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West Virginia Christian November 2010 Index

2010 Future Preacher Training Camp - Peter Ray Cole
And God Created ... Why We Exist - David Everson
Around The State - Albert E. Farley

For Ladies … What Can I Do? - Carol Lynette Wilcox
Green Box - Albert E. Farley
How Many Ways To God? - Charles J. Aebi
I Did It My Way - Denver L. Thomas
Individual Responsibility - John King
Instrumental Music In Worship: From Heaven Or From Men? - Vernon W. Kerns
Signs And Miracles Were For Confirming The Word - James E. Farley
Sinful Impulses - Eric Dougherty
“Stronger Than Ever” by Jason Jackson - David R. Kenney
Thank You! - Albert E. Farley
The Cure For Gossip - Roger A. Rush