I Wish

Danielle Vincent (2008)

I wish I had a million dollars to help others in need.

I wish homework were hanging out with friends.

I wish everyone would get along.

I wish no one would get sick or die.

I wish everything would work out for one’s best.

I wish summer vacation would never end.

I wish everyone would have everything they needed.

But most of all I wish that everyone was a Christian.

(Note: Danielle is the daughter of Robert (“Bob”) and Debbie Vincent. She is an eighth grade student at Milton Union Middle School with a 4.0 gpa. She lives in West Milton Ohio. This was turned in as a school project. Her father preaches at Tipp City church of Christ where she and her twin sister, Katelyn, are members. She also has a younger brother, Caleb, who is 11 years old.)

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