The 2006 West Virginia Christian Lectures

Albert E. Farley

We are very happy to report that the 2006 WVC annual lectures were successfully hosted and conducted October 6, 7, and 8 by the Church of Christ in Seth, WV.

The eldership selected the theme, "You Have Heard it Said, But What Does God Say?" They selected twelve men to present the lectures: James Rankhorn, Ben Jones, Warren Kenney, Roger Rush, Scott Farley, Jim Farley, W. Terry Varner, Charles Pugh, III, Dan Kessinger, Rick Tincher, Terry Jones, and Albert Farley.

The congregation worked extremely hard in preparing the building and grounds for the lectureship week. The building was ready, inside and out. In the years preceding, they built a new building in which to serve food for the lectureship guests. The meals served each day were delicious.

They extended hundreds and thousands of invitations throughout the area of the Big Coal River in Boone County. They mass mailed invitations to every household; they sent 4,484 copies of the October issue of WV Christian into area homes. Members of the Salem church of Christ were very active in preparing these for mailing. All Boone County area churches of Christ were sent invitations to attend.

The members received all guests with gracious hospitality and gave free lectureship books to all families. A few books are available. If you are interested in receiving one, contact the elders of the church.

The attendance at each lecture was good. The high attendance was ninety.

We thank the Seth congregation for their hard work and hospitality. We commend them in choosing the theme, topics, and speakers.

The Pennsboro church of Christ will host the 2007 lectures. Be watching for their announcement concerning dates, theme, topics, and speakers. -Editor.


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