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Albert E. Farley

WEIRTON, WV 26062 – May God continue to bless you both and West Virginia Christian. I appreciate so much the great reading in the West Virginia Christian. I look so forward to the arrival of such a good Christian paper. It is just this type of encouragement that helps me each day as I miss my dear husband, Jim, who has passed on. Thanks again for all you do. God Bless you friends. –Mrs. Darlene McKinley, 129 Joseph Blvd.

RAYMOND, MS 39154 – Thank you for the good work that you do. Check for renewal is enclosed. –John Allan, 106 Ridge Park Pl.

SPENCER, WV 25276-1130 – It is with much gratitude and thanksgiving towards God for your toil and labor in the gospel of our Lord & Saviour. The one & only gospel of our salvation which you & your staff of the WVC work so diligently, publishing on printed page. The many & varried, needful, timely & necessary spiritual subjects, topics & messages that are written by faithful men who teach & admonish, not only the believers, but also many zealous, well-meaning, misguided religious folk whom we love dearly, & desire to be one with, in Christ. I myself, have seven siblings still living, of whom, I have postal address for four. I am sending you those address that they may also receive the WVC, with the hope that our labors together, in Christ, will be exceedingly fruitful to the praise, honor & glory of our Saviour’s high & exalted Name. May God bless you richly & abundantly for His word’s sake, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come! With much appreciation for all, –Bro. Harvey Keim, 118 Oak St.

CISCO, GA 30708-5009 – Please renew my W.V.C. paper. I enjoy reading it so much. I pray you will always be able to write this good paper. Thank you. –Frances Silvers, 349 Gallman Long Rd.

FAIRVIEW, WV 26570 – Brother Mark Jones has announced that the Pumpkin Center church of Christ will host their Men’s Fellowship Day, March 12, 9:00 AM. Theme: “Prayed in America.” Speakers: Randy Cook, Brent Gallagher, and Steve Stevens. The congregation will conduct their Spring Gospel Meeting with Frank Higginbotham, March 27-April 1, 7 PM Monday through Friday. Also, the ladies of the congregation will host Ladies Inspiration Day, April 16, 9:30 AM. Theme: “Bear One Another’s Burdens.” Speakers: Amantha Cole and Megan Jones. 

CAMANGA, SIAY ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY PROVINCE, NO-7006 PHILIPPINES – Christian greetings! I’m very happy to inform you that I received all the magazines that you sent to me for the whole year and were very useful in our preaching the Truth. So, kindly renew again my subscription … Brother Albert, continue your good work. Today, I will attend a lectureship in Datu Panas Church of Christ, Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay, a two-day lectureship, Dec. 20-21. Thank you so much for your great help in spreading the gospel by West Virginia Christian. In Christian Love, –Jesse C. Duque, Sr. (Editor’s note: Our true prayers are for brother Jesse Duque and his work of preaching the gospel in the Philippines. We are very happy to send the paper to our overseas brothers who are working in the Lord’s church.)

EASLEY, SC 29642 – This is to let you know our intentions in returning to West Virginia and our desire to preach for some of the closer congregations in the area of Gassaway as we can and are needed. February 16th is our projected departure date from Greenville, SC and our new address will be 2615 Elk River Rd., Frametown, WV 26623. We will not have a phone installed until after that date. We also want to spend some time revisiting congregations and members we’ve worked with both in Ohio and West Virginia. We will begin receiving mail at the above address on the 16th of February. 

 I’ve worked with a congregation of the Lord’s church for the past 12 years at Easley, SC. During that time the congregation borrowed money ($100,000) and built a building which is adequate for our current needs. We’ve also recently completed paying off our mortgage and therefore we do not have a loan payment. In order to secure a preacher to continue with the Three and Twenty congregation, letters were sent out in the fall and another group meeting on East Butler Rd. in Mauldin, SC contacted us and plans were made for the two congregations to become one. Bryan Terry was their preacher and will be preaching at Easly as we depart. Recently we’ve lost outside support from some families who were sending monthly while we had an unpaid mortgage on the building. With my weekly support and another charter member’s loss to his home in Alabama, the congregation here will need to call on faithful brethren somewhere to contribute support for the coming year. The address is: Church of Christ 2207 Three and Twenty Rd., Easley, SC 29642. For further information, contact Charles Brady (864-908-6930) or Jason Sloan (864-421-5587). We ask your prayers and consideration as many faithful congregations have closed their doors in recent months. –Charles Brady.

AUSTIN, TX 78748-5307 – The Southwest church of Christ is pleased to announce its 30th Annual Lectureship, April 9-12, 2011. The theme: Championing Christ: Called Unto Conviction. Rick Brumback, Lectureship Director. (512) 282-2486. 

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