For Ladies … In His Memory

Ginny Lallance

  Mothers and grandmothers, I have a question for you. How important is the Lord’s Supper to you? Christ told us to do this in memory of Him (Luke 22:19-20). Do we love Him enough to realize the seriousness of this solemn memorial? Several weeks ago, before communion, our congregation was reminded of the pain and suffering our Lord endured. We were asked to clear our minds of the afternoon football game, dinner preparations, or other thoughts and concentrate only on scenes of Calvary.

With bowed head and humble heart, each true, faithful Christian accepts the bread and fruit of the vine while remembering Christ’s suffering. Last Sunday, were you one of those Christians? Again, how important was communion to you? Did your children notice your closed eyes and bowed head? Did they remember the times you had explained this act of worship to them? Did they sit quietly as they had been taught? Those words describe young children, but how about the older ones – teens who may have already obeyed the gospel. Did you permit them to skip worship services to engage in things that mattered more to them? What matters on Sunday morning? Is it the fact that Christ shed His precious blood and suffered such intense pain to give us eternal salvation through obedience or is it choices we allow our children to make: stay home, do homework, practice sports, visit friends, etc.

As mothers and grandmothers, we teach many things to our children and grandchildren. We teach them right from wrong, manners, to be respectable, plus other lessons to prepare them to move into the adult world when they have grown up. However, do we teach them the importance of living a faithful, spiritual life as an obedient child of God? What example are we setting on Sunday morning when it is time for a memorial to our Lord and Saviour? Come next Sunday, do not whisper, write and tear out your contribution check (this should have been done at home), dig into your pocket or purse for change to give the children for the collection plate, laugh and talk during the communion service. Will Christ be pleased with what we are doing when He wants us to remember Him? How can our minds be on Him and what happened and why it happened if our thoughts are somewhere else?

In my personal Bible notebook, I have these words concerning the Lord’s Supper. (Where I found them or when I wrote them, I do not remember.) “It is awesome, it is encouraging, it is commanded, it is a blessing, and it is done for only one reason – because Christ loved me so much that He was willing to give His life for me.”

Again, how important is the Lord’s Supper to you? Will you and your family be part of this memorial as dedicated brethren around the world come together around the Lord’s table upon the first day of every week to remember Christ, as a faithful Christian should? My prayer is that you will be! -Route 2 Box 177, Belington, WV 26250

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