Green Box

Albert Farley

Welcome to this special issue of the West Virginia Christian! On behalf of all of the members of the Seth church of Christ, we wish to invite all of our readers to attend the 7th Annual WVC Lectures, October 6, 7, and 8, at the Seth church of Christ building, located at 20238 Coal River Road. Come and listen to godly men teach and preach the gospel of Christ in truth, power, and simplicity. The theme this year is, "You Have Heard it Said, But What Does God Say?" See the schedule of speakers and topics inside this issue.

Lectureship books have been printed, and a free copy will be given to every family who attends the lectures. The ladies of the church will prepare and serve free, delicious evening meals to all who attend. Dannie Javins and Eddie Yeager serve as elders; Jim Cornell serves as deacon; Scott C. Farley serves as preacher. Call (304) 837 3310 or (304) 837 3318 for more information. I hope to see you there!


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