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Educational Choices

Clista Heintzman

Due to the increase of godlessness in our public school systems, we as mothers are alarmed and concerned about the spiritual well being of our children. Many mothers are considering alternate ways to have their children educated. Our alarms and/or decision to change from public school to something else are not usually based upon the quality of teaching our children are receiving. Our concern, basically, lies in the additional teaching or misguided teaching of subjects such as sex, homosexuality, and evolution. We worry about the increased influence of students involved in premarital sex, drinking, drugs, and foul conversations on our children.

We do have options from which to choose outside the public school, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

One educational option is to home school our children. I have had several relatives who have chosen this option and had success. Home schooling allows the parent to work one-on-one with her children and, in doing so, easily pick up on subjects and ideas with which her children may be having trouble. Each subject can usually be covered more quickly than it would be covered in public school, and subjects not usually taught there can be introduced to the children in the home setting. Most importantly, God and His ways can be woven into each subject, including Science. Although home schooling is a good choice for some, it is difficult if it is done properly. Consistency is a key factor, and the parent must be vigilant to teach all that the child is required to know at each level. Even though God would be taught, if other activities, or laziness entered the equation, the children's education would surely suffer.

A growing number of mothers long to send their children to a Christian school where activities are Christ-centered and the Bible is one of the subjects taught. In our area of the country, there are few, if any, elementary or high schools affiliated with the church. Be careful not to send your children to a school just because it is called a "Christian" school. God may be taught in the school, but do not be fooled. In addition to being taught about God, your children would likely be taught the denominational doctrine of which the school is affiliated.

Paul told Timothy to "Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you." (1 Timothy 4:16) We want our children to be saved. If there are no Christian schools affiliated with the church in your area, do not compromise doctrine just to have God taught to your children.

The option to educate children that most of us have chosen is the public school, either because of convenience or because we simply have no other choice. We are already aware of the disadvantages of sending our children to area schools. However, our children live in this world. We cannot hide them away and totally seclude them from the evil in this world throughout their childhood and, then, when they are grown, suddenly turn them out into the world and say "Good luck!" One day they will have to earn a living in this world. They must learn, now, how to live in the world but not be like it. In our county and some surrounding counties, there are teachers who take a stand for God, and I am personally very thankful for them. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to "go against the grain." If there are teachers such as these in your area, take the time to thank them and tell them how appreciative you are for them and their courage. They are "few and far between." No matter how difficult sending our children to public schools may be, we must use the experience in a beneficial way as a training ground for their lives as adults. No, God usually will not be taught at public school, but you have your children in the morning and evening, on weekends, and at holidays during the school year. Do they hear of God's ways from you at those times? Do you teach them every day from the Word? If you do, then your children will think about God and pray to God at school whether or not He is taught there. Do not place the responsibility of teaching your children about God onto other people. It is your responsibility.

Be in close communication with your children. Let them know they can talk to you about situations they are going through at school. Show them from the Word how each one can be worked out. From the time a child goes from kindergarten to twelfth grade, just about every kind of situation imaginable will arise and will need to be worked through. What better opportunity to train the children to live as adults in this world and take their place in the Lord's church?

Raising children is difficult. God has given our children to us for a little while, and it should be our goal to give them back to Him when He returns. Whatever option you choose to educate your children, do it with much prayer. Ask for wisdom, and do not compromise the Truth. 3049 Tyler Highway, Sistersville, WV 26175.


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