Warren F. Kenney

Sometimes applause seems entirely inappropriate. Kay and I were watching the funeral procession into DC for former president Ronald Reagan on Wednesday night before going to Bible study. We were both shocked that, as they were loading his casket onto the horse drawn caisson, people broke into applause. We then saw that they were applauding Mrs. Reagan who then came into view at the left of the screen as she was escorted to a place where she could see what was happening. We were both taken aback at the fact that the applause took place. We both thought it was entirely out of place for such a solemn occasion.

It seems that people of our time have forgotten that there are times when clapping is simply out of place. It grieves me that such a practice is finding its way into the worship services of our Lord in certain places. If anyone has the right to applaud our worship efforts it would be God, for, after all, He is the audience. It is inappropriate for us to applaud ourselves. 90 Waverly Court, Martinsburg, WV 25401.


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