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Nine New General Series Coming: Daniel Overview, Parables, Logic, The New Age Movement, Debate: The Catholic Church (2 debates),
Laws-Schoenig Debate on The Existence of God, Homosexuality & Christianity Debate; A Study Of The New Hermeneutics
Three New Ladies Series Coming: Esther, I Just Want To Be A Sheep, Seeking Spiritual Beauty
Old Testament - Books
Genesis VBI-1
Exodus VBI-2
Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy VBI-3
Old Testament History 1 (Joshua to Ruth) VBI-8
Old Testament History 2 (Samuel) VBI-9
Old Testament History 3 (Kings & Chronicles) VBI-10
Old Testament History 4 (Ezra to Nehemiah) VBI-11
Job VBI-17
Psalms VBI-18
Proverbs VBI-19
Ecclesiastes VBI-20
Song of Solomon VBI-21
Isaiah VBI-32
Jeremiah-Lamentations VBI-33
Ezekiel VBI-34
Daniel VBI-35
Minor Prophets 1 VBI-40
Minor Prophets 2 VBI-41

Old Testament - Topical
Daniel Overview (To be linked - 01/15/08)
Jeremiah & Lamentations (overview)
Journey Throught The OT
The Prophets (overview)
Trip Through The Bible

Apologetics/Christian Evidences
Bible (The): From God To Us VBI-55
Christian Evidences VBI-56
Fundamentals Of The Faith VBI
History, Archaeology And The Bible
How We Got The Bible
Is God The Author Of The Bible
Laws-Schoenig Debate On The Existence of God (To be linked soon)
Logic (To be linked - 01/17/08)
New Age Movement, The (To be linked soon)
Out With Doubt
That You Might Believe*
Warren-Flew Debate On The Existence of God

Basic Bible Studies
Ascertaining Bible Authority VBI
Back To The Bible
Back To The Bible [see Spanish titles]
Gospel, Law & Grace
How To Study The Bible
Scheme of Redemption

Biblical Languages
Learning To Use The Greek NT VBI-15
Hebrew Language VBI-56

Evangelism Studies
Examples of Conversion
Five Times Five
God's Kingdom
Personal Evangelism 1 VBI-39
Personal Evangelism 2 VBI-45
Searching For Truth
Scheme of Redemption

Church History VBI-23
Fullness of Time/Acts/Luke (overview)
Intertestamental Period
Restoration History & Principles VBI-24

Moral Issues
Abortion: A Woman's Right?
Homosexuality & Christianity (To be linked - 01/15/08)

Ladies Classes - Taught & Distributed for "Ladies Only"
Esther (To be linked soon)
I Just Want To Be A Sheep - A Study of Psalms 23  (To be linked soon)
Seeking Spiritual Beauty (To be linked -soon)
New Testament - Books
Matthew VBI-4
Mark VBI-54
Luke VBI-12
John VBI-22
Acts VBI-13
Romans VBI-52
1 Corinthians VBI-37
2 Corinthians VBI-38
Galatians VBI-16
Ephesians VBI-46
Philippians VBI-50
Colossians VBI-47
1 Thessalonians VBI-48
2 Thessalonians VBI-49
1 Timothy VBI-42
2 Timothy VBI-43
Titus VBI-44
Philemon VBI-51
Hebrews VBI-36
James VBI-25
1 & 2 Peter VBI-26
1, 2, 3 John and Jude VBI-27
Revelation VBI-57

New Testament - Topical
Context & Pretext - Galatians (overview)
Fullness of Time/Acts/Luke (overview)
Fundamentals Of The Faith VBI
Hermeneutics VBI-14
Hermeneutics, New - A Study Of The (New - 01/17/08)
Journey Throught The NT
Logic (New - 01/17/08)
Millenial Mania: A Study of Premillenialism
Parables (New - 01/15/08)
Power & Privilege of Preaching
Revelation (overview)
Trip Through The Bible

Christian Living (Ethics & Morality)
Marriage And The Family

Practical Studies
Homiletics 1 VBI-29
Homiletics 2 VBI-30
Power & Privilege of Preaching
Preacher and His Work VBI-7

Comparative Religious Studies
Catholic Church, The (Pottsville, PA - 1996) (To be linked soon)
Catholic Church, The (San Antonio, TX-1995) (To be linked -soon)
Denominational Doctrines VBI-31
New Age Movement, The (To be linked - 01/18/08)
One True Church, The VBI-28
World Religions VBI-53

Catholic Church, The (Pottsville, PA - 1996) (To be linked soon)
Catholic Church, The (San Antonio, TX-1995) (To be linked soon)
Homosexuality & Christianity (To be linked soon)
Laws-Schoenig Debate On The Existence of God  (To be linked soon)
Warren-Flew Debate On The Existence of God


Regresando A La Biblia
Learning To Use The Greek NT VBI-15
Hebrew Language VBI-56

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