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Silence Can Be Sinful by Winford Claiborne

David R. Kenney

As a former student of Winford Claiborne at Freed-Hardeman University, I was impressed by brother Claiborne's reading habits. Twice a week he would come in with at least a half-dozen books under his arm. Occasionally, he would refer to the books he was reading. I noticed two things about his reading. First, the books were diverse in subject matter. Second, the reading was voluminous. He had a completely different stack of books each class period. One estimate I read was that he reads at least 125 books a year!

From reading brother Claiborne's articles, hearing him teach class, attending his lectures at the FHU Bible Lectureship, listening to him on the International Gospel Hour, and attending gospel meetings in which he was preaching, I can tell you first hand that Winford Claiborne is a great source of information on a great many subjects threatening the morality of our nation today. That is what Silence Can Be Sinful is aboutissues that we as Christians must speak out against in order to save our nation.

This book is written to equip us with information we can use to speak out against such evils as homosexuality, abortion, hate groups, gambling, civil disobedience, assisted suicides, Planned Parenthood, prostitution, immoral government leaders, and a host of other related issues. The book contains background information about the issues, explanations of unfamiliar concepts, and teaching from the Bible relating to these subjects.

Our beloved country is in serious trouble. Read about the conditions of Israel before their downfall, and you will see a striking parallel to our day. Unless we speak out against evil in every medium available to us, a book may soon be written entitled the "Decline and Fall of the United States" with the same contributing factors which led to the collapse from the inside out of another great empire as recorded in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Winford Claiborne delivers a regular radio address on the International Gospel Hour. The International Gospel Hour also has a web site that contains sermon texts and audio lessons. If you enjoy great "true to the Book" gospel preaching that is direct and plain, then you will not be disappointed.Tell your friends about the program. -29 Flora Dr., Bedford, OH 44146-2011. For previous book reviews, visit

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