Don't Believe Me

Eric Dougherty

One of the most effective strategies in helping others to understand the gospel message is encouraging them to read and study for themselves. Too often, those who have knowledge on any given topic expect to be heard and believed without question. As students and teachers of the word of God, we should never fall into that mindset.

God allows people to believe the lies that some religious leaders proclaim. He will also allow us to believe the twisted words of those who claim He does not exist. Paul wrote, “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false,” 2 Thessalonians 2:11 (ESV). He does not force a lie upon anyone, but He will not force the person who wants to remain spiritually blind to open his eyes. 

Someone may ask, “Why doesn’t God reveal Himself in a way that leaves no doubt?” The obvious answer is that He has. Without a doubt, one can look at the world around us and know there is a Creator. Who is this Creator? He revealed Himself in the scriptures. Jesus Christ even came to the world to reveal more of the nature of God. Want further proof? A dead man came back to life, and it was witnessed and recorded by verifiable eye witnesses.

We want to encourage others to read the material on their own. We should not be offended when an individual who has never studied the scriptures is a bit skeptical, nor should we try to brush aside his or her doubts with an “Oh just believe” mentality. Rather, we want to further encourage curiosity and a thirst for the truth and when all of the evidence is examined, then the person with an open heart who has been fully convinced will readily accept and obey the call of the gospel of Jesus Christ. -1634 New Bern St, Newport, NC 28570.

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