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David R. Kenney

I have begun my first blog at I plan to include book reviews that can be referenced along with additional articles on various subjects. To date, all the book reviews that have been printed in the West Virginia Christian have been posted to the blog. The best way to navigate to various book reviews is to use the labels on the far right of the page. If you select the label "Book Reviews," then all the book reviews will display. There is also a label for the author of the book as well. There is a label "Sources for Books" that contains information on how to find some of the books that are recommended. Plus, in the top left of the screen is a search engine for the blog as well. For example, if you would like to see all postings that have reference to Alexander Campbell, then type in his name, hit "Search Blog," and all the postings will come up with his name in it. I also include a list of favorite links I have compiled that you may find useful as well. For further details, read the Welcome message at the top right of the blog. Please pass the word to others you may know that might be interested. Sincerely, David R. Kenney.

Editor's Note: We are so thankful to David for his interest in helping all of us to obtain books that will enhance our church and personal libraries and that will help us in our studies and in our teaching of the Holy Word of God. Concerning his ability and desire to help us to find where we may purchase the books he reviews in the paper, David has submitted the following statement:


Book Sources

Disclaimer: The author does not source books; however, he is interested in helping members of the church. Here are suggestions and possible sources that may be beneficial. These organizations are all owned and operated by members of the church of Christ.

For books in print:
Freed-Hardeman University Bible Bookstore
Web Site:
Phone: (800)-342-1869
For books reprinted:
Hester Publications
Web Site:
Phone: (731)-989-6625
For books out of print:
Bargain Bookfinders
Phone: (731)-989-4954


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