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Albert E. Farley

PARKERSBURG, WV 26104 – The Sunrise congregation in Parkersburg is seeking a minister. The congregation will accept resumes from interested persons. Our attendance is currently averaging around 65-70. No home is provided. Salary is to be determined. Resumes may be sent to Sunrise church of Christ, 598 Old Turnpike Rd.

GALLIPOLIS, OH 45631-8788 – Please renew my subscription for 3 years … Keep up the good work. We enjoy the WVC very much. –Joseph E. Myers, 4233 Bulaville Pike

RED HOUSE, WV 25168 – Brethren, the work at Buffalo continues to go well. Our attendance is still around 35-40 each Sunday and we have had some visitors from the community the last few weeks. We had a great meeting with Jim Farley October 19-23. It was good to spend time with Jim and Linda again and appreciate all the good work they do for the Lord's church. I would at this time like to ask any congregations who are able to help with the work at Buffalo to do so. We have entered into our 9th year at Buffalo and much good has been done. However, as our family has grown, we have had little increase of support to grow with it. We are now at a point in which we are barely able to keep one of our vehicles (12 year old with 190,000 miles) on the road and the other (5 years old with 122,000 miles) is in need of some major maintenance in the next few months. Linda (5 yrs) is in school and Leia (18 months) is still in the diaper stage for a while, and we are finding things to be very tight with regard to money. We cannot afford another car payment or to do maintenance without an increase of support. Any help would be appreciated. If you can help please contact me or the congregation in Buffalo. Thank you all for your prayers and support.  Because of a Cross, Jeremy Young, Rt. 2 Box 207-C Red House, WV. 25168; (304) 586-1703. The Buffalo church of Christ address is P.O. Box 68 Buffalo, WV 25033.

LORAIN, OH 44052 - The Lord’s church in Lorain, OH is going well. We have had a great year. Thus far, we have had 10 baptisms, 4 placed membership, 2 restored and 1 confessed wrongs. Our 10th Annual North Central Ohio Lectureship was well attended. We just completed a Campaign for Christ and a gospel meeting. Thirteen young men from the Memphis School of Preaching, along with local help, knocked on 2,248 doors on four of the five days they were with us. Bro. Garland Elkins did the preaching each evening. At least four home Bible studies are scheduled and others promised. Our weekly 30-minute radio program continues to draw interest from our listening audience. I am in my 11th year with the Lorain church and we are in our 7th year of broadcasting the gospel over one of our local stations. Our 11th Annual North Central Ohio Bible Lectureship will be October 25-28, 2009. -Bob Eddy, 4898 Oroszy Ave.

WESTON, WV 26452 – I am sending a check for another year of West Virginia Christian. I have not missed an issue from the beginning and do not want to. We just finished a very good meeting with the following brethren doing the speaking: Larry Lemasters, Steve Stevens, Ronnie Holbert, Bobby Jennings, and Mike Phillips. The attendance was the best we have had for awhile. –Roy Pratt, 807 Camden Ave.

GALLIPOLIS, OH 45631 – The Chapel Hill Congregation in Gallipolis is moving forward with increasing interest and attendance. On Sunday August 24th, I delivered two lessons at Laurel Hill, Radford, VA. This was their Annual Homecoming. A dozen congregations attended with a big dinner on the grounds. In the evening of the same day, I preached at Floyd, VA. September 7-12, I preached in a meeting at the Lane congregation, Meadow Bridge, WV with excellent congregational cooperation. Then, September 22nd and 23rd I preached at Crum, WV. Was good to see old time friends. Sunday, November 16th I preached for the brethren at West Union, WV. My last appointment of the year is scheduled at South Franklin St., Christiansburg, VA Sunday, December 28th. A very busy and profitable year will soon be past. - Lewis Mikell, P.O. Box 302.

GALLATIN, TN 37066-3917 – We really do enjoy your paper and more so now that we are pretty much shut-ins. We are improving though, and hope to do better. We celebrated our 85th birthdays. John’s September 21st, Alene’s October 10th. Keep up the good work and may God bless you. John & Alene Chapman, 157 Hale Ave.

GREENWOOD, SC 29649 - …I have been studying with my nephew in Florida by telephone for over three years and he started assembling with the church of Christ in his hometown. Last week he came … for a visit and … asked me to baptize him Sunday … After morning service we all went to the lake and another soul was added to the Lord’s church. How great it was. My mind often drifts back to the grand times we had with the church at Weston … -Everett Ward, 1715 E Durst Ave.

VALDOSTA, GA 31601-2127 – Thank you so very much for being scriptural and keeping the paper that way. Please keep on the straight and narrow way. May God bless and keep you. –Betsy Stephens, 3610 Dennard Dr., Apt C.

AVON, OH 44011 - …Our campaign for Christ was very good. My first time meeting and hearing Bro. Garland Elkins. John had some of his books and I still have them … John and I through the years have supported the Memphis School of Preaching … When I asked him about the pioneer gospel preacher Tice Elkins who Mom and Garland talked about cutting ice in Tug River to baptize people, he said, “We are the same people.” How about that! … I had the privilege of meeting Bro. and Sis. Warren Kenney this past Sunday night at Vermillion, OH. They both are very sweet and great people! -Aunt Delphine Pittman, 1960 Buckingham Dr.

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