An Open Email

Mark Jones

Dear Brothers,

For those not familiar with me, my name is Mark Jones, and I am a staff member at Freed-Hardeman University and associate minister for the Scotts Hill church in Scotts Hill, TN. I grew up in Grant Town, WV (next door to Coach Rod's parents) and attended the Pumpkin Center congregation in Fairview. I also was a camper and camp counselor at WVCYC for many years.

The reason I write you today is about an opportunity for our young people. For many of you and your children, Freed-Hardeman University has been a wonderful experience, teaching all "how to live and how to make a living." Recently, President Milton Sewell challenged the faculty and staff of Freed-Hardeman to do their part in creating contacts that might be otherwise unknown, either to the university or the prospective student. It is a goal of F-HU to uphold the virtues of family and community. Freed-Hardeman is a growing university in programs and resources, but it is our intent to cater to Christians, not those uninterested in our school missions and goals. I believe in Freed-Hardeman University, and I believe it is worth your congregation's college bound souls to consider.

As I walk around campus, I see many folks wearing WVU t-shirts, Marshall hats, and so many familiar faces of friends I made at WVCYC, that are either students, alumni, or employees of F-HU. I would love to see more. This is not a promotional gimmick or propaganda. My paycheck doesn't depend on a student quota, I just work for a place I love and that has helped me become better prepared for Eternity. This email has simply been prompted by a challenge to do my part for others seeking college degrees in an environment permeated with opportunities for Christian growth and development.

Carbon copied to this email are Dr. Belinda Anderson (Director of Admissions) and Molly Risley (Admissions Representative for West Virginia). If you have questions or contact information, please let them or me know. I pray for the work in West Virginia, and this is one way I can still play my part when I am so far away from home. Please pass this information on to others who may be interested.

In Christ,

Mark Jones

Theatre Technical Director, Freed-Hardeman University, 158 East Main Street, Henderson, TN 38340. (731) 989-6938


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