Green Box

Albert E. Farley

 The great disaster that occurred in Haiti has given all of us an opportunity to obey Paul’s words in Galatians 6:9, 10. We have received information that there are an estimated 10,000+ members of the Lord’s church in Haiti, meeting in many congregations. We have learned of a very organized effort to help being conducted through the Estes, Tennessee church of Christ. Their missionary, Roberta Edwards, is working with the children of Sonlight Children’s Home and providing food and medical help. Their first relief team is there, with many others being planned. Many containers of needed items are being gathered and sent. Contact information for the Estes congregation is: 3505 Hwy 45 South, PO Box 191, Henderson, TN 38340. Secretary: (731) 989 5576. web site: email: 

 We are very pleased that the Weirton Heights church of Christ, Weirton, WV will host the 2010 West Virginia Christian Lectureship! The elders have announced their dates and theme: September 26-29, “A REASON OF THE HOPE.” (1 Peter 3:16). They are now in the process of selecting topics and speakers. Additional announcements will be made by them in the coming months. We are thankful for this faithful congregation. Let us pray for them as they plan and organize this important event.

 We welcome our newest readers. New subscriptions (single and bundle) continue to be received. Our growth is slow and small, yet, constant. We thank God and take heart for the work ahead! Please show your paper to others and pray for our efforts. Thank you. Albert.


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