Green Box

Special 10th Annual West Virginia Christian Lectureship Issue

Albert E. Farley

   Welcome to the pages of this special Lectureship issue.  We give humble thanks unto God through Jesus Christ for His goodness in granting us the privilege of having the 2009 West Virginia Christian Lectures!  Our articles this month were written by the men who are scheduled to speak in the lectures this year.  We thank them from our hearts; their lessons are excellent.

   We are thankful to the Pennsboro church of Christ for, again, hosting the lectures!  Four elders oversee this congregation:  Steve Hayhurst, Francis Sellers, Pete Taylor, and Lynn Wells.  The lectureship director is Terry Jones.  They have selected a great theme.  We are thankful for the tireless work of so many members of the Pennsboro congregation who, through the goodness of God, prayers, and through their many efforts, have contributed to the success of this work.

   We pray that this special issue will assist in our great purpose of teaching and edification.  We have printed extra copies to be freely distributed to all who attend the lectures and encourage all to take extra copies home to give to all who may not now be readers.

   We were successful in achieving our circulation goal with 2,817 copies last month!  Thank you, all!  We must now labor to maintain and to increase this number.  We rely upon God and upon you for help.  –Albert.

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