Thank You!

Albert E. Farley

These members of the Salem congregation are the West Virginia Christian Volunteers. They volunteer their time and work every month to prepare the individual and bundle subscriptions for the post office; their efforts make our monthly mailings possible. This is our 216th monthly mailing!

Our workers tri-fold, place stickers, place address labels, sort, and box the single subscriptions, and they count, stuff, and label the bundles. Our work could not continue without the countless hours of labor these volunteers contribute. Those pictured are: Chet and Kim Wilsoncroft, Ruth Headley, Delores Bailey, Harlen Headley, Becky Ash, Dan Bailey, Nancy Farley, and Jeremy Bailey. Those not pictured include Georgette Cunningham, Salem; Wanetta Conner, River; Ervin Hull, Wallace. –Editor.

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