In The Master's Service ...


Giving Our Best

John M. Brown

Don't you admire those who give their best in whatever they do? Those who, though they may stumble or falter or fail or have many setbacks, don't quit, cease, stop, or desist? Much has been accomplished through sheer persistence!

Inventors, discoverers, educators, military and political leaders these, and many others have accomplished great things because they were single minded, because they persevered, because they continued, because they didn't allow circumstances or situations to deter them in the pursuit of their goals!

This kind of steadfast devotion to a cause is commendable!

But, what of those of us who are Christians, who have an allegiance to God and His service? Should we not have the same degree of determination to do His will? Should we not give our best give our all in God's service?

Indeed, we should and we must! To those who might ask, "Can you give some scriptures that teach such?" Read Matthew 6:33. Then, read 1 Corinthians 15:58 and Romans 12:1-2.

It is difficult to understand the attitude of those who seem content to do the least in the service of the Master. We should be doing the most, giving our best, giving our all! The question is not, "What's the least I have to do to go to heaven?" That's the wrong attitude entirely.

Our God deserves our best, our utmost, our highest, doesn't He?

Why would some want to give their least, their minimum?

If we are to give our best, we should be faithful in worship attendance. We should be regular in Bible study. We should be fervent in prayer. We should be diligent in soul winning. We should be busy in serving others. We should be active in inviting others to services. We should be fervent in love. We are not equal in talents or abilities, perhaps, but we can all be equal in striving to do our best.

An old hymn states, "Give of your best to the Master; Give of the strength of your youth; Throw your soul's fresh, glowing ardor, Into the battle of truth. Jesus has set the example; Dauntless was He, young and brave; Give Him your loyal devotion, Give Him the best that you have." Indeed!

Our wonderful, magnificent God deserves no less than our best! -P.O. Box 871, Flatwoods, KY 41139.


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