Jody Apple

Have you ever thought to yourself: "I can't remember the web address to go online and read West Virginia Christian"? To be sure, http://www.TheBible.net/wvc isn't the easiest address to remember. Maybe that's why you haven't taken the time to browse all of the online articles.

Effective immediately, if you can remember the name of the paper, you can remember the name of the paper's new web address, WestVirginiaChristian.org

Open your favorite browser and type WestVirginiaChristian.org (remember, no spaces between the words), and you will be able to read all WVC articles available since March 2004. Plans are underway to make all of the past issues of West Virginia Christian available online within the coming months.

When you go to WestVirginiaChristian.org you'll also be able to download PDF copies of most of the annual West Virginia Christian Lectureship books. As of this date five of the eight are available online for you to download, read, and study. The remaining three will be added soon.

Thanks to Albert Farley for the work he does with West Virginia Christian, and thanks to David Kenney for making the lectureship books available in PDF versions.

WestVirginiaChristian.org is freely and gladly hosted courtesy of TheBible.net - PO Box 1694, Media, PA 19063.


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