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Albert E. Farley

MIDDLEBOURNE, WV 26149 We thank you so very much for the past year we received your paper. May God bless you all . . . There is one topic we would like to see in your paper that is on Divorce and Remarriage. We have discussed this topic and we see it in different ways. We would appreciate any help you can give us. Betty Adams of the Iuka Church of Christ, Rt 1, Box 269.

WALDORF, MD 20602 The Waldorf church of Christ will conduct a revival meeting May 15-18 with Burt Jones, speaking. The theme will be: A New Beginning. For further information, contact Richard Van Horn, -30 Village St. 301 843-8636. email: Web Page:

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041-1215 Enclosed is a small end-of-the-year contribution to your fine work with WV Christian. My prayer is that you will be around for many years doing this work for our Lord. Also, I am enclosing the addresses of our two men who will graduate from WVSOP at the end of Jan., '05. They are Dan Mitchell, who will be working for the church at Moorefield, WV., and Jeremy Main, who will be working at Chester, WV., with Frank Higginbotham. Elizabeth Robison. 3 Olive Ave.

ERWIN, TN 37650 I recently received a copy of the January 2005 issue of West Virginia Christian. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and studying the articles that were written and printed therein. It's good to read a brotherhood publication that's doctrinally sound and balanced in its approach. I pray that this will be the case for years to come. I've enclosed $10 and hope you'll add me to your mailing list . . . I look forward to next month's issue! Keep up the good work! -Terry R. Townsend, 710 Rock Creek Road. (Editor's note: We appreciate these encouraging words. Brother Townsend preaches for the Erwin church of Christ. He has written an excellent article that we plan to print in next month's issue.)

PARKERSBURG, WV 26104 - God blessed the North End congregation in 2004. In March 2004, the construction of our new facility was completed. Our old auditorium has been remodeled into a multi-purpose room and with the help of many of our members two other rooms were remodeled into a large kitchen. This facility has been a blessing in allowing our members to spend more time in fellowship together and for providing meals for those who have had a death in the family.

Two additional elders, Steve McIntire and Randy Meredith, were appointed on September 26, 2004. These men will be very capable in doing the work that God has given them. They will be serving with elders: Mark Berry, Dick Cook, Gene Petty and Bob Wright.

On February 6, 2005, additional deacons were appointed. They are: Bob Cameron, Harley Cox, Jamey Eaton, Dana Fouss, Kevin Grose, Gary Petty, Bob Reed and Skip Slatton. Those who have been serving the congregation are: Dave Butterfield, Ron Cook, Ken Grose, Doug Jones, Jim Kerns, Bob Kirby, Jim Ullom and Darren Wilson. The appointment of these additional men will help the elders in reaching out to our community. It is an exciting time when men of the congregation apply themselves and come to a point in their lives when they are qualified to serve in this capacity. We are thankful to God for all of these men.

During 2004, we had 14 restored and 5 baptisms. We had two deaths: Mary Ellen Nicola, who had moved to California and Lee King, who had been a member at North End since 1960. Lee was well-known for his joy in living the Christian life and his enthusiasm for getting things done and getting people to work in the kingdom. He always had a great smile and a warm greeting for those who attended North End. He is greatly missed.

Our spring gospel meeting is planned for April 17-20 with Steve Higginbotham of Glasgow, Kentucky. We have scheduled Gary Workman to be our keynote speaker for the 2007 Ohio Valley Lectureship that will be held at North End. We ask that all pray for our efforts to reach the lost. Eddie Cooper, 1301 West Virginia Ave.

MEMPHIS, TN 38125 The Memphis School of Preaching will conduct its 39th Annual Lectureship March 27-31. The theme will be "What Is Man?" -3950 Forest Hill Irene Road. (901) 751-2242.

SALEM, WV 26426 We have had 3 baptisms since our last report. One has been restored in our Care Center work. Two of our members who were residents of Care Centers have recently died; we rejoice in their hope in Christ. Our Spring Gospel Meeting is scheduled for April 17-22 with Will Montgomery, of East Liverpool, OH, preaching.

AUSTIN, TX 78748-5399 The Southwest church of Christ will conduct its 24th Annual Southwest Lectureship April 9-13. The theme will be "Authentic Christianity In Modern Times." -8900 Manchaca Rd. (512) 282-2486.


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