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Based on the book of the same name. Thanks to Kyle Butt of Apologetics Press for permission to host it at
A compelling look at the evidence proving Christianity. This engaging series takes the viewer on an exciting trip through facts essential for well-grounded faith. If you wonder about about God's existence, dinosaurs, biblical inspiration, and creation versus evolution, you'll appreciate the easy-to-understand approach. "Out With Doubt" lives up to its name. (Designed for junior & senior high students)
1. Does God Exist?
2. Design Demands A Designer
3. Evil, Pain, And Suffering
4. Is The Bible God's Word?
5. Predictive Prophecy And The Bible
6. Are There Mistakes In The Bible?
7. Creation Versus Evolution
8. How Old Is The Earth?
9. Theistic Evolution
10. Dinosaurs
11. The Historical Christ
12. Miracles And The Resurrection
13. So What?

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Kyle Butt works in the Bible Department at Apologetics Press. He earned a B.A. in Bible and Communication from Freed-Hardeman University, as well as an M.A. in New Testament. He has authored and co-authored more than 10 books dealing with subjects such as the inspiration of the Bible, the deity of Christ and dinosaurs.