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Albert E. Farley

AMMA, WV 25005 A weekend Gospel Meeting, September 29 October 1, at Shock, WV was the first one in the new building, and the building was filled. The meeting was attended by people from fourteen congregations. The church seems to have taken a road to growth and continued good influence in Central West Virginia. Vernon Kerns is the local preacher and is sound in the faith. It was a joyous experience to again be with them in this meeting. I held a meeting in their old building in 1942. They are a happy group of Christians and show potential for a good work. To God be the glory! We wish them Godspeed. Blaine Cook, PO Box 13.

BUCYRUS, OH 44820 The Lincoln Avenue church of Christ will host the North Central Ohio Christian Lectureship November 11, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The theme is, "The Evolution of False Doctrine." Mark Bass of Grove City, OH will speak on "The Literalness of Genesis." Travis Major, of Grove City, OH will speak on "Organic Evolution & the Gap Theory." Gene Carrell of Columbus, OH will speak on "Theistic Evolution & Denominationalism." Timothy L. Dooley of Paulding, OH will speak on "Intelligent Design." Rick Morris of Bucyrus, OH will speak on "Creation The Bible Can be Understood." Lunch will be provided. The church building is located at 400 Lincoln Avenue, north of the Fairgrounds, off East Woodlawn Ave. For more information call Rick Morris, (419) 562-0210.

WESTON, WV 26452 Enclosed find check for another year of West Virginia Christian. I have received every issue of this very fine paper. It was my privilege to do the preaching in a Gospel Meeting at 'River' in Upshur County in August. I have been going there every third year for nearly forty years. Was in another meeting in Franklin, WV the first five days of October. This is a small congregation but each member is dependable. Every member attended every service except Sunday evening when one had to work. However, she took vacation for the remainder of the time so she could be present at each service. I call this dedication that you do not often see anymore. Roy Pratt, 807 Camden Ave.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 I hope all is well with you and your family and all your fellow workers. Thank you for continuing to publish WVC. Hopefully it will teach many the truth. I continue to pray for you ... Thanks again for all that you are doing to spread the Gospel. Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

SALEM, WV 26426 Our work with the "Bible Booth" at the Salem Apple Butter Festival, October 5-8 resulted in 79 registrations and 37 new Bible Correspondence Course students. Several "Searching For Truth" DVDs, "Churches of Christ, Who Are They?" and other tracts were given. Many paperback New Testaments and cups of water were also given. Our recent Gospel Meeting was conducted by Luke Weekley, Kevin Lough, Jerry Toothman, Scott Davis, Ed Melott, and Bobby Jennings. All presented excellent lessons. Several nonmembers attended. P.O. Box 308.


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