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Albert E. Farley

WAVERLY, WV 26184 We enjoy your paper very much. Ron Clegg, 1719 Valley Mills Rd.

BELLAIRE, OH 43906 - ...God bless you. We enjoy your paper. Dolores and Clifford Bigler, 53197 Trough Run.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 Thank you, your fellow workers, and your family for all your good works. Hopefully, many will be taught and baptized and added to the church. I continue to pray for your efforts! Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

AUBURN HILLS, MI 48326 The work here in Auburn Hills continues to be an exciting challenge. We were able to add a fifth shepherd early this year. We have had three baptisms and a restoration in the last few weeks. The Spanish language work with brother Esteban Beltran continues to do well. Brother Chuck Anderson, one of our shepherds, may be able to work full time in the area of personal work for the second year during the winter months. As the New Year approaches Sandra and I will begin our 14th year of work here. What a blessing it has been. We continue to enjoy your wonderful paper. We have a great interest in the work in West Virginia and surrounding areas and still maintain a home there. I am able to do two mission meetings this year and next; if we can help any congregation please let us know. My mother, Hattie Jones (83) has been here with us since May of this year. I am happy to renew my subscription and am providing a little extra help in your great work. Richard M. Jones, Jr., 3160 Phillips Rd. (248) 373-7000 Office or (248) 373-6996 home.

WINONA, MS 38967 Greetings from Winona, Mississippi! Bonnie and I finally made it down to Winona to labor alongside of J.C. and Betty Choate, as well as others ... Among our urgent needs presently is to secure a sponsoring congregation to receive funds for us; one or more congregations are considering this undertaking presently ... Secondly, we must raise the balance of our monthly support as soon as possible! Therefore we are seeking as many appointments with congregations, elders, preachers' meetings, and individual Christians as possible. Monthly and one-time contributions of all sizes are desperately needed and much appreciated. Please advise me of contacts that I may develop. In lieu of or as a precursor to a visit, a media presentation can be viewed on the Internet at Bonnie and I have great confidence in the providence of God, and we are equally determined to glorify God, and edify others and ourselves with the Gospel of Christ as best we can. Please pray for us toward that end. Please communicate our desire to be used up as tools in the hands of the living God. Louis Rushmore, 705 Devine St. (622) 283-9946 (H), (662) 283-1192 (O), (622) 417-7536 (C)

SISTERSVILLE, WV 26105 - Our work with the church here is most enjoyable and God is blessing it with increases in every department. Offerings, attendance, and attitudes are all steadily improving and allowing us to see many benefits in our community. We have had fifteen or so baptisms in the first few months and several more are pending. New families are coming our way from the community. Our attendance has increased from 12-15 on Sunday mornings to 60-80 at present. One of our greatest joys is to see the walls going up on the new addition to our 112-year-old building. It will be a handsome improvement and allow us the space to broaden many of our efforts. We sincerely thank all the churches and individuals who helped us to make this dream come true. Our efforts were delayed in the early summer due to the untimely death of our contractor. We now have another fine company that is on the job site and moving ahead with the building program. Plans call for the project to be almost completed by the first of 2008. The church is postured for a continued growth pattern. Please keep us in your prayers. My work as Director of Church Relations at Ohio Valley University is one of the most exciting things I've done in recent years. Keeping in touch with nearly five hundred preachers, elders and churches has afforded me the opportunity to see first hand the great things happening in our brotherhood, and to be able to reach out to assist struggling congregations and individuals. The blessings Nina and I enjoy just keep getting bigger and better with the passing of the years. Remember to pray for our success, as we do for you! -Tom Butterfield, 901 Tyler Hwy. Email:

BUCYRUS, OH 44820 Ralph and I enjoy the paper so much. We now have a new preacher, Preston MacKell. He's a wonderful speaker. Keep up the good work. Ralph and Martha Seckel, 4396 S.R. 19.


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