Canas, Costa Rica

Phil Grear

Costa Rica is a Central American country about the size of West Virginia, with a population of about four million people. About 80 miles north of San Jose is the town of Canas, where you will find a small group of enthusiastic Christians who are working diligently for Christ. Their new preacher, Eisen Dominguez, is a graduate of the Bible School of the Americas in Panama.

Nine of us went from five congregations in three states to work in Canas from January 12 to January 18. This campaign was under the oversight of the elders of the Alkire Rd. church in Grove City, OH, and was led by their preacher, Mark Bass.

The main emphasis of our work was a six-night Gospel Meeting. We shared the preaching duties, focusing on the first principles of the doctrine of Christ. It was my privilege to preach on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Sixty to seventy people attended each night, including several visitors. Jack Gilchrist preached on Sunday evening. Four precious souls responded to be baptized, and seven others requested prayer. Others indicated their intention to be baptized in the next few days.

The days were spent knocking doors and conducting Bible studies. We found a refreshing receptivity. The first morning Darleen and I, along with Joshua our translator, knocked on five doors and conducted two Bible studies. We also scheduled one appointment to come back that afternoon. Our group, as a whole, conducted approximately sixty Bible studies and left the church with several good contacts. Let us pray that the seed sown will even yet take root and produce fruit.

Each afternoon the ladies conducted a Vacation Bible School for ages three to ten. Approximately forty children attended each day. Darleen helped with this effort and was impressed with the warmth and teaching ability of Nancy Cruz, the Christian sister who taught their class of six through ten-year-olds. Over twenty children were crowded into a small classroom with no windows or air conditioning.

We were also impressed with the wonderful, enthusiastic singing at each worship assembly. Although the songs were in Spanish, we were able to sing along with many of them in English.

The Christians in Canas literally welcomed us with open arms. They encouraged us as much as we encouraged them. It was an emotional evening when we said our "good-byes." In spite of the language barrier, we made friends that we will treasure throughout eternity.

Costa Rica is a land of diverse agriculture and beautiful scenery. We saw mangos, coffee, bananas, coconuts, sugar cane, and cashews growing. We ate fresh oranges and pineapples. We saw beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers. We even saw three active volcanoes. However, more importantly, we saw souls in need of the saving blood of Christ.

God has told us to spread the Gospel to the whole world. (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16). I hope that we helped in some small way in Costa Rica. -2863 East High St., Springfield, OH 45505.


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