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Albert E. Farley

Future Preacher Training Camp

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 – Denver Cooper, director of West Virginia School of Preaching, located at 1 Willard Avenue, has announced that the school will conduct a one-day Preacher Training Camp on August 7, 2010. Jeff Sole and Peter Ray Cole will direct the camp. Classes will begin at 9:00 A.M. and continue until 7:30 P.M. Jeff Sole, Steve Snider, D. Gene West, Terry Jones, Andy Robison, Steve Stevens, and Peter Ray Cole will teach. Call today for information. (304) 845 8001. (888) 418 4573. –P.O. Box 785.


ST. MARYS, WV 26170 – 65th Annual Ohio Valley Lectures, August 8-12, Dewey Ave. Church of Christ, St Marys, WV. “The Bride and Bridegroom: Christ and His Church.” Keynote speaker: Mack Lyon. –701 Dewey Ave. 304 684 3939.

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 – 2010 West Virginia School of Preaching Victory Lectures, October 24-28, Hillview Terrace Church of Christ, Moundsville, West Virginia. “The Book of Acts.” Contact Denver Cooper, PO Box 785.

24th Annual Bible Bowl

PARKERSBURG, WV 26101 - Saturday, September 25. Camden Avenue church of Christ, 2900 Camden Ave. The book of Acts (New King James Version). Director: Gary Herridge. 304 428 0504.

BRIDGEPORT, WV 26330 – Thank you and your staff for all the work you do. –Steve Cross, 742 Stout St.

BEXLEY, OH 43209-2586 – May God’s blessings be upon you as you continue to publish and distribute the WV Christian. Our prayers are with you always. –Bob & Mildred Dotson, 826 S. Roosevelt Ave.

PARKERSBURG, WV 26104 – Dear brethren, The purpose of this writing is to advise you of our change of mailing address: Rosemar church of Christ, P.O. Box 4210, Parkersburg, WV 26104. We respectfully request all of your correspondence to us be sent to the new mailing address. In Him, Wirt Cook, minister. 

EAST POINT, GA 30344 - … Hopefully, many will be taught the gospel and edified. Thanks again. –Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

BOOMER, WV 25031 - …I’m enclosing a check … Please send a bundle of fifteen WV Christians to the congregation at Boomer … -Steve Farley, PO Box 427. 

TULLAHOMA, TN 37388 – We appreciate the West Virginia Christian so much and always look forward to receiving it. Our friends … have told us how much they like receiving the paper. I want to submit a new subscription for my friend … Keep up the good work you do and we pray that the circulation of this paper will grow and grow. –Esther Lewis, 2870 Turkey Creek Loop

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