Green Box

Albert E. Farley

The apostle Paul wrote that, in Christ, some men's works are gold, silver, and precious stones. 1 Corinthians 3:9-15. That is, their labors result in wonderful, eternal results in building up the church and in the eternal saving of lost souls. On the other hand, he said that some men's works are wood, hay, and stubble. These are works that do not endure the trials of fire. They, among other things and ultimately, are the souls and congregations who become unfaithful to the Lord and who are lost. Perhaps they are studies, schools, papers, etc. that, in the end, fail. The same laborers may (and no doubt, do) experience both.

This summer, while on vacation, I looked upon a congregation (in which I was once a part) that has failed and upon a church building that is now lost to the church. My heart was broken, again, and, as I now write, I hurt deeply.

We pray unto God for forgiveness for our weaknesses and our failures. We rededicate ourselves to the work that is before us. We take great consolation in the truth that, if our works are burned, and though we suffer great losses (so as by fire), if we are faithfully doing our best, we shall be saved.

It is with this wonderful assurance that we continue in our work with WVC. Thank you for working with us. Pray for us that God will be honored and glorified through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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