And God Created ...

The Hawaiian Island Problem

David Everson

The science of Geology has been a major supporter of the story of evolution since Charles Darwin studied old earth geology books on his voyage on the HMS Beagle in the early 1800's. If the fairy tale of organic evolution is to be true, then the earth must be billions of years old. It is thus necessary to interpret all physical evidence found on earth today in terms of long periods of time. Time is the hero of the evolutionary plot!

Using this viewpoint, geologists looked at the island chain in the Pacific Ocean we call the Hawaiian Islands and proclaimed that here is proof the earth has to be millions upon millions of years old. This is how their story goes in their own words. "At 19 degrees north latitude, a persistent hotspot continues today to fire up the Big Island of Hawaii. Millions of years ago, the stationary hotspot acted in much the same way. As the Pacific Plate moved northward, it carried new volcanic islands beyond the hotspot, away from the magma source. And so, one by one, the Emperor Seamount chain formed. Then around 43 million years ago, the Pacific Plate dramatically shifted from a northward direction to a more westerly direction. The ancient seamounts took a bend as the plate dragged across the fixed Hawaiian hotspot, forming the Hawaiian volcano ridge, which now extends some 2,000 miles northwest across the Pacific Ocean. So the geologic story of Hawaii's creation goes ... or maybe not." Says Lisa Pinsker, in Geotimes, March 2003.

"... Or maybe not"? How can that be? Millions upon millions of young people, including me, have been taught in school for years that this was a scientific fact! Not just the current best model for the islands formation. It was, and still is, used to convince impressionable young minds that God could not have created the earth just a few thousand years ago but that it must have been billions of years ago, if God was even involved at all. This exceedingly slow process could not have occurred in any other fashion and, therefore, was proof of an ancient earth; but, it seems that not all scientists who are knowledgeable in this field are in agreement.

Now it appears research and new data has led geoscientists to rethink the moving plate theory for the production of the Hawaiian Island chain. This new evidence makes the evolutionary scientists say that, no, the plate movement did not form the islands but it was the movement of the volcanic hotspot. So, now, the hotspots are moving, and as Bob Duncan of Oregon State University says, "... that the Hawaiian hotspot was moving south at a fairly high velocity in the period of the Emperor Seamount production about 80 to 45 million years ago." Geotimes, March 2003.

It would seem that students around the world should be told that these "facts" they read in their textbooks, and see in fancy museum displays, and read about in encyclopedias, to support an old age for the earth, are just current best guesses, that no one really knows for sure what happened to form the features on earth today.

Christians need to realize that God in the Bible has never been wrong once, let alone over and over again - as fallible humans have. God said he created the world. He gives no reason for us to think that the creation was billions of years ago, and, indeed, it gives every indication that it was created relatively recently. God's creation was perfect and was then destroyed by the flood sent to punish all mankind: "the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished." 2 Peter 3:6. This accounts for the way the world looks today. Any wild guesses that teach otherwise should be viewed as just that, guesses that have no proof! We need to arm ourselves and our young people for the assault that they will face each day in our public schools, colleges, and universities. Rt 1 Box 116A, Belington, WV 26250.


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