For Caring Parents ... A Note of Concern

The Golden Compass

Timothy L. Dooley

There has been a small amount of media attention concerning the soon to be released movie, The Golden Compass (in England it is called Northern Lights). I have seen a few of the movie trailers for this film, which stars Nicole Kidman, and it is obviously being marketed toward our children. However, as I told my youngest son, David, the other evening, you cannot always tell how good (or bad) a book is by its appearance.

The movie is based on a series of books written by an atheist by the name of Philip Pullman. The books include Subtle Knife and The Amber's Spy Glass in addition to the aforementioned movie title. Each book, as well as the movie, is extremely critical of Christianity, and the movie ends with the killing of God. In a 2003 interview, Mr. Pullman is quoted as saying that his books are about "killing God." It is my understanding that this series of books received "The Carnegie Medal" for children's literature. Unbelievable!

There is a big push for parents to buy these books for their children for Christmas. These books were on display for our children to purchase at the recent Book Fair at the Paulding Elementary School. They were also prominently publicized in the recent book order catalog that my children brought home from school.

Many parents may have bought these books for their children unaware of the attack on the Christian faith that is the undoubted impetus behind them. Shame on those parents who purchase these books or patronize this movie for their children knowing the truth behind what is the true agenda. This is yet another attempt by the secular progressives of our society to attack and rid our culture of God and Christianity. We cannot stand by and let them get away with it yet again. We must make our voices heard! -345 Klinger Rd., Paulding, OH 45879.


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