Campaign For Christ 2O11

John W. Rockhold, III

Dear Brethren,

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ...” (Matthew 28:19). 


When we read this command of Jesus, our minds spring to the “heathen” nations across the seas. Further investigation toward mission work challenges our minds with culture, language, customs, and, of course, cost. Too often, at the thought of monies, our romantic ideas of spreading the gospel disappear. We then content ourselves with waiting for our “Macedonian Call.”

Today, that “Macedonian Call” is being given. “Come over to Roane and Calhoun counties and help us.” The congregations at Spencer, WV, and Millstone, WV, are combining their efforts to conduct a campaign July 24 (Monday) to July 28 (Thursday), 2011, at the Roane County Middle School auditorium at 7 PM each evening.

The theme will be “What Does the Bible Teach?” All the lessons will be based from the book of Galatians. The lessons will deal with such ideas as, “Seeking the Pure Gospel,” “Baptized into Christ,” “God’s Two Covenants,” and “Preservation of the Saints.”

Campaign survey and canvassing activities for both counties will begin Monday, July 18th. We, the forty or so Christians in Calhoun and Roane counties, do not require financial assistance. What we need are feet to carry the gospel of peace. (Romans 10:14-15) We already have the commitment of the members of both congregations. Additionally, a group of the Sojourner Workers are preparing to be with us.

During the campaign, you can have an impact by attending the campaign. Specifically, you can praise God by doing the following:

Come! Answer the call of God and be part of a life-changing, soul-saving experience. 

In His Service, 

John W.Rockhold, III. 1-304-488-7041. 

On behalf of the Spencer and Millstone churches of Christ. -Spencer Church of Christ, PO Box 145, Spencer, WV 25276. 

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