Green Box

Albert E. Farley

For many schools in our state, August marks the end of summer vacation for our students, and classes will begin, again, for elementary, middle, and high schools and for our colleges and universities. Learning is a special joy for most children. We are amazed by the ability of young minds to seemingly “soak-up” so much information in a relatively short period. Sadly, as we grow older, we seem to lose our appetites for instruction, and we require more time and effort to retain what we have heard and read.

I pray you are a reader of the Bible! Our faith and successful Christian lives depend upon how much we read, hear, study, and learn God’s Holy Word. I once knew a man who learned to read from the Bible after he was baptized – when he was over 60 years old! He studied hard and long.

Our articles are written and edited with a heart’s desire to encourage all of our readers to be better and more faithful readers. The Bereans of old were more noble than the people of Thessalonica because they received the word of God with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily to see whether the things they heard were true. Acts 17:11.

We are sending this issue to many who are not now regular subscribers. I pray you will seriously consider subscribing for yourself and for others. Our circulation last month was 2,690 copies. We do appreciate every reader. –Albert.

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