Christian Evidences - Warren Wilcox

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Course Notes - available only to ISBS students
1. Why Study Christian Evidences? (Part 1)
2. Why Study Christian Evidences? (Part 2)
3. Cosmological Argument
4. Teleological Argument
5. Anthropological Argument
6. Ontological Argument
7. Argument For Revelation
8. The Biblical Claim Of Inspiration
9. Harmony Between Science And Scripture
10. Introduction To Archaeology
11. Archaeology and Logic Prove Bible Inspiration
12. Prophetic Events In The Life of Christ
13. The Uniqueness Of The Bible
14. Fulfilled Prophecy
15. The Resurrection Of Jesus Proves Inspiration
16. Miracles - Did They Happen?
17. Evolution Is Presented Dishonestly
18. Faith In Evolution
19. Evolution Has Failed
20. Dating Problems And Techniques
21. Radio Metric Dating Methods
22. Fossils
23. The World-Wide Flood
24. The Ark of Noah
25. Recent Creation
26. Theistic Evolution
27. Dinosaurs
28. Why Does God Allow Pain And Suffering?

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