Green Box

Albert E. Farley

The elders of the Pennsboro church of Christ and their lectureship director, Terry Jones, have been planning diligently and have announced the schedule of subjects and speakers for the 6th Annual West Virginia Christian Lectureship. It is printed on page four. The Pennsboro congregation, located at 205 East Penn Ave., will host the lectures October 9-12, the Lord will. I would like to encourage all of our readers to plan now to attend each day.

Also, I would like to remind our readers of their subscriptions. The date printed on your address label is the date through which your subscription is paid. For example, JUL 05, indicates you have paid through the month of July, 2005. We are now stamping a reminder on your paper when your subscription becomes due.

Our circulation for June 05 was 2,543 copies. The summer months are usually slow regarding new subscriptions. We need your help to achieve our goal of 2,800 copies in 2005. Think about students, service men and women, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Albert.


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