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Albert E. Farley

BUFFALO, WV 25033 - The work in Buffalo continues to grow as I have entered my eighth year here. We have our Spring Gospel Meeting scheduled for March 2-6, 2008 with different speakers each night. We also will host our 5th Annual Youth Day April 19, 2008. I also want to take time to continue to thank those different congregations who support the work at Buffalo. Over the last year Laura and I were blessed with our second child, Leia Ann Young. Our oldest child (4 years) Linda is thrilled to be a big sister. Also in the last few months we have lost over 350 dollars a month in support and very desperately need help to continue the work at Buffalo. If any congregations are looking for a work to support or if any individuals would like to help, please contact me. Jeremy Young, Rt. 2 Box 207-C Red House, WV. 25168. (304) 586-1703;; The address for the Buffalo congregation is P.O. Box 68, Buffalo, WV. 25033. Thank you and please keep my family and the work at Buffalo in your prayers.

DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, FL 32435-2545 - ... We enjoy the paper every month and pass it on for others to benefit from the articles. Thanks for keeping it coming our way ... Check enclosed for you to use at your discretion. It's a small way to help but being so far away maybe it will do for now. God bless all of you who work so hard to publish and distribute the WV Christian. Charles & Eileen Snider, 132 Circle Dr.

ALLEGANY, NY 14706 - ... Erik and Adrianne have located in a new apartment in Yekateinburg and the congregation is now located in a building which they can use as a multipurpose building worship, classes, work site, office, get-togethers and in brief a place where the locals know that New Testament Christians gather ... May God be with you in your labors for our Lord in the Salem area and also in your splendid monthly publication West Virginia Christian ... -Kurt and Lois Pfaff, 3655 Buffalo Rd. (Editor's note: Erik and Adrianne Pfaff are missionaries in Russia. Erik is Kurt and Lois' son.)

GALLIPOLIS, OH 45631 "Swiftly we're turning life's daily pages." 2007 is gone forever and we have a new year on hand with its many opportunities for doing good. During 2007, I preached in five meetings, did part time work at West Union, WV, and Gallipolis, OH. On November 30, 2007, I completed 66 years of Gospel preaching. With God's help I shall continue preaching at Chapel Hill, Gallipolis, OH and West Union, WV. The last Sunday of December I had a wonderful day with South Franklin St., Christiansburg, VA.

Many of my friends have urged me to do one more final tour of Israel and Egypt. It is scheduled October 21-November 1, 2008. Over one-half of our space has been sold in two weeks. The balance of our space will soon be taken. This is a very valuable trip for preachers, teachers, and all others who would like to see the city of Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Pyramids of Egypt, etc. Write or call me immediately for a brochure. Phone (740) 446-8506 or cell phone (740) 794-1564. Profits from this tour will be donated to Mid-Western Children's Home. Lewis Mikell, P.O. Box 302.

OWINGSVILLE, KY 40360 Enclosed is a check for $70.00 for the ten copies of West Virginia Christian for 2008. We appreciate your work in providing this source of sound, practical articles that are true to the gospel of Christ. We wish you the best in 2008. John K. Wills, 1449 West Highway 36.

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 - Thank you for reminding me of my expiration date ... We sure do enjoy your paper. Mrs. Brenda Ward, 2605 4th St.

CISCO, GA 30708-5009 Please renew my subscription to your good paper. I enjoy it so much. My prayers are with you good people. Thank you. Frances Silvers, 349 Gallman Long Rd.

ST. ALBANS, WV 25177 Our 2008 lectureship, the 22nd Annual Greater Kanawha Valley Lectureship is scheduled for August 5-8. The theme will be "Prophecy & Fulfillment." We are planning it now and more information will be forthcoming as time gets closer. Enjoyed immensely the recent issue of WV Christian. Eddie Cooper, Washington St. church of Christ, P.O. Box 177. (304) 727-0761.

MOORHEAD, MN 56561-0601 We commend you in the work of the Lord! Keep up the great work ... God bless you and the good you are accomplishing for the kingdom of Christ. (3 subscriptions enclosed). Michael Kinzler, Moorhead church of Christ, P.O. Box 601.

PIKEVILLE, KY 41502 Mark your calendars for the Main St. Church of Christ 2008 Missions Workshop, February 22-24, 2008. Theme: "We Are One." (606) 437-4738. -P.O. Box 2747.

EASTPOINT, GA 30344 Enclosed are 3 more money orders to help with the good works that you, your staff, and your family are doing. I hope and pray that 2008 will be a banner year for you ... Thank you! -Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

READER, WV 26167-0292 Thank you very much for this great little newspaper. The "little sermons" are very uplifting. I enjoy the recipes also. Thanks. Martha Glasscock, P.O. Box 292.

SANDYVILLE, WV 25275 I am writing to thank you for your excellent article in the January 2008 West Virginia Christian titled "Grace and Truth." Although sound preachers are often said to not understand Grace, I am afraid it is liberal brethren who are sadly mistaken on this and many other subjects. I believe your article hit the nail on the head and spoke the truth from God's Inspired Word. Thank you for this great publication and Godspeed in your continued efforts. Rodney Nulph, 5382 Parkersburg Rd.

INDIA - ... Good Morning and Greetings from all of us to all of you especially to your dear selves, in the precious name of our loving and living heavenly Father who has allowed us into this new year which is ahead of us ... I thank you sir for your continued help of West Virginia Christian Publication which we have been receiving

We were much blessed and have improved our knowledge and proper understandings in various issues of the Bible and of the first century doctrine and Bible truths published through your good paper ... I Respectfully request you sir to kindly continue sending your publication West Virginia for this year 2008 ... -Bond Servant of Christ, Joseph Solomon Ghorpade. Church of Christ, H.No: F 63, Site-3, N.R.R.Puram, Borabanda, Hyderabad, 5000 018, Andhra Pradesh


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