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How To Use This Page - A guide to using the "read the Bible" index.
Why Read The Bible? - Why is reading the word of God so important?
How To Read The Bible - Tips to help make your Bible reading more profitable.
Bible Reading Schedule - Follow this schedule and read the entire Bible in a year.
How To Study The Bible - These articles provide the tools you need to mine the word.

How To Use The "Read The Bible" Index
NOTE: This section is intended to provide general information about using the Read The Bible section of It is not offered as complete technical support for problems that you may encounter using your computer. Hardware and software difficulties that you experience should be directed to the respective vendors, publishers and manufacturers of the equipment and programs you are using. Other than these general help files, cannot be responsible for your operating hardware and software.
1. Arrangement of Bible Books OnLine; Loading Speed
For convenience' sake the contents of each book of the Bible (with the exception of Psalms) is contained in one HTML file. Psalms, because of the number of chapters (150), is contained in three HTML files. Due to the large size of some files you may experience slow loading times. The amount of time the entire book will be available for reading, scrolling, searching, following chapter links, etc., will vary based on: (a) the capabilities of your computer (processor speed, RAM, etc.); (b) the limits of your internet connection (modem speed, direct dial-up vs. DSL, cable modem, etc.) and (c) your browser settings (cache on or off, etc.). Some of these variables are easily changed (e.g., browser settings), while others require equipment upgrades (e.g., additional RAM, faster modems). For hardware questions, please contact the manufacturer of your machine, a local vendor, or an online site that caters to your equipment.
1a. Increasing Loading Speed
To allow for faster loading of the books of the Bible, turn your cache on (see the preferences file in your web browser) and set it to a level convenient for your personal usage. Turning the cache on will allow for faster loading of previously visited pages of Bible books, but will not necessarily speed access to new sites.
2. Searching By Chapter Links
To allow for full search and link capabilities in each book you must allow sufficient time for each book to load into your computer's memory. Loading Genesis, which has fifty chapters, will more than likely take longer than loading Obadiah, which only has one chapter. If you attempt to follow chapter links in Genesis to the 40th or 50th chapter, they may not function immediately due to the slow loading time of the text. It should only take a few moments or so for all of these links to function as intended (see note #1 above). Patience is the key here.
3. Making Reading Easier; Changing Font Size
To make your reading of the Bible text easier, you may want to enlarge the size of the text that appears on your screen. Please check the appropriate preferences section of your web browser. Change the screen fonts (both size and style can be changed) to allow for viewing that suits your needs. Remember that any changes you make in your preferences will remain as you set them. Enlarging the type size from 12 to 36 will not only create easier to read Bible pages, it will also retain that size for all other pages viewed on line. You may want to revert to smaller type size for other viewing.
4. Miscellaneous Tips
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can set the wheel to allow continuous scrolling, and thus continuous reading, of the Bible text. Check to see whether or not such is available for your usage with your usual vendors.
5. Read The Bible Index page; Available Links for Bible Books and Versions
The table of Bible versions and books at contains links to three versions: KJV (King James Version), NKJV (New King James Version) and ASV (American Standard Version). The first column contains all 66 books of the King James Version, sometimes called the Authorized Version. The middle column contains all books of the New King James Version, and the final (right hand) column contains links for the American Standard Version.
6. Links On Bible Book Pages
There are links at the beginning and end of each Bible book:
(a.) links at the beginning of a book contain will take you to the beginning of each respective chapter or back to index. Clicking on each chapter number will take you to that chapter. For example, go to the page (you can click here - to get back to this page, simply use the back button on your browser) and follow the link to the King James Version of the book of Genesis ( When this page loads, note the links at the top of the page. Similar links appear at the top of every Bible book page.
(b.) Scroll down to the bottom of the page, or follow the link to the last chapter and then scroll - there you will find additional links. The links at the end of each book will take you to one of three places:


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