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Albert E. Farley

SMITHFIELD, WV 26437 - … Thank you for announcing our meeting in your paper and for coming to the meeting. Brother Steve (Stevens) had great lessons every service and we had great support from our sister congregations of the Lord’s church; we had at least 14. Our nightly attendance averaged about 45. Our highs being Friday (58) and Saturday (60) nights. We had six to come forward: 1 restored and 5 for baptism. All but one happened on Friday and Saturday nights. This tells me that it pays to go through the week-end and that we should not shorten our meeting time. Maybe we should make them longer. We are looking to next year. Our Spring meeting will be with brother David Stevens (May 21-27), VBS July 9-13, our Fall meeting October 22-28 with Dick Bartrug. Once again we thank you for your paper and your support. Your servant in Christ, Leroy Burdine, for the Pricetown church of Christ. –PO Box 59.

BARBERTON, OH 44203-6830 – Here is a check to renew my subscription for another year. I enjoy your paper very much. I look forward every month getting it. May God bless you in this work. –Raymond E. Murdock, 1173 Oak Ave.

HURRICANE, WV 25526 – Thank you for the West Virginia Christian. I enjoy it every much, even the Script-O-Crypt. They may be off a little bit but I still like them. -Raymond Clark, (Main Street church of Christ), 108 Elite Heights. (Editor’s note: Thank you, Raymond. We do appreciate every response from our readers because of this error. See our apology and correction at the bottom of this month’s Script-O-Crypt.)

BUCYRUS, OH 44820 – The 8th Annual Mid-Ohio Lectureship will be hosted by the Lincoln Ave. church of Christ November 12. Their theme will be “Philippians: A Spiritual Love Letter.” A “Get Acquainted and Fellowship” period will begin at 9:15 AM. Speakers will include: Tim Dooley, Tim Hatfield, Don Cooper, and Phil Grear. Preston MacKell will introduce each speaker and present a summary. Lunch will be provided by the ladies of the congregation. If you have any questions, please call the church office at (419) 562-0210. You may call Preston at (419) 617-7159. -400 Lincoln Avenue.

MONONGAH, WV 26554 – Let me start by saying thank you for your faith in me by donating to my trip to Munmansk, Russia. It was both a joy with some disappointment about the work there. They are still battling the government and the Russian Orthodox church about the use of the building they built to worship in. They can use it as a school in which they offer Bible classes on Saturday afternoon. They have to meet in a rented hall for Sunday and Wednesday services … Some of the older members have died … Joy was shared with the one soul that came confessing wrong doing and asking prayers … I believe that there is still a good work that can be done but it will take more people to go and work with the church. I hope to be able to return next year … Thanks for your love and concern for the church in Murmansk, Russia. In His Service, Nicholas Dieger, 359 McCue Ave. (304) 534 5282.

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