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Viewing Instructions

& Copyright Notice

We are sorry, but is unable to provide tech support.
Users are responsible for knowing how to use their hardware and software.

Viewing Instructions
Audio/Video Difficulties
Copyright Notice

Viewing Instructions

1. To view videos you must have broadband internet access. The videos are not available for dial-up access.

2. The videos are in QuickTime Movie format.

  • some browsers play QuickTime movies within the browser - - - sometimes in a new window
  • some browsers play QuickTime movies by opening QuickTime Player
  • some browsers allow you to determine how QuickTime movies play in their preferences menu - - - check your browser for details
  • some browsers play QuickTime movies in another application (e.g. RealPlayer)
  • some browsers may provide other viewing options - - - check your browser for details
  • 3. If your browser does not automatically play QuickTime movies, the QuickTime Player is available, for free, here:

    Note: You only need the free player. QuickTime Pro is not necessary.


    4. If your browser fails to play the QuickTime movie, open QuickTime Player and copy/paste the URL for the movie you wish to view in the "Open URL in new player" selection under the "file" menu. QuickTime Player will open and play the movie.

    5. For repeated viewing, please save videos to your hard drive. Saving videos to your drive makes repeated viewing easier for you and it saves bandwith for us. Follow the directions under each video.

    6. Advantages of saving videos to your hard drive: (1) The videos cannot be resized while playing in the browser, but once they are downloaded to your drive they can be resized in QuickTime Player. (2) QuickTime Player has A/V controls that allow you to change volume, color, bass, treble, etc. that are not available in browser playback. (3) Once downloaded, videos can be viewed without internet connection. Save the videos to your laptop and show them to a friend.

    Audio/Video Difficulties

    If you are experiencing audio/video difficulties with the QuickTime files at and/or, read the following suggestions.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of QuickTime
  • Make sure you have broadband - the size of the video data files and the needed streaming rate just doesn't work well (or at all) on dial-up. It's simply too much data to handle.
  • If you have the latest version of QuickTime and if you have broadband, but are still experiencing difficulties, try downloading the videos rather than watching them stream on the net. This does two very important things - first, it saves us bandwidth and second, it allows you to have the actual QuickTime movie files on your computer.
  • Visit and related forums to see if your problem is addressed there.
  • If you have audio, but no video, reach this article:

  • Copyright Notice

    1. The videos listed at the video index marked with an asterisk (*) are copyrighted by World Video Bible School, 130 Lantana Lane, Maxwell, TX 78656. WVBS is a non-profit organization. For additional information contact them by phone at 512.398.5211, by e-mail at, or visit their website at:

    2. WVBS has given permission to convert these videos for online viewing. Under no circumstances are you allowed to edit these videos or duplicate them for resale. These videos are intended for computer viewing only. Attempts to copy the video to DVD for sale or distribution will prove futile. The data content of each video is approximately 1/20th to 1/25th of what is needed to view successfully on television screens and the QuickTime format is not compatible for viewing on DVD players.

    3. You may save these videos to your hard drive for your personal use. See viewing instructions above.

    4. does not sell products. To view the videos on your television, wide screen, etc., you need to obtain them in DVD format. Contact World Video Bible School, a non-profit organizataion, at 130 Lantana Lane, Maxwell, TX 78656, or by phone at 512.398.5211, by e-mail at, or visit their website at:



    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why QuickTime movies?
    Do I own the videos?
    Can I copy them and give them to friends?
    Can I watch them on my VCR or DVD player?
    Do I have to download the video to my drive?
    Why no dial-up access?
    My question isn't answered here
    Why QuickTime movies?
    We use QuickTime because it's fast, clean, simple to use and easily accessible to all. QuickTime Player is an excellent cross-platform, free multi-media application that has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.

    Do I own the videos?
    No. You can download them. You can view them hundreds of times. But you do not, technically, own the videos. Owning them means that you have the rights to edit and distribute them. You do not have editing and distribution rights, therefore, in this sense, you do not own the videos. We are not lawyers, and have no desire to limit their distribution through these notices, but we must make it clear that you cannot change and then distribute (reproduce, sell, give away, etc. after editing) these videos.

    Can I copy them and give them to friends?
    Please use the "tell a friend" link at every page and let your friends know that they can view them and save them to their hard drives themselves. The files average a little more than 2 MB in size for every minute. A 30 minute video will be slightly larger than 60 MB. Files this size are too large to send via email. Just send a link to your friends. If your friend does not have broadband access you may give them a copy on CD.

    Can I watch them on my VCR or DVD player?
    You can try, but they simply won't work. The average DVD we start with contains between four and five gigabytes of data. It is first converted to an mp4 file that is about 1/4th to 1/5th that size. It is then converted to a QuickTime movie (.mov) file that is 1/4th to 1/5th the size of the mp4 file. The resulting file can be 1/20 - 1/25 the size of the original. These files do not contain enough data to be viewed on television screens. The video quality to allow TV viewing is lost in the conversion process. Furthermore, the converted videos are no longer in DVD compatible format.

    Do I have to download the video to my drive?
    No, you do not have to download the video to your computer's hard drive. You can simply view the video in your browser. Doing so, however, means you will always be internect dependent. If you lose internet connection you won't be able to view the videos. Saving them to your drive means you can view them even when you are not connected. Save them on your laptop and take them wherever you go.
    Furthermore, viewing videos in your browser limits your video playback size. You can only view them at their online 480x360 size. Saving them to your drive and viewing them in QuickTime Player allows you to resize the videos. Double-size playback still looks great. Full screen playback may look a little blurry, but, depending on your monitor settings, it may still be acceptable. Playing them back in QuickTime Player also gives you audio/video control options not available via online viewing.

    Why no dial-up access?
    Simple answer - time and quality. It would take a considerable amount of time to recreate these videos for dial-up. We worked hard to keep video size and data rates low enough to allow dial-up access. But, the quality issue demanded we provide larger sizes and higher data rates. The small files we created were not high enough in quality to allow clear video (text was too small) and clear audio (sound was "tinny"). Broadband access allows the quality we wanted. If you don't have broadband access, try a local library or community center, or have a friend download the videos for you, burn them to a CD and then transfer to, and play them back, on your drive with QuickTime. To obtain DVDs contact World Video Bible School by phone at 512.398.5211, by e-mail at, or visit their website at:

    My question isn't answered here
    Send us an email and we'll try to help. Remember, we don't do tech support beyond simple viewing instructions and tips. Users are responsible for their own hardware/software issues.

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