concrete and block
  • Siding
  • Assumed the position of foreman on many jobs
  • Responsible for the guidance and safety of workers

January 1999- Present Jerusalem Ohio Church of Christ


  • The congregation consisted of 10 members on the first Sunday I preached and currently has 80 in attendance
  • Encouraged and groomed many who now lead and assume active roles in the church.
  • Established youth program
  • Responsible for all activities including:
    • Friends and Family gatherings
    • Dinners
    • Organizing and guiding tours of restoration sites
    • Teen outings
    • Parties
    • Nursing home ministry
    • Communion ministry
    • Organized all gospel meetings
    • Organized a series of lectures on personal evangelism involving preachers from all over the tri-state area.

These lectures were held once a month for 12 months.




Marvin Howard


3533 American Avenue

Braswell, GA 30153

Phone (678) 401-8485

Fax (678) 401-8485 (Please Call Ahead Before Faxing)

E-mail preacherman_1962@yahoo.com Websites http://www.geocities.com/preacherman_1962 http://360.yahoo.com/preacherman_1962




Objective My primary goal is to seek and save the lost and strengthen fellow Christians through sound teaching wherever God might send me, regardless of their circumstances.
Summary of qualifications 05-16-69 to Present churches of Christ Southeastern United States


  • I had Christians for parents, and I am the namesake of an (late) elder in the church, Brother Marvin Kennedy, of the Cedar Grove congregation in Atlanta, GA.
  • At the age of seven, I understood enough about religion to learn from Scripture on my own the requirements for salvation.
  • I persevered in the faith though confronted with numerous challenges (i.e., Navy experience, physical disability, financial difficulty, and denominational influences).


04-08-91 to Present churches of Christ Southeastern United States


  • Waiting until later in life to find a suitable helpmeet, I married for the first time at age twenty-nine. It is my only marriage, and I am still married. My wife is Johnna "Joyce" (Harvel) Howard.
  • Joyce turned twenty-seven the day after we married, and has been a Christian since the age of eighteen. I am her first and only husband. Being learning disabled, and unable to teach, Joyce handles the Nursery class when needed.


06-21-92 to Present churches of Christ Southeastern United States


  • I am the father of April Joy Howard, aged fourteen, who has been a Christian since 1999. April has been a Bible Class Teacher since the congregation was first planted at Braswell (in August 2004). April drafts her own lessons, and submitted them to the eldership at Braswell for approval before its dissolution. April prepares communion from scratch.
  • I am the father of Heather Dawn Howard, aged twelve, who has been a Christian since 2002. Heather has been a Bible Class Teacher since the congregation was first planted at Braswell (in August 2004). Heather drafts her own lessons, and submitted them to the eldership at Braswell for approval before its dissolution Heather helps with communion, setting the table.
  • I am the father of Stephen "Forrest" Howard, aged eight. Though not yet a Christian, Forrest serves the Lord’s Table at the Braswell congregation. Forrest is named for two preachers of the Gospel: Steve Norris (formerly of Hope, AR), and Forrest Chapman (of Hiawassee, formerly of Hapeville, GA). Forrest already speaks of going to Pepperdine to learn to preach.




Work experience 08-08-04 to Present Braswell church of Christ Braswell, GA


  • Braswell’s attendance has never exceeded twelve. As its minister, I am ready to fill any position required for the conducting of public worship.
  • Braswell is a rental community. As such, there is a high turnover among attendees. Out of eleven visitors, ten of which were old enough to learn, there were five baptisms.
  • My favorite style of preaching is topical, rather than expository. I delve deeply into the Greek and Hebrew when necessary. I often use modern illustrations where Scripture can be shown as relative. While there is a pleading to my sermons, I count myself as a true "Old Paths" preacher, with fresh ideas on showing the path. Sermons should stir and convict the soul rather than placate it. I use the KJV predominately.


12-17-02 to Present Study-God_Logically Web Ministry Worldwide


  • I am currently, and will remain, an at-large missionary to the world. This mission work is conducted via the internet. This mission work is divided into three, regular fields of activity: monthly sermons, a discussion group, and volunteer work for a question and answer service.
  • With two exceptions, one for health and one for deaths in the family, regular sermons are posted every month at the following site: http://www.geocities.com/preacherman_1962.
  • A discussion group with various numbers of members (currently numbered at 219 – 25 are Christians) is conducted at the following site: http://360.yahoo.com/preacherman_1962. Currently, there are approximately 48 articles posted at this site.
  • In the category "churches of Christ," I am one of seven members of the church who volunteer our time to answer all types of questions about the church: its organization, history, location, and doctrine. You may locate my work in this branch of the ministry by going to the following site: http://www.allexperts.com/el/2323-9/Churches-Of-Christ/.


10-01-04 to 02-01-06 Braswell church of Christ Braswell, GA


  • The period of eldership is short due to health problems of the other elder. His resignation forced mine.


12-20-83 to 10-13-89 United States Navy Worldwide

Radioman Second Class

  • I earned the rank of E-5 (the Army equivalent of Sergeant) which is middle level management. I learned well how to work well with those who "ruled over me," and how to care for those placed under my charge.
  • As a Radioman I was a communication specialist, responsible for accuracy in all messages sent, and determining the appropriate recipient/audience for incoming messages.


12-20-83 to Present churches of Christ Nationwide

Song Leader


07-73 to 08-08-04 churches of Christ Southeastern United States


  • I preached my first sermon at age eleven. After 1988, I have always been ready to preach at a moment’s notice, for such reasons as illness of the preacher. For about one year, I was the Sunday evening preacher for the Evening Shade congregation at Hope, AR (my wife’s hometown).
Salary Requirements This is negotiable. I request $500/per week, + house and utilities (plus repayable moving expenses). If there is no residence available, a higher salary to compensate is acceptable, based upon the cost of living for the area.
Education 1974 - 1977 Greater Atlanta Christian Schools Norcross, GA
  • I did not graduate from GACS. Due to financial problems with the tuition, I transferred to public school near the end of 9th grade.

1977 - 1980 Fulton High School Atlanta, GA

General Diploma

  • I am self-taught (38 years of study), like Lincoln. If a lack of formal education is a problem, I am willing to take classes while employed.
Community Service and Reputation The community here knows I am a preacher, and I even hold "Preacher" as a nickname with the Mayor and City Manager. I often hand out copies of my sermons in place of tracts since no funds are available for tracts.
References Brother Joe Norman (936) 468-4524 (H) joetenor1066@gmail.com (former deacon and online missionary – student at Stephen F Austin State) SFASU Box 6462 Nacogdoches, TX 75962

Brother Phillip Williams (903) 841-0039 (C) phillip@etex.net (H) wf@tatertv.com (W) (a brother to whom I have provided counsel) PO Box 232, Gilmer, TX 75644

Brother Laslie Binion (770) 774-2750 (H) (678) 249-4326 (C) (minister for the congregation at Riverdale, GA) 5015 Jonesboro Rd. Union City GA 30291

Brother Scott Whitmire (404) 506-4743 (W) (404) 797-1040 (C) sawhimi@charter.net (former deacon at the Fairview congregation in Stockbridge, GA) 391 River Point Dr. McDonough, GA 30252

Brother Harley Sisson, Sr. (870) 777-6821 (W/Sisson Real Estate) (870) 777-6465 (H) sissonrealestate@hotmail.com (elder at congregation in Hope, AR) 320 N. Hervey St. Hope, AR 71801

Brother James Nelson (770) 748-5361 (H) (770) 748-6676 (W) jameswandanelson@earthlink.net (minister at Cedartown, GA) 330 East Avenue Cedartown, GA 30125

Volunteer experience All of my preaching thus far, even at Braswell, has been on a volunteer basis. Braswell has never been large enough to support us, and I will not take money for my online ministry, much like Brother Mack Lyon does with "In Search of the Lord’s Way." With my disability, preaching is the only occupation left open to me. I am looking forward to stepping up from living on Social Security, to living on something I love anyway.
Patents and publications I am currently very early in a draft of a commentary on the entire Bible. As in the past, and as completed, this work will be used as a basis for Bible Classes. In 1989, I posted an article in the Jacksonville, FL newspaper under the religion section. In addition, as long as there is more than one family in attendance, I created, formatted, and published the bulletin at Braswell, "The Braswell Oracle." Materials presented online remain published, and have no copyright. I spent 300 hours reformatting a chart of church history for the web: http://www.geocities.com/preacherman_1962/ChurchHistory.html.
Languages Though not fluent, and out of practice, I speak college level Spanish due to a combination of my High School classes and an Aunt from Barcelona. In addition, I am capable of using both Strong’s and Thayer’s lexicons for access to the Biblical languages in my lessons.





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A. L. Parr
Confirming the Churches
(903) 721-0332

Available for...
Preacher/Teacher training, Gospel Meetings, Fill-in or Interim Preaching, Other assistance in building up the local church and evangelizing the community.
Over 40 years' experience in local work, world missions and preacher training.
See www.acts1541.org.


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Larry Reid 
(931) 432-5889


Since 1983, I have enjoyed the privilege of preaching for, and working with, some wonderful congregations of the Lord's church, while also continuing my full time employment in the computer field.  My wife and I have raised four children and been members of the Sycamore church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee since 1987.  I am a 1985 graduate of the Nashville School of Preaching, then directed by Tom Holland.  My experience includes over 20 years of pulpit preaching and adult bible classes, some song leading, counseling, VBS, door knocking, home bible studies, WBS lessons, weddings, funerals, and prison ministry.  Now retired from secular work, I would like to continue preaching the gospel of Christ for a congregation located in, or near, Putnam county, Tennessee, that is interested in reaching the lost, rescuing the erring, helping the needy, growing spiritually, defending the faith, and encouraging one another unto love and good works.  Our home is near Cookeville, Tennessee, so we would not need other housing.  I would consider any size congregation and welcome any discussion to determine my being grounded in the faith once delivered to the saints.  My resume' and references can be supplied upon request.   Telephone (931) 432-5889 or email at k1mbf@yahoo.com

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 Jim Walls
256-891-0622 or jimcofc@yahoo.com

Looking for a small church to work with to help build up to a large church. I live in alabama and I am 49 yr old,  married 27 yrs,  3 kids all obey GOD. Looking for in AL,GA,TN,FL. If any one know of a small church that needs help please let me know



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