Complete Worship In Spirit And Truth

Gary P. Adkins

Most churches sing songs to His high and holy name

When it comes to prayers, giving thanks, most do the same

Preaching and teaching, they will schedule both every time

And taking up an offering is upmost and always on their mind.

But when it comes to what Jesus Christ did for you and me

That day when He suffered and died there upon Calvary

His church which He purchased with His own blood sacrifice

So that all sins could be washed away, He paid that price.

The cross of Christ is still a symbol throughout this land

How the nails were driven through His feet and hands

“Nothing but the blood of Jesus” is most churches’ plea

Salvation and hope is found in no other name than He.

But when it comes to remembering this upon the first day

How this is observed and done is an option, most will say

It’s the thought that counts about what happened back then

After all, how “often” is a personal choice as to where or when.

But Jesus said, “Take eat: this is My body, broken for you”

And, therefore, “In remembrance of Me, this do.”

“This cup is the New Testament in My blood; this do ye”

And, “As oft as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”

The apostle Paul said, “For as often as ye eat this bread

And drink this cup,” to clear our minds and head,

To think back on these words, who they came from

“Ye do show the Lord’s death until He come.”

This act of worship where we can commune with the Lord

Within their time schedules, most churches cannot afford

“The first disciples met upon the first day of the week

To break bread.” Did it make their faith strong or weak?

This sounds like a command for Christians to me

Others may even say or think, “Sporadic” let it be

Upon the first day of the week, Jesus, this I will do

Remember and honor the body and blood shed by You.

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