West Virginia Christian 2004 Lectureship


Nicholas Deiger

The 2004 West Virginia Christian Lectureship will be hosted by the Pumpkin Center Church of Christ in Fairview, West Virginia, October 10-14. Our theme for the week is, "GREAT PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE." The keynote speaker for Sunday, October 10, and then each week night at 7:00 p.m., will be David Powell. David has held meetings for us in the past and has done a great job in presenting God's Holy Word. His lessons will be based on the great "I Am's" of the Bible.

We will start each day Monday through Thursday at 10:00 A.M. At the 11:00 A.M. session we will have a husband and wife speaking - the husband to the men and the wife speaking to the ladies. They will be speaking on Bible characters who had an association together.

The reason that we chose our theme was to get to better know the people and to see how their lives can benefit ours. Each one of these people had a special task to fulfill in the plan of God of preparing people to go to heaven.

Sometimes we sit back and think that there is nothing that we can do for the Lord. Yet, God has given us each different talents in order to carry out his work here on earth. What would happen to the church if all wanted to be preachers, song leaders, elders, or deacons?

There is one task that we all can do, "Tell Someone what they must do to be a Christian." In my travels to Russia, I teach the people the plan of salvation in a way that might seem childish but so they can remember. On their left hand: the thumb, Hear; the index finger, Believe; The next finger, Repent; the ring finger, Confess; and the little finger, Be Baptized.

This can be used also in the acts of worship. On the right hand: thumb, Sing; index finger, Pray; middle finger, teach/preach; ring finger, Give; little finger, take of the Lord's supper. One does not have to be a Bible scholar to tell someone what he or she must do to be a Christian.

Our speakers for this lectureship are those men and women whom many have known for years: Steve Snider, Gene West, Aaron Snider, Mike Reese, Brent and Janie Gallagher, Randy and Beth Cook, John and Brenna Board, Andy and Stephanie Miller, Terry Jones, Frank Higginbotham Bobby Jennings, Andy Robison, Dan Kessinger, Phil Gear, Nicholas Deiger, Albert Farley, Roger Rush, Will Montgomery, Peter Ray Cole, and Ben Jones.

These lessons will be taped both audio and video. If you would like a copy, there will be a sheet to sign. If you are unable to attend and would like a copy, send a note to me at the Pumpkin Center church of Christ, 18 Darrah Lane, Fairview, WV. 26570, or call (304) 449-1169.

We will be serving lunch each day prepared by the ladies.

How do you find the PUMPKIN CENTER building? From Fairmont, take Route 250 to Farmington. At the light turn right which is Route 218 North. Follow that road to a "Y." Take the left fork of the Y and go past the First Exchange Bank. Turn right and come .5 of a mile. The building is on left. From Morgantown, take Route 7 to Blacksville. Turn left on Route 218, south. Take this road 12 miles. Our building will be on the right.

We hope to see you all at this event. 18 Darrah Lane, Fairview, WV 26570.


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