Like Ruth

Eleanor Powell

If we could say, “I’ll go whither thou goest;” 

and say, “I’ll never leave you,” as the truth;

If we could only please our Holy Father,

and honour You, God, only – just as Ruth!

For we may leave this worldly life around us,

follow on; not knowing what might be;

Leaving yesterday to follow You, God,

putting our trust only upon Thee.

To say, “I’ll never leave You,”

just follow where Thou leadest us to go;

Just leaning upon Your hand to guide us onward,

knowing You’ll take care of enemies and foe.

On into the land of life and promise,

not turning back into the life, before;

On into a great and sure foundation,

on into a bright and bountiful shore.

Glean the field with all the other reapers,

being blessed by God in love and truth;

God’s love will be falling all around us;

We’ll be redeemed by You, God – just like Ruth!

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