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Richard Hager

It was sometime during the year of 1999 that Bernard Horsley suffered a massive stroke and was left unable to complete the work he had started many years earlier with his audio Bible Correspondence Courses. However, his efforts produced six of the most comprehensive Bible correspondence studies that have ever been contributed, to my knowledge.

Prior to 1999, several members of the congregation at Washington Street in St. Albans, West Virginia, would travel to Maysville, Kentucky each month to assist the brethren there in putting together packets to be mailed to students. Since the courses were all on cassette tape, and the congregation there was quite small, (about 20 members) we helped them with duplicating and labeling the tapes, printing test papers, putting packets together for mailing, and numerous other activities associated with the courses. We were in effect, learning the business, so to speak. So, after Brother Horsley’s stroke, we (the Washington Street Volunteers) were asked to carry on the work as Brother Horsley was left unable to oversee and supervise the work. After some discussion with the elders here, and some initial plans were made, we began the work here at Washington Street in October 1999. Our first full month of grading lessons was in November of that year, and we graded 1,003 lessons. In the year 2,000, we graded 13,844 lessons. In 2008, we graded over 21,000 lessons, a record year. We will have graded, since November 1999, over 165,000 lessons.

Most importantly, however, is that many students have learned the gospel of Jesus Christ as a result of Brother Horsley’s efforts. Many in the Washington Street congregation have kept busy, too. At one point, fifty-one members had contributed to the work in one way or another. We invite all members that have not had the pleasure of studying after Brother Bernard Horsley to do so. Your efforts will be rewarded beyond measure. – Richard Hager, 400 Beechwood Estates, Scott Depot, WV 25560. 

NOTE: Richard Hager is the director of our Bible Course program here at Washington Street in St. Albans, West Virginia. He and his good wife, Wanda, work countless hours each week getting these courses ready to be graded by our graders and getting packets together for mailing to our students. They work tirelessly to keep the program running smoothly, overseeing the numerous activities associated with this huge undertaking.

We are always looking for new students. Now, with Brother Hager’s foresight, these Bible courses are available on our website in audio format: 

As the minister at Washington Street, I feel it a great privilege to be associated with this way of teaching the lost the gospel and helping members of the church increase their knowledge of the Bible through studying these lessons. Contact us today. – Eddie Cooper, P.O. Box 514, St. Albans, WV 25177.

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