Green Box


Albert E. Farley

As many of our readers will remember, our late brother Clifton Inman was a faithful gospel preacher, author, and teacher. He edited the Bible Herald for many years. He was also one of the founders of Ohio Valley College. We are honored, in this issue, to reprint an article written by brother Inman that appeared in Bible Herald in 1965. It is based upon his words spoken during chapel in October, 1965, while I was a student at OVC. We are thankful to Roger Inman for permission to reprint his father's article. We hope to reprint others from time-to-time.

We encourage all of our readers to attend the many Gospel Meetings and Lectureships being conducted in our area. Don't forget the WVC Lectureship at the Pumpkin Center Church of Christ, Fairview, WV, October 10-14. We are now receiving manuscripts from the speakers and plan to provide free lectureship books to all families that attend. David Powell will be the keynote speaker.

Our circulation number continues to be constant: 2,560 copies in June. Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. We are dependent upon you, our faithful readers, to help us reach our goal of 2, 800 per month. Albert.


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