Funds Are Needed

Dean M. Roach

According to the 2006 edition of Churches of Christ in the United States, there are 12,963 congregations of the Lord's church in the Unites States. In comparison, there are only four congregations of the Lord's church in Suriname, South America.

By the grace of God, the work in the United States has been successful through the continual hard work of our brethren. There has been a great effort to evangelize Suriname, but there is still much work to be done. What is most needed? Mature men who can lead the good brethren in "paths of righteousness." Sound congregations need sound preachers!

Brethren, allow me to introduce to you Brother Dhanpersaud (Dahn) Ramkelawan of Paramaribo, Suriname, South America. Dahn dreamed of becoming a doctor and serving the people of Suriname. Dahn obeyed the gospel and has since dreamed of becoming a gospel preacher, serving the spiritual needs of all people.

Since his baptism in 2002, he has been actively serving the Lord and seeking the lost. Paramaribo's regular preacher, Nardeo Sukdeo, had to leave the country in the spring of 2006 to seek medical attention for his wife. With only a few days notice, Dahn was asked to care for the church in his absence. Without hesitation, not knowing when Nardeo would return, Dahn agreed to the task. Dahn delivered all the sermons, taught all the Bible classes, and assumed the role of "minister" until Brother Nardeo's return several weeks later.

Dahn speaks three languages: Dutch, (the national language), Taki-Taki (an indigenous language), and English. On my mission trips to Suriname, Dahn has proven to be invaluable. He opens doors to Bible Studies, translates our words, and provides cultural illustrations and insights that we simply do not have.

Dahn is honest, sound, respected, and smart. He has the desire, the talent, and the intelligence to make a great preacher, but he lacks a deep knowledge of the scriptures. At my urging, Dahn made application to and was accepted by the East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions in Knoxville, Tennessee. For decades, this school has provided sound training for men that desire to preach the gospel. Prayerfully, Dahn will begin his studies in August of 2007.

The opportunity has presented itself to train a thirsty young man to proclaim the "Good News" of Jesus Christ to the lost. Dahn needs everything: airfare, living expenses, and other supplies. Brethren, I do not have to tell you about the need for sound gospel preachers. I have seen this young man in action. Upon graduation Dahn, plans to work with the church in Paramaribo, Suriname.

As you know, this is a huge undertaking, but one that is well worth the effort. Brethren, I'm asking you to prayerfully consider this endeavor and allow me time to speak with you in person (if convenient) about the details and itinerary for Dahn.

The leadership of the Columbia church of Christ is overseeing all funds for Dahn. A one-time gift or a pledge for twenty-four months can supply this man with the knowledge to serve our God, assist our brethren, and contend earnestly for the faith for the rest of his life. Please, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I asked Dahn the other day if he were looking forward to coming to America. He said, "Not so much, but looking forward to learning about God's word." Thank you for your time and attention to my request. May God bless you in all your efforts to serve Him. Because He Lives! -501 Jamestown St., Columbia, KY 42728. (270) 384-6467.


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